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Make a wish for 2018!

By #[Nerodos] - ADMIN - October 03, 2017, 11:30:00
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1, Hero System like wakfus.
2. I think adding  different difficulties for dungeons would be cool too. like how in wakfu you can have hardcore or regular. 

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Oh boy.

1. Coming from runescape and world of warcraft, one thing that is clearly missing in Dofus compared to those other two: Ways to make money. It is like IMPOSSIBLE to not make money in runescape or warcraft, but dofus? When you know a way to make money, they will change it so that way works no more. Make more ways to make money that you won't need a team or a high level character. It is one of the reasons I don't play as much as I would like to.

2. Make rekop great again (giff me back 1.29 eca rekop the luck based god)

3. Give more possibilities for multi element sets. You can find many str/cha but you won't find many agi/cha for example.


5. Stop making dofus going for quests only, I liked that we had dofus that could drop.

6. Giff back gelano on jellys.

7. Does someone even do alignment pvp now?

8. Let us see which mounts are in which padocks from far away but do not allow us to move them.

9. Padock app for mobile that allows you to move your actual account mounts and so on without going to dofus.

10. Older and lower level dungeons are basically useless now, even DP now that it doesn't drop a dofus. Make it so they are not useless and people want to revisit them.


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I'm expecting to see Dofus 2 on steam worldwide on 2018 calendar ,or sonner if it's possible , as well some new characters with unique abilities. Only these 2 things are my wish for 2018.

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The main reason they don't want to release it worldwide is because Steam/Valve takes a 30% cut from purchases, so it would reduce their profit. Not sure how many ideas they've brainstormed and if it's just not possible to work around that.

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Score : 454

1. Add the hero system in wakfu
2. Update the professional system so it can actually be useful to make money and be used for all levels of content in the game
3. Give more way to make money and not change it making it useless and limit our options
4. Go back and re look at the sacs class and spell animation
5. Create more costumes
6. look at alignment pvp and make it relivant again and have a purpose
7. Maybe make a system for account to be linked with all the achievement you unlocked
8. Create a reporting system to report hackers etc.
9. Just keep being awesome as always and thanks for updating the game making it fun and more interesting to play smile
10. update all of the character models and animations for them so parts of their body don't look like its coming off or dislocated 

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1. female costumes
2. make it possible to mimisymble pets on mounts/seemyools
3. let pets have items like a hat... like in Dofus Pets!
4. make dungeon rusher shields useful (either with stats or that we can at least mimisymble them)
5. revamp of Pandala - maybe add a ghost dungeon
6. create weapons that can reduce mp/range/5% res. or something like that
7. Feca´s are missing a pushback spell, may add us one?
8. new Ornaments, titles, emotions for having all bounties, more then 3 professions...

Thanks >(Y).(Y)<

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Don't think they'll add stats to cosmetical shields, though you should be able to Mimisymbic them already.

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Are you wanting us to explain the reason why we want these changes? Or do you want just the changes listed and that's it?

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We only need to know your needs and wishes. We believe you have very good reasons for wanting what you want.

That said, if you wish to explicit things, we're not stopping you either.

Score : 659
  1. Some kind of raid-like very-large-scale dungeons might be fun
  2. Customization -- what everybody says.
  3. Put something on top of cania massif and rocky roads. Maybe birds of prey? Dunno, that's your job. But let us climb up into the mountains.
  4. Make me want to use a pet instead of a mount.
  5. This is boring, but put more time into making sure that hats sit properly on all heads from all angles. More generally: make me want to watch my character move. There have already been lots of improvements in this department; all I'm saying is keep up the good work.

Someone else can have my other 5.
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Score : 37

1) More endgame content ( you guys did great with the amount you released this year, so well done.)

2) More Dofus. Adding the Dofus does multiple things for the game, including add variety, a questline to work towards and grind out, and interesting builds. Ivory was incredible

3) I would really like to see more done with the Brak/Bonta system. It has all the setups to be something great, but nobody even wing pvps anymore. I don't really have a suggestion for how to accomplish this, but I would love to see more out of it.

4) Fix professions. They are a bit too ridiculous atm. For example, pebbles are awful to have included in everything. Either removing them or adding a new way to obtain them through means other than pvp'ing (maybe add the level pebble as a small drop rate to dung bosses of the same level?). Just anything pls xD

5) Fix pets. The meta right now is seemy or something with resis basically (excluding some mono and rich guy builds xD). But the point is, I would love to run my team with pets, and there is just nothing there for them.

6) Drop Rates could use a new system. Saw one comment of increasing a boss's drop rate for every consecutive run or some such? Something along those lines, some things are just too much of a hassle for the reward. For example: dropping a lvl 100 mat that is used in a lot of crafts should be nowhere NEAR as hard as dropping a 200 mat used in a lot. 

7) More classes and variety in classes. For example: old eca with the luck based system was amazing. I would love a fully luck based class. Just things like that - that completely change a playstyle up.

8) More Inventory management. Someone said lock items in inventory for when depositing all items. Brilliant idea - stuff like that.

9) This one is obviously an opinion, but with the introduction of trophies and new Dofus, on top of new endgame gear with the new dungeons, perhaps adding a 7th slot to Trophy/Dofus section might be nice. Will allow for a little more build variety.

10) NERF..... CRAS..... smile

 ------ Always will be the best game out there     ^ ^

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Make event shields work as ceremonial items zzz

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Dear Ankama, I have a few requests from my end. Some of them quite strange, but I do hope you acknowledge them.

1) A Battle Royal type of PvP. Here's an example:

2) Rework Sacriers again, and this time, listen to the community.

3) Redesign the Osamoda transformation appearances. They look horrendous.
4) Rework Wisdom mechanics. Leeching is killing the game. Here's a post on what I would do.

5) Make multi-accounting a bannable offense. One of the prime reasons I left was because of multi-accounting dominating the game.

6) Give us a really cool cutscene of the characters fighting something. Here's my post:

7) I want to be on the Zenith team. Or make me into a GM. I'll brighten this game up. *Evil laugh*

8) Revamp Incarnation weapons.

9) Let us change how our loading screen looks. (The one with N is my personal favorite)

10) More old fashioned, hit the boss until it dies, end game stuff.


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Regarding #5, multi accounting is a pretty big thing, can't really just forbid it, though there will be a single account server opening up on October 17th.

Regarding #10, Ankama recently nerfed a lot of end-game dungeons, as well as Anerice/Ilyzaelle, the two new Dungeon bosses, are pretty much hit and kill, not many other mechanics besides some buffs/debuffs.

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Score : 2394

1. Nerf cras, rework them, whatever. This class is to simple and powerful

2. Upping the difficulty on newer dungeons.

3. A new dimension 

4. Modding for our server Echo. There are way to many shady things going on. People are selling kamas and offering some sort of amakna shield remover service for hacking accounts in the trade chat, and multi accounting in perc fight is running rampant.

5. Vulkania and Kwismas updates. Im 100% with these seasonal islands and have no reason to ever visit them again.

6. More seasonal events like Kwismas.

7. Vulbis quest. Probs wishful thinking though lol.

8. Adding a teleport group option to dimension portals, once you have found it of cause. Having a portal spawn in the middle of no where, and/or surrounded by aggressive monsters (FRIGOST!!!) is very tedious to walk a team to.

9. Pandala update/rework

10. Simplifying the breeding achievements. You haven't added profession achievements such as "Have all profession achieves level 200" so why should breeding achievements be the same?

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Push for 10 million active players world wide!!!!!!! #youcandoit #BEATLOL #BEATRUNSCAPE #DOFUS4LIFE

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Damn, that's already on the 2018 Calendar.

You get 10 more wishes!

Score : 275

I can't really come up with 10 exact wishes, only 2; 

Revamp the energy system, or completely remove it from the game. I find it very stressful in some cases and it can be very demotivating.

Improve the international marketing of the game. It's obvious that ankama is well-known in France, but otherwise we don't have big playerbase, hence all this server merge and stuff.

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1. More dungeon verity.
The waves with dimensions is awesome, more of that please.

2. A seasonal ladder of sorts to the Kolosseum
I've seen other games implement it and personally think it would make a lot of sense for Dofus.

3. Make Brakmar and Bonta relevant again.
Currently the two cities are just thematically different with mirror market places, quest-lines, and orders, give meaning to choosing a side by making it impact the way you maybe even navigate/interact with the world, before the two cities were almost always at war and so much was tied into owning territory.

4. Change/Improve Class sets
I like the idea of the buffs they give but why would I ever equip them over the rest of my end-game gear?

5. Recipes for consumables need to reflect the difficulty of the materials gathered to craft them
Why does a level 200 recipe for farmer require the same number of materials yet is easier to gather mats for than a level 200 hunter recipe?

6. Totally stealing this from someone else "More old fashioned, hit the boss until it dies, end game stuff."
Less emphasis on states and monster/player positioning and just more hack and slash goodness. I know this sort of thing isn't exactly strategic or even challenging, it might not even fit in with the concept of the game but we have a lot of content like that, sometimes I just wuna hit stuff until it dies without having to worry about instant death triggers and stuff.

7. Improve the interaction Sram's have with there double
Other classes summons do more for and with their summoners, I would love to have a spell that allowed us to either switch places with our double or even give it a debilitating or buffing spell. Similar to the Pandawasta, Living Bag, or Shovel. Outside of locking opponents or being a terrible meat shield most of the time, its a pretty useless singular purpose spell.

I'll update with the rest later maybe
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Score : 444

Hello Ankama and fellow players,

My list will contain only 5, but crucial needs for the future of the game in my opinion. Please give some feedback if possible, and I'm sorry if I wrote too much (and for any grammar mistakes) biggrin

1 - A new Tactical Mode: we need a second type of tactical mode that doesn't hide the scenery completely, but only makes it "cleaner" or helps identify the information we need faster (easier identification of obstacle type, guidelines, etc) without affecting the beauty of it. Dofus has such beautiful art, it's kinda sad that we need to play 90% of the time with tactical mode as it is.
When people that don't know Dofus watch someone playing it, the very first thing they ask when a fight begins is: "why are the fights like this?".

2 - Animations Revamp: To help Dofus become eSport-ish, we need to make watching it as pleasant as it can be. Along with a new tactical mode for better aesthetics, we need the continuing of animations rework and the addition of some "little things" that bring life into the gameplay such as: turn start animations, emotes/automatic reactions inside fights (laughing, taunting, cheering, etc) and idle animations at least for Kolossium so the game doesn't look so "still" (like in Wakfu). 

3 - Pet/Petsmount Revamp and return of Mounted State: We all know pets and petsmounts are supposed to trade power for versatility. Unfortunately this versatility factor is no longer worthwhile since the introduction of overpowered mounts made pets completely obsolete. Pets do need a buff, but in my opinion they should NOT give AP or MP as I've seen many people suggesting. Players usually sacrifice their maximum AP, use items that apply penalties, exomage items or wear items with lower stats in order to reach 6MP without mounts, thus giving pets the role of rewarding players with high flat bonuses instead of making them pocket versions of dragoturkeys and seemyols.
It would also be interesting to see the Mounted State return, bringing more strategic choices to make players think twice before brainlessly running after pure stats by restricting certain spells while mounted. Iops jumping while mounted? Pandas carrying others while mounted or carrying mounted characters? Sacriers lightspeeding while mounted? Cras leaping and throwing flaming arrows from above while mounted? Osamodas resurrecting allies AND their mounts? Eniripsas teleporting with mounts? So many ways of reworking the eternal Pet vs. Mount discussion.

4 - Removal of 1v1 Kolossium (yes, here's why): It's impossible to achieve absolute balance between classes since they have different roles. Make 3v3 the one and only official battle format as it is supposed to be so that people can FINALLY understand their classes when it comes to PvP. The main reason people cry for nerfs, revamps and constantly complain about their classes being underpowered or the game being unfair is clearly the fact of playing 1v1 constantly or wanting their character to be a godlike beast that can make everything in the game.

5 - Characters embracing their roles: It would be interesting and bring more strategy into to the game to either limit the number of spells a character can equip during a fight (being able to use all of them in a single fight is completely broken), or remove broken spells that make every class able to do anything. Examples: Eniripsas being able to remove massive amounts of AP and deal massive damage through weapons. Cras dealing massive damage with NO line of sight (Plaguing arrow is broken) and higher Damage/AP ratio than Iops (Tormenting arrow is broken. I'm a cra and I must say it), Ecaflips that don't rely on luck anymore (really?), and so on. We need the uniqueness of each class to be brought back into the game.


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Score : 1797

Regarding #1, it was already suggested and deemed impossible due to technical limitations.

Regarding #4, it was added because a lot of people wanted it. However, I don't think Ankama balances classes because of 1v1 Kolossium, it's just there to make some people happy.

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Score : 120


-Gravestorm-|2017-10-03 22:12:38
Regarding #4, there used to be quite a few Achievements of that kind, mostly for Quests, though Ankama decided against that, they don't want players to have a need to do repetitive things too much.

I understand what you are saying but getting a customised ornament or title regarding to a specific dungeon boss is worth the grinding in my opinion wink Grinding isn't the issue, because if there's a price, it's worth it.
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Actually, and as -Gravestorm- (I'm really thankful for your involvement with the Community, but not for these hyphens) alluded to, the grinding is in fact the issue here, because the developers don't want it.

Score : 636

1. Add new achievements for proffessions and alignment bounties
2. Add more dimensions
3. Vulbis and ebony quest.
4. Remove resources from dungeon and monster achievements (they destroy the economy).
5. Remove the Minotoror labyrinth.
6. Replace useless sets/items with subscription packs for useful stuff like bread, potions or treats.
7. An extra tab for idols.
8. Revamp the community challenge system by letting the game put up randomly generated challenges with rewards depending on the difficulty.
9. Revamp idols, implement more viable combinations and change the ones that are never used
10. Add new challenges. And maybe remove shit like unpredictable from dimension dungeons.

Edit: I changed my mind on some things after thinking about it

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Score : 2075

1. Hero system like in Wakfu.
2. Overhaul of the professions. Ex: add more area & types for harvesting professions, fix recipes to include more of the type of said profession in recipes (alchemy requiring more flowers/plants than boss drops or crops from farmer, substract potions using more from lumberjack etc... less pebbles in recipes more harvesting profession items etc)
3. Overhaul of AvA or remove it. 
4. Overhaul of breeding system. Less grindy/boring more rewards?
5. More dimensions
6. More costumes
7. A new service or something where I can get unused characters' scrolls and maxed professions from same account
8. Improve Pets
9. Class revamps for classes untouched in years tongue
10. Separate PVM and PVP

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Score : 88

Hellow again !
I just finished to get all of your ideas from the beginning to QueenOfChaos27

It's pretty funny to see that the EN Community is very attached to Wakfu's Hero System compared to the FR Community and each has it very own perspectives for the game

With the Hero System, i also see that more Costumes/Character Customisation seems to be a global wish.

Keep posting and writing below the subject or on the forums, that's really interesting to read all your comments !

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Score : 659

I'd love to hear more about what the FR community is thinking.

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Score : 1797
-Gravestorm- (are the hyphens all that necessary?)
-Gravestorm- (seriously, can I stop mentioning the hyphens?)
-Gravestorm- (I'm really thankful for your involvement with the Community, but not for these hyphens)

They're of course not, feel free to omit them. I've just had to improvise as someone already had the original name.
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OK, great; thank you Gravestorm.

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