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Dofus mac 3 apps open?

By SirFerrett - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 19, 2017, 17:02:22
Dofus is the only application on my mac that uses 3 icons in my dock.

The launcher
The game
The game sound

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It is an optimisation for multi accounting, this way every client reuses the same output for sound and other shared stuff.
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Then my question would be as following: Why do I have 4 accounts logged and only get sound from one of them?
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Because otherwise, if you are doing something different in different maps, you would end up straight to the psychiatrist office XD
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Anyway to turn this off?

I have DOFUS on most of the times in the background.
I could quit the launcher but that means it will also quit the sound app, deactivating the sound in game.

I rather just have 1 app in my dock of DOFUS instead of 3.
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