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Dofus Pets pets

By trilkgh - SUBSCRIBER - July 25, 2017, 03:18:51

We're arriving at that time when the first Dofus Pets pets are starting to show themselves in game. I thought that it would be a good idea to show what stats they give to save others some time if they decided to play it. I'm assuming that they are all soul eaters, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
I went for a Charming Tofu:

This is a picture of it in game.

This is the recipe for the Improvement Potion (Hormone dropped by Bworkette with a 5% base drop rate).

And this is the stats it gives (I'm also assuming it maxes out at 90).

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but just go dofus encylopedia -> pets and u see all pet stat and petmount 2

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Nice. Was it difficult to get the charming? before mine died it got way too much xp in bonta and brakmar and not enough cleaning oppertunities for charming.

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Not really, when u need to take a decision (bonta or brakmar points), close the game and open it again. tongue
Your pet will ask for accessories or adornments, important, give it if you can.
And finally alway keep clean your pet.

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I'm quite confused, what is this? Also, that tofu reminds me of Az from wakfu, with the blue tail feathers and all.

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A new mobile game by Ankama. You need to take care of a Pet for 21 days to be able to transfer it to other Ankama games. Take care of 6 different types of a Pet and you'll be able to transfer a Petsmount to other Ankama games.

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