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Summer Haven Bag Flash Sale!

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - August 08, 2017, 16:00:00
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Until August 13th inclusive, take advantage of the Summer Haven Bag flash sale! On sale at 3,500 ogrines, it will add the blue skies and sunshine that might have been missing from your scenery and ensure you get your RDA of vitamin D without having to lift a finger!


After a year of uninterrupted fights and quests, I'm sure you'd like a well-deserved break, wouldn't you? Unfortunately, not all adventurers can afford a luxury vacation to exotic destinations such as Moon Island or Pandala. How about instead of going to the beach, you bring the beach to you? 

Until August 13th inclusive, the Summer Haven Bag is available from the shop in a flash sale! On sale for 3,500 ogrines, it will give you the change of scenery you're looking for without having to break Enutrof's Bank!

Sandy beaches, kokokos, deckchairs, a swimming pool, and many more decorative elements will ensure you enjoy your dream vacation without ever leaving your Haven Bag.

Don't miss out!
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That's actually really cool.

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FINALLY! Waited for this since 3rd quarter of 2016, but sadly I am less able to play now. Chances of leaving the game for good by the fourth quarter of this year is high due to major changes at work.

If only it came earlier...

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Guess it is time to say goodbye to my current haven bag.

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These heaven bags are starting to look crazy good! Almost worth the money

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Hmm, debating on purchasing this bag. I really want the beach background. However I dont really want any of the decorations. I would love to have a Pirate Haven beach theme.

Trying to figure out how I could do this. I already have the inn theme which has some skeletons that might work. Anyone have some ideas of what other themed bag would combine well with this summer bag?

Like my own Port Royal or Tortuga.

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Hi.Could you extend the purchase period? sad

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Only 6 days available to buy this haven bag theme ????!!!!!!


I was nowhere near my laptop when it was on shop huh
And probably many others too ... IT IS STILL SUMMER AFTER ALL!!!

Any idea when it will come back in shop?
Or in some sub pack?
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