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Update 2.42: It's Online!

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - June 20, 2017, 11:00:00
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xoleroslv|2017-06-21 14:17:02
AGAIN...... why theres nothing about how to beat ----forfut manor???????? even in wikia 0 about it....
i must gues By my self it lmao???
That's how games work? How do you think we get the information that's in the wiki?
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Nontastic|2017-06-21 11:58:32
I have a bug ingame where I cant see the item name and specifications when I hover over it anymore, where should I report this?

Bugs should be reported in the Problems and Solutions subforum.

AsmodeusCZ|2017-06-21 13:20:42
Is the server lag issue fixed with this update?

It should, at least for the most part. We have identified most of the causes for the lag issue and fixed them. We cannot be sure that some rare cases have not escaped our attentions.

Iathen|2017-06-21 01:35:16

You made nekineko incompatible with peki peki, which is... fine I guess (although I don't see why it would be). The problem is that turquoise dofus quest (Vini's Blessing) requires that we do peki with nekineko. Please either remove restriction or replace nekineko with something else in the quest.

Bear with me, I don't know where I should report. "Report a bug" button in support settings is inactive.

As mentioned, bugs should be reported in the Problems and Solutions subforum. This particular bug, however, already has been.

Yopkod|2017-06-21 06:55:57
Did they nerf rogues boombot? The time played a boombot is reduced.

Some changes were made on the Rogue, but not on the Boombot.
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I love the new way Sidimote looks. I'm generally positive on the diversification of monsters, although at the same time it may make it a lot harder for people to farm resources (since there won't be as monsters with a bunch of resources like there used to be). I also find the Boowolves to be much too tedious to farm compared to other monsters of similar levels.

My main problem (visually) with the update is that Brakmar looks super out of place compared to surrounding areas. If you go to the gate to the Stud Farm, for instance, you can see how different the walls look from the inside area.

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This game is getting worse by the update. The server ECHO has major issues that ankama doesn't seem to want to fix ranging from random disconnections to taking forever to log in and to top it off My account gets stuck after putting my password and won't load every damn time I try to play. I have to literally close the screen and restart the client over ten times to finally get access to my characters. I've played since 07 on and off taking long breaks sometimes but lately because of all the issues and lame updates playing this game has become less enjoyable by the day. Why aren't you fixing these stupid issues instead of coming up with more lame garbage. ... I've been trying to log in for the past 20 minutes this is ridiculous and never happened before the merge.

dgjna|2017-06-21 14:17:50
Gods-Angel, strange wand did need a nerf, people did 1300 dmg on a crit ( 2 times! ) Since they only changed the amout of times it can be cast, it still does the same dmg, I know many cras that still use it, even after retreat Arrow is 3ap now makes room for new combination......

Besides, people wont quit the game because of a small change, ALSO people wont class change because of it because they will play the class they like, not the one thats OP
Get some crit resist and/or use a class to unbewitch cras buffs and tell me how much the wand hits on crit. I've played vs classes with over 100 crit resist and the wand crits 200-400. The wand was so easy to counter and now it's garbage. .
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