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What is the purpose of invisibility if enemy can spot you at first attempt?

By ForceOfTheAronDragon May 05, 2017, 21:01:15
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all what i can say, The Agi srams are kinda the lowest in dmg:

-linear SUCH LOW Poison for 3 ap with a dmg of 200, WTF
-Con, ok ok 3 ap dmg linear spell, but its not as strong, and in my case every other dps spell beat it like bluff which can be used 3x at the same enemy, even strengh storm or some other, but ok ok, Con can stay like it was but,
-Poisoned Trap (not the AP one) -im never use this horrible small one, its waste of ap, and forgotten
-Poison Trap (the AP one) still its such small, kinda LOW dmg even if u use all ur AP, i know it breaks the resistances etc, but its still such low and useless at all

generally, in all the ways, the only one good Agi sram, its the one who goes AGI\str (with agility in first piece) or just pure build, cuz the only really good point at agi srams its his Clone with dodge\lock, but he can be pushed away easy in for example pvp so its not a big deal, and in all the ways for me, The Agility Path is the WORST one, and im a TRI elemental sram, and even if u got 400+ agi with 500+ %pow, im almost never use my agility spells, even if the mob is for example like -20% resistance, cuz i know i can do a lot more and better with any other str\int spells or a trap combo, so finally THE CON is still a WASTE of AP smile

The Agi path of sram is more kinda useless piece of %^#%^ than the Agility way of the Agi IOP's in case of DMG and usefullnes, cuz its all situational with SUCH LOW IMPACT overal in fights

-change reppeling trap to cost 2 ap
-Tricky trap 2x use per turn
-Buff poison or change it to 2ap spell (still waste of ^^, cuz no one stays in stealth mode whole time, even at kollo or pvm cuz the stealth-mode sram doing 200 dmg with the Agi path spells haha)
-buff all other poison traps in dmg and the AOE
-buff dragline range by one
-buff both chakra dmg and the critical one with (+15 to trap damage if critical effect)

-Mass Trap -next joke LOW dmg LOW Area of effect spell and generally WASTE of AP, why it cant be as strong as for example Feca glyphs or other Explo Arrow or even Slow down ?? its a limited linear spell with low range, low dmg, low aoe, and still its hard to hit more than 3 mobs at once with this without setting it ON in the same turn when we cast it on them

SRAMS NEED BUFF, its a good class, but hes forgotten and being changed nowadays for any other IOPS\ECAS\DOGS\CRAS in terms of dmg and some other classes in terms of mobbility\manipulating like PANDAS\ELIO etc, and im feel to be rare if some1 asks for a good sram on chat or even guild to help with an hard dungeon or somethin, no one askas for a Sram...
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I think you're very wrong regarding use of Con. It is a powerful spell. Especially with appropriate res%. I personally don't like pure agility build, unless it's for some special occasion. It works very well with strength though. My build is str/agi, both over 1k and it's really sweet in pvm and pvp, especially when you get range taken, you can rely on Con to save you. Mistake is just a blast and buffs you nicely.

As for making tricky available twice a turn... That would be nonsense. It's a powerful trap and the ability to spam it like that would completely mess it up and we'd end up needing a revamp. Plus, think of the dungeons, where sram is used for duo, and tricky traps are essential there. It would make things too easy.

Poisoned trap and trap of silence, I think they are a nice side spells. You get to damage opponent for 3AP (3 and 2 turns respectively). And that stacks up in those turns.. Plus you can set it up at range.

Dragline is already a neat spell, if you buff range by one, that's too much range. It has solid damage, and you damage multiple targets + steal int, need I say more.

Chakra concentration works fine for 2AP, when you use it on chains and you have a health steal there. In my opinion it's OK as it is.
Chakra impulse gives 10% crit boost, with a viable crit rate on the set, that's a lot of additional damage. Especially on Lethal attack and Con.

Repelling trap, 3AP is reasonable now.
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im Str\Int\Agi and im almost no use Agi spells (instead of mistake for the steal if can hit 2 enemys or more) and the only time when im use CON (the only usefull spell of AGI dmg) its while mob has high -agi % res and im after nice mistake steals, because in any other way my cats-eye bow, chains with tricky blow or dragline and traps, or just lethal will do the works better than the linear CON overal, and i can say it cuz im using 3 of the paths, without negging the agility stats (but im wonder about betray it cuz i have no use of it at all)

repelling trap for 2 ap should be for sure
Mass Trap -rework this one, cuz its kinda useless AoE spell in all ways, and its almost impossible to do combo with this one

dragline -it hits on 2 cells only ( works from 2-3 cells not in close one) so if it really are named dragline, i think give it a 1 range more wouldbe nice and didnt broke it cuz its still a situational spell with limited moments while its really useful cuz in normal gameplay, 90% of time we can steal 2 mobs (its very rare to be 3 of them) and its a single cast, cuz the spell doesnt works on close-combat when mobs are near us, so the +1 range woudlbe nice

poisoned trap and silence + poison -rework, buff, almost useless, if i can use my fire spells and traps combos i can totally kick these out, its waste of ap and i didnt see any use of it, srsly...

Chakra Concentration -the stealth of HP is still kinda low, but they could a bit buff its dmg if done with combo-chains, and still its limited spell cuz can be used every 2 turns
impulse its nice, but some +dmg to traps wouldbe nice and dont broke it lol its only small bonus while all other dps class have their own instant 300% buff power, + dmg + other ones

i think sram needs buff, dats all and for the sure

-mass trap rework cuz its totally useless at high lvl
-repelling for 2 ap
-poisoned trap -rework kinda such useless one
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time for sram revamp tongue 
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You just made a third consecutive post, saying the exact same thing. Srams have good base damage on their spells, that's why they don't have 300 power buffs. I think I will not continue in arguing against you (not saying you're wrong or anything) and just wait for some other srams to chime in. biggrin 
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Amaterasuuuuu|2017-05-19 10:55:00

-Repelling Trap should be for 2 ap NOT 3 due to its almost 0 dmg and being at 99% positioning trap for start the chains etc
-buff the Poisons JOKE dmg (trap and spells
-increase Dragline effect not 2 cells but 3
-buff chakra concentration
-buff mass trap, cuz its almost useless spell at all, hard to use in combos, low dmg, almost never use it
-add chakra impulse critical effect with some buff, maybe +10 dmg to traps ?

i like srams and its my main at most, but i know and feel this class is very understimate nowadays, and not many cares and likes to be with him in the teams
-Repelling trap didn't even deal damage a few years ago, and was already one of sram's most valuable spells. It helps you move around and stay hidden, it helps set up for combos, it helps positioning enemies, and it triggers chakra. The spell is already amazing as is.
-Yeah, every poison in the game needs a buff (as in not only sram poison). It deals damage over time, sure, but a direct hit usually accomplishes more for the same cost.
-No. Dragline is a powerful spell that helps on map manipulation, deals strong AoE damage AND increases your own damage. It's also perfectly spaced for use along with double. More AoE means more int stealing potential, which would make the spell broken.
-DEFINITELY no. Chakra is extremely powerful as is. It can basically double the damage dealt by a trap combo for a very, VERY low cost. Chakra is fine.
-Yeah, I have little use for mass trap. Though I think they should just give it a secondary ability.
-Chakra concentration already buffs traps. Chakra impulse should get something else, if anything at all.
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And for the sake of clarity. I have reset my stats completely, leaving everything scrolled at 100 with no equipment, just to test the hits, which you say are weak and need a buff.
Buffed damage here is steal twice from one enemy, so you can imagine the increases if it's more than one.

Con unbuffed: -72 HP.
Con buffed:-100 HP.

Trap of silence:
-72 HP per turn for 12 AP used (144 HP in two turns)
Trap of silence buffed:
-108 HP for 12 AP used (216 HP in two turns)

Lethal attack unbuffed:
-110 HP
Lethal attack buffed:
-171 HP

Dragline unbuffed:
-84 HP
Second hit:
-117 HP
Third hit:
-151 HP

Poisoned trap unbuffed:
-60 HP in 3 turns
Poisoned trap buffed:
-90 HP in 3 turns

Insidious poison unbuffed:
-44 HP in 2 turns
Insidious poison buffed:
-66 HP in 2 turns

Tricky trap unbuffed:
-48 HP
Tricky trap buffed:
-87 HP
Tricky trap unbuffed + chakra:
-80 HP +16 HP steal
Tricky trap buffed + chakra:
-140 HP +28 HP steal

You be the judge if it's bad damage considering the cost. I personally don't think it's bad. It's just situations you use the spells in, that determine whether they're worth the AP or not.
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The problem with the poisons is mostly that it doesn't scale well with gear. Again, this isn't a sram problem, it's a problem every poison has. I have a post comparing every damaging spell of every class in the same gear, and here's what the damage looks like with around 800 power, +20 or so damage and fully buffed:

(Spi)Myrrh casts Insidious Poison.
Pink Skull Punchbag: -168 HP.
(Spi)Myrrh casts Con.
Pink Skull Punchbag: -421 HP.

Insidious poison lasts 2 turns, so it hits 336, which is considerably less than con.

Pink Skull Punchbag activates Poisoned Trap set by (Spi)Myrrh.
Pink Skull Punchbag: -171 HP.
Pink Skull Punchbag activates Lethal Trap set by (Spi)Myrrh.
Pink Skull Punchbag: -589 HP.

Poisoned trap is in a better situation, due to lasting longer, so it deals 513, but that's still less than lethal, and over 3 turns instead of instant.

Poisons can be debuffed. The damage over time is more easily mitigated, and more heavily affected by resistances. It's a lot easier to deal with than spike damage. The poisons kind of need to hit harder than the direct damage counterparts to be worthwhile. I'm not saying they need a massive buff, just...maybe ignore the target's base %res? Maybe give every poison at least 1 more turn duration? Because as is, I really like the poisoning playstyle, but it's not as efficient as just placing another tricky/repelling/lethal trap combo.
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I think we're forgetting that srams have the option to go invisible, and poison is mainly used while at it. Of course you're not going to use it every single turn. It's a side spell. Use it when you have AP to spare at good range. It also goes through walls, so I wouldn't expect insidious poison to deal as much damage as Con in any case.
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I'm not forgetting that. Again, insidious poison has to compete with every trap too. When I'm invisible, I'm setting up combos. Unless you have 12 AP, insidious poison and poisoned trap are not worthwhile, because you can cast another trap instead and lengthen your combo.
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Lynn-Reiginleif|2017-05-20 18:36:29
The poisons kind of need to hit harder than the direct damage counterparts to be worthwhile. I'm not saying they need a massive buff, just...maybe ignore the target's base %res?
Don't poisons already ignore resists?
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Nope. It ignores shields and resistance buffs, but not base %res.
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huh. TIL
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srams are borderline broken in pvm, nothing needs to be changed! the fortune-telling AI just helps balance srams to make the gameplay occasionally excruciating in exchange for easy fights
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Srams are probably top 3 in terms of engame PvM usefulness. Anyone complaining about them being too weak just isn't good at playing them. They aren't slouches in PvP either.

justapie|2017-05-20 19:54:34
Lynn-Reiginleif|2017-05-20 18:36:29
The poisons kind of need to hit harder than the direct damage counterparts to be worthwhile. I'm not saying they need a massive buff, just...maybe ignore the target's base %res?
Don't poisons already ignore resists?

Some poisons do, some don't. Most poisons only ignore defensive buffs, however AP / MP usage poisons such as trap of silence, paralyzing poison, and vertigo all also ignore base resistances.
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I have no complaints when it comes to sram PvM (well... i'd LOVE some ranged... our ranged is weak)

But in Kolo, we're suppose to be high-output assassins. Lately it seems every other class just out damages a sram, and they bring buffs/help to a team comp. Seriously I feel totally useless to my team as a 199 sram :/ been losing like crazy to the Millions of cras/Eniripsas i see there. lol. Update srams next ffs >.
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the only way when sram can shine is raw dmg while the first turn, where he can chakra + tricky + lethal + blow as a high dmg opening combo, cuz he have no instant buffs at all, in other ways he sux, even with lethal 2x + con\blow\deviousnes -he cant even reach 3k dmg in average, (all on crits dmg, and 11 ap, no cloudy etc)
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id strongly support a change which makes the attack coming from invisibility hit with 2x dmg. Nowadays srams are the weakest and most useless chars
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Lynn-Reiginleif|2017-05-20 20:08:57
Nope. It ignores shields and resistance buffs, but not base %res.
The agi poison trap does ignore resistance but its somewhat not a classical poison
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I'm pretty sure all MP and AP poison damages ignore resists.
Like Vertigo.
Vertigo is insanely powerful as it takes into effect +int and +damage.
I'm not sure how the Sram's poisons factor in stats, but I know it is to a much lower extent than Panda.
Sram poisons could all use a buff, as could the class itself.
Even Sadida's AP poison has the added effect of placing a state on enemies that makes all enemies in the same state take the damage from certain spells casted on them.
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