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What's your favorite map in the game?

By #[Nerodos] - ADMIN - May 30, 2017, 19:49:19

I ask, because I came across this one today:

Somehow, it reminds me of home... I can almost see Granpados on his rocking chair, complaining that my little brother Windos is running around him with his latest toy, just to annoy him while he's trying to read some novel...

Anyway, I thought I'd share it with you, and ask you: what's your favorite map, and why?
Ankama intervention 2

And if I may, thanks also to Eloryn, Genki, Lyafar, Nazkan and Talora for kickstarting said event under Izmar's supervision.

And of course, thanks and congratulations to all who took part in it!

Please enjoy your gift.

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This is my favourite map. It's peaceful and people can never find and bug me here. You need to stand on a hidden spot on another map to get to it and so nobody really stops by. It's got a house, plants, trees, a bench and even a phoenix!

edit: here's how you get in. Click here
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@chaoman is the the hypnotic cat map? (i got there by accident once)

I like the map with Letalina in Gisgul, I can't screenshot it 'cause my pc died and I still don't get a replacement, someone of good heart can screenshot it for me?

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Eternal winter,
Cold winds around the tower,
Bugs froze my progress.
This is my all time favorite map smile

Everytime I come across this lookout point it reminds me on I came from far, but I still have a long way to go.
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now that you mention it, this is my favorite place

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There's so many gorgeous ones that it's really hard to pick. Honestly, that's maybe a third of the appeal of the game - everything is so pretty!

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Please bring back old Sufokia! laugh

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I like the epic interior design. happy

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Such tranquility. smile

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gravedoom|2017-05-31 14:24:11
I like the epic interior design. happy

Wow, where is this?
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Visually the house made of sweets is what I'd pick, but in my nature I would go with the "Love Hotel" in the last one. At least there's bound to be pretty underwears to be discovered hidden in wall cracks, under the bed, behind the sofa, and in that champagne bottle by the wardrobe suitcase. wub 
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Definitely this one

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I sadly don't have a screenshot of my favourite map, but it was a semi-hidden one on a precarious cliff way out in conquerors corner!

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When doing all of the Ohwymi quests on 8 accounts, this map was such a relief from all of the sand!

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Crap. I wanted to show you another of my favorite maps, but my pet Bow Wow got his paws on the picture and tore it to shreds. I only managed to get my hands on this bit:

It's a nice tree, but it looks a bit lonely.

Would anyone care to help me gather the other pieces? All I have to go on is that, when I finally caught up to my Bow Wow, he was in a very secluded area. Peaceful, with just a home and some plants. He was sleeping on the bench with that piece of my picture still stuck between its fangs.
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Genki|2017-06-02 16:48:36

meanwhile in the ES forum they posted this one
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Let me log in and walk a bit. Hope I still have acces.

EDIT here it is.

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Click here all i've found on sites, (sorry don't know how to paste image, did not work) (i gathered them all myself i mean, and uploaded on imgur biggrin)
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Giorgi-Giorgi-123|2017-06-02 17:44:44
Click here all i've found on sites, (sorry don't know how to paste image, did not work) (i gathered them all myself i mean, and uploaded on imgur biggrin)
How did you find the one on top left ? ;o

I created a topic where about those fragments on the french forum if you want to check ! Click here
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