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Dous Memes

By Winterheart - SUBSCRIBER - May 19, 2017, 21:48:05

On the eve of the International servers merge, we waved our old servers goodbye. But some things are better left unsaid, so we used Memes to portray our feelings. A spartan kick and a visit to Hogwarts later, we were overwhelmed with requests mostly from the same 3 or 4 individuals to open a thread dedicated to Memes.

We have received permission from Nerodos, Grand Master of the Forums, to do this. And do it we shall - but first, the ground rules...

Please post only Dofus-related Memes. The 'image-only' Forum rule will be lifted, so you can post images without any text in the body of your message. However, all other rules continue to apply. Your Memes may be tongue in cheek, but do not post anything that is offensive to other players or Guilds. Read the Forum rules if in doubt. You can discuss the Memes, so please feel free to comment on this thread without posting an image.

That said, the stage is set and the curtain rises!

~from Noblesse Oblige (Echo)
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Score : 2795

^ That's what happens when you forget your diving suit.

And this is what happens when you look in the mirror and say "Meme" 3 times.

For this Meme: music by Terc; Lyrics by Winter; tutu dance by Fluffy
Score : 182

When you go for AvA on Echo. x/!

Score : 2795

^ Accept it already. Echo wins all and I can prove it to you.

Under Izmar's watchful eye, Echo triumphs in the One race to rule All.

music by Terc; lyrics by Winter
Score : 46

Hello Winterheart, it's dielucydie here. I just reinstalled the game. Check your ankabox mail wink

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don't let your memes be dreams !

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