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How to: Change the community channel language

By chaoman#3634 - SUBSCRIBER - May 03, 2017, 20:50:39

Hey there, I struggled to figure out how to change the community language but now that I've sussed it out I figured I would share with a couple of screenshots.

First, click on the star in the chat box.

Then select the last option available in the first section (may be called something different in your language)

Hope that helps!


To a chat channel turn on or off you can must click on 1 of the 4 icons on the chatbox, like this.

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Aligatò Gozaimas

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No problem, I added another tidbit on request for those who didn't know how to activate or deactivate chat channels. smile 

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It'd be absolutely Ah-mazing if this popped up when you logged into the game for the first time so maybe a few more people would see it. Or just default people based on IP or something to their default chat language.

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