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I need help staying a class

By icancrit11 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 05, 2017, 23:36:03

My first character was an iop. I really enjoyed it until i found sacriers back in 2010 (when they were good). I made a bunch of classes in between 2010-2014. Then i decided to go back to my "roots" and went iop , I stayed iop until late 2016 and went back to sac. Once strength sacriers got revamped and were gone, I went in a downward spiral of changing to a class and not liking it, then just to change to another class and repeat the process. Is there anyway I can overcome this problem? I am currently a 199 chance ouginak and to find out its hard to pvm with ouginak and winning in 1v1's and 3v3's gets really boring.Me myself I like to dish out lots of damage while maintaining a great character at endgame for pvm and pvp. Any suggestions would help to help me rid of this issue.

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Sounds like you need Iop, Ougi, and Sacs as full fledged lv.200 individual characters or on their own accounts to play simultaneously. $40 usd each reroll seems a lot to keep switching back and fourth and being unhappy.

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would that work for groups in endgame dungeons?

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Why don't you try Ecaflip? You can deal high damage, you have sustain, some utility and they are pretty fun to play.

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