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By trevix#9793 - SUBSCRIBER - July 17, 2017, 07:57:47
So i have just hit level 200 on my main, I am curious about how many exo's you can wear? is there a limit? or can you have alot of exo's and like 15-17ap and 8mp ( with dofuses )
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Only 1 AP, MP, and range exo. Can have one of each of these but not more than one. If there's a limit for other exos, I'm unaware of it. And AP is capped at 12 and MP at 6 from equips.
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Maximum is 12AP, 6MP, 6 range - those stats all cap there, and outside of buffs within fights you cannot otherwise exceed them with gear, exomages, or candy.

You are also limited to 1 exo each of AP, MP, and range. Although its possible to equip multiple exos (so you could have 2 +1AP rings, for instance) you will only receive the 1AP bonus from one of the rings.
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