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By xFrozenxWondersx#9142 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 27, 2017, 16:24:46
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I contemplated whether I should post again in this thread to make it crystal clear as to why I have not resubscribed on any of my accounts, and will not be subscribing. For the potential benefit of the players who are not breaking the rules and do decide to stay, I will say Ankama lost 6 subscribed accounts from me alone. I'm definitely one of the more vocal people in the community, I know a few people who just left without a word over this and/or other various issues.

If it was just the server issues or just the player issues, I might have stayed, but the game is near unplayable at times even over a month after the server merge. Between Ankama's lack of any actual solution with this or the issues with cheating, it is clear that Ankama does not care.

I got a response from support 8 days later that closed my ticket, marked it as solved, and said they had not even looked at the issue and if I put the transcript of that conversation here, it would be made invisible for breaking rules.

You lost 6 accounts subscription at the minimum over all this, and I have been playing for years. How many more are you prepared to lose if it means not needing to do anything?
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I thought you had quit Nerd-Tease?

This is the problem with saying to Ankama that someone will stop playing/not resub if they dont fix whatever the complaint is. 90% of the people dont go through with it.

I understand your anger but its Ankamas game and they will run it how they choose and no threats will change thier mind.

The server issues will be fixed when they can figure out how to fix them. Its not like the issues are created on purpose and they have asked for community help in locating the problems. Sadly a tiny tiny portion of players even look at the forums these days and that will limit the amount of people actually helping.

The players cheating in KoTH is another issue entirely  but because it has been going on for so long, Ankama arent for whatever reason going to stop it. And that is obvious to everyone.

So the only thing you can decide is whether or not you want to play the game anymore. If you dont then just leave. No reason to state your reasons for quitting because Ankama dont really care who quits. People quit all the time and new players arrive all the time.

Take a few weeks off from the game and log in and see how things are. The server issues might be fixed or not. The Multilogging in KoTH wont be fixed but everyone knows that is the truth.

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Having recently returned to Dofus, my main concern for the game is how a portion of the Echo community is. Every MMO I have played has had a portion of players who were not the nicest people to communicate with; however, most of those games had fairly decent methods of dealing with such players relatively quickly.

Although you can ignore/enemy players on Dofus, that doesn't really solve the issue: it only masks it. I've even have people hop on alt accounts just so that they can bypass my ignores. Also, I feel that when it comes to player reports, many assume the reports are left ignored and that reporting players has no impact. in fact, I don't think many bother to report to begin with.

I feel this is because of the difficulty of knowing how to report (not everyone knows you have to go to the support website, and even then the form isn't the easiest to locate + not everyone uses the forums or knows you can contact a mod there), the time it takes to actually submit a report (having to take screenies, go out of your way to upload them on the support site etc), the time it takes for reports to be processed, and the fact that reports are dealt with fairly silently.

The moderation system needs to change. For a large community, it's no good for players to have to stop what they're doing to record evidence, go on a website off the game, and wait a long time for action to be taken. It'd be even worse for unsubbed players who don't have prioritised support. Reporting players needs to be quick, convenient, and actually be something an individual can feel confident in doing knowing they'll get results. Even better, players should be able to feel like they are in a safe and comfortable environment with at least one active moderator around at all times who can deal with issues on the spot. Reports should only need to be for private messages, or in circumstances where a mod is too busy/away, etc. I feel that given there are much less servers now, less mods are needed. So, it should be easier to accomplish. 

At the moment many people just think that they can get away with anything, even if in reality they cannot (or perhaps they can?!) For example; earlier today someone was advertising buying kamas for real money on /c, and I made it aware that it was against the rules. Someone responded with something like, "what nerd is going to report them anyway?" When I expressed I would be the one to if nobody else was, I had three people team up on me and blurt out abuse. One joking about me being suicidal, one calling me a fag, and the other calling me a "dumba** anti-social dramatic little brat" simply because I said I'd report the person buying kamas. With active moderation and a better report system, I'm positive none of this would've occured to begin with.

Reporting is a pain and too slow. We need a better report system that can be done in-game (didn't /report or something similar used to be a command back in 1.29?) and also 24/7 rostered in-game moderators (either paid or voluneers) who can access chat logs and deal with rule violations immediately, as less server means less mods needed; thus easier to accomplish. We need an improved system. The current is too out-dated for the merged servers.
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