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Make a wish for 2018!

By #[Nerodos] - ADMIN - October 03, 2017, 11:30:00
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I somehow feel driveby insulted by this OT discussion.

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You shouldn't, yours are great.

Score : 5

1. Dragoturkeys Revamp so we aren't forced to use that ugly seemyols.
2. Separation of PVM and PVM spells (you can finally balance osamodas then lol).
3. Pvp possibility for guilds like GvG WARS.
4. Make maging system more logical, less lucky.
5. New pets!
6. 2v2 kolossium!
7. Fix bugs linked to interface (if 4 characters are logged it shows the same message 4 times in the        multitask window)
8. Let the perceptors have new revamped spells! The defenders should have 1 big supporter called          guild's perceptor! Hes almost useless in fights.
9. Revamp idols, so some of characters can be more useful (sacriers, rogues, osamodas are almost         useles while exping with idols)
10.Let the 2018 will be the best year for dofus community!! smile

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Okay, I still have 5 wishes left, so maybe I'll use a couple more of them here.

6. Tactics and strategy: I really would like to have more of a concept of Defensible Territory during a battle, and some valid notion of Front Line and Back Line. Sometimes that works, but a lot of time monsters just jump right into the backfield and everything immediately becomes a massive scrambling melee. No matter how tanky our front line appears to be. There's definitely stuff in the game that is supposed to help here (MP and range debuffs, gravity, lock is huge -- maybe make some characters able to lock more squares to help spread out the front line a little? Dunno -- as you've said, that's your job). But it doesn't seem to help much once the monsters start getting into the 150+ range. I guess what I'm getting at is, for strategy and tactics, position on the field should count for more than it does. Tricky spells is part of the fun, but it's kind of taken over, as far as I can see.

7. Pebbles are an awful hassle. You want to reward PvP, I know. And maybe PvMers like me even wanting trophies and shields and fancy gear is against the Design Principles. But if you want to promote PvP all you really need are (i) a good variety of arenas, (ii) unlock new stuff as you get better at playing your character, and (iii) a varied and balanced system of character types and abilities. And from what I've heard from PvP loving friends and associates, you're really not doing badly at all in those departments. If you are having trouble getting people to partake in PvP opportunities, at this point I really don't think it's about the rewards. I think it's about that fact that a very large chunk of the human race is really more attracted to exploration, story, the beauty of the environments, and the development of their own characters. (Note how important mere visual customization has been in this thread so far.) So, the short version: Every time you boost the special rewards for PvP beyond fame, glory, and really cool looks, you end up punishing the PvM community. And it hurts.

8. I'd like to second (or third) the proposal for more bosses of the "Kick them until they fall over" variety. It sounds like this is already being addressed. The invulnerable-until-you-do-something-ridiculous-and-impossible-to-predict-without-the-wiki schtick is okay, kind of, but it's been way overused, making Frig 2 (and maybe 3, after all my years of playing I still don't know yet) kind of a massive eye-roller. I would like the great bosses to be great fighters. And if they are just going to be great puzzles, then there need to be better clues. Figuring out the clues is a big chunk of the fun in such a scenario, sez I. There's no logic or sense to some of these bosses; it's all just mechanical.

9. Maybe #8 is part of something bigger. Make stories. Use the lore. Make all those books and libraries worth something. I think that's been a big focus already in 2017, so maybe this isn't anything you haven't thought about already. But the more storytellers you hire, and the more you use them in crafting bosses and other opportunities for conflict, the better the game will be. Or, at least, the happier I will be, which is of course the same thing...


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Score : 17

to add on to the endless chanting, hero system, hero system!

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Score : 659

What is this hero system I keep hearing people chanting about?

EDIT: Okay, I guess I can Google that for myself. For anyone else not knowing what it is: your single account kind of behaves like a multi-account. So your main can bring one or two of your alts along, as if they were sidekicks, even though they're all on the same account. I WANT THIS TOO! (Oops, there goes wish #10)

EDIT2: Thanks Nerodos! And Deviched!

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DustPuppy|2017-10-04 08:41:06
What is this hero system I keep hearing people chanting about?

The Dofus Hero system is an idea pulled (but the concept has always been wanted before Wakfu) from Wakfu the MMO: the Wakfu Hero system. Heros work as multiaccounting on your own account, characters on the same account with Heros can be used the same as sidekicks.
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Score : 613

1) I miss Head Hunting other players, that always got the adrenaline going. But Kolo is infinitely more accessible and an excellent system. Perhaps just a way to make Bont vs Brak alignment fights more prominent?

2) As a casual player I don't always like to group with other people and I can't be bothered to multi-account, so often content like end game dungeons are out of reach for me. The ability to equip more sidekicks or even the much chanted Heroes system would be very welcomed.

3) Keep doing what you do, I have played since Beta over a decade ago and have found the evolution of the project after little course corrections always ends up leaning in the right direction while still managing to push it's boundaries.

4) Finally, I would like to see an Art Contest, I haven't been a part of one of those in a while!

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Score : 495

From more to less important:
1- Ebony and vulbis dofus quests.

It's been a ridiculous amount of time and the game has not even been finished. did everyone just forget that the point of the game is getting the 6 primordial dofus? also a vulbis dofus should not be worth 300mk anymore.... it's ridiculous

2- graphic revamp for pandala, otomai, bonta and brakmar.(i assume you guys are already working on  this)

3- rethink the AvA system. It has great potential but it's no fun as it is.

4-give more liberty to CMs and GMs  to make more events that feel rewarding.

Everyone would have fun and the reward could be something like  some of those special fairies that allow you to cast spells outside of a fight... fun can be reaaaaaally simple.

5- make kolossium competitive! add wings like bontavbrak wings  that  grow larger the more battles you win but with it's own kolossium style.

6-improve the tactical view of a fight.

Right now it looks horrible. You guys could make a tactical mode that adapts to where you are, not the same style everywhere like the way the skins are right now.

7- make it so that it's possible to move aggressive mobs. an emote? an item? i don't know but they are really frustrating some times, there should be a way to move them

8-introduction of day/night cycle.

This sounds amazing,  you could really use this system in creative ways and it would give the world feel more alive! I know that it would also bring some problems such as... will the night time cycle be based in france timezone or will it be based on the gamers' time zone? but i'm sure it can be figured out.

9-more emotes that make sense and are obtainable ingame.

by this i mean the opposite of the latest ones(lava and zombi)  the zombi one looks cool and all but it makes no sense...   ideas: hold a dofus, lay on the ground looking at the sky (just to chill, not the pose one), throw a snowball, throw candy(seasonal?), throw a rock? etc...

10-allow seemys and dragoturkeys to be equipable without going to a stable. While you're at it  rebalance the value of pets and dragoturkeys.

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Score : 367

Option to teleport to group leader

pokemon repel potion so you dont have to spend 50% of your time being aggroed getting to your destination 

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Score : -5829

Just wondering ... 
... If they are no ENG Ambassadors, how on earth would the FR ones know what we wish for, why would they bother to read our forum, and why would they put our wishes on top priority list when they must be hundreds if not more things asked by the FR community ?

You know, skype/ disocrd/ fb/ etc etc etc are for talking when one can't be at a certain place at a certain time ...
*hint hint hint*

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Score : 88

That's a tricky question.
I try to collect the maximum of ideas and suggestions and, until now, ideas / suggestions of the french community are very different from the English community (the fr are more focused on PvP). It's good to have ideas from every sides.
Some are quite important too, like more events/modding on Echo.
Your feedbacks count, as much as the french feedbacks or the Spanish feedbacks or the Deutsch feedbacks and so on
There are already 9 others french ambassador asking the french players, it seems logical to have at least one asking other communities (I was wanting to do the Deutsch one too but ... Well, Google translate is not a solution).

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Score : 636

If you've actually read the whole thread, you'd have noticed there's a french ambassador (Angom8) taking into account all the suggestions posted here. 
On top of that, Nerodos will also be "playing ambassador" for the english community. 

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Score : 4378

1. The ability to play multiple characters on the same account at the same time (kind of like the popularly requested Wakfu Hero system?)
2. If not 1, at least the ability to use professions on other characters on the same account, or transfer them to a different character
3. A book listing monster spells, especially boss spells
4. An automatic matchmaking system for dungeons
5. Market order system - when an item is out of stock, place an order and sellers can choose to fill them
6. Craft order system
7. Prettier tactical mode, showing some of the background scenery
8. More useful pets and related features, like pet playground in haven bags
9. Longer turn times, if all team members in PvM agree
10. A shopping list that can be automatically filled based on selected recipes and owned items

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Score : 7463

1) I'd love to see certain dialogues in the game redone/added to! Specifically the loading screen tips (some are incredibly outdated!) and the livinitem quotes.

2) Further improvement/customization for guild and alliance management

3) More interactive elements in havenbags and custom unlockables

4) Improvements to pets and dragoturkeys to increase their relevance

5) An GM presence on Echo to help players coordinate/execute events

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Score : 892

1) Ability to lock items to inventory
2) Stats on damage dealt, mp stolen etc. available at the end of each fight
3) Improved pets and dragoturkeys
4) GM on Echo
5) Tiers of difficulty in the dungeons. After completing the base one, higher level difficulty gets unlocked - such as after defeating Count Harebourg, we get to do fantastic five
6) Change to village access, make it bonta/brakmar based

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Score : 2799
1) Guilds: custom Ranks for the Leader and all members.
I would like to use my own Rank titles. The current system feels very much out of date. I would like to Rank my Guild members based on Halloween monsters, sport, anime characters, or whatever's trending.

2) New class based on Fouxes
We got cats and dogs... why not foxes mellow

3) Gift subscriptions
I would like to be able to buy subscriptions for other members. I realise this could open the 7th Bot Dimension but guys - you need to find a way for us to legitimately give gift subscriptions to our friends.

4) Separate PvP and PvM spells

Thanks = )
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Score : 378

Okay, a Foux a class? I AM SO THERE! biggrin Great idea, and a solid way to reinvigorate Pandala (and perhaps Nolifis?). The Foux monsters are interesting and dynamic enough to warrant fleshing out their lore/complexity from the character end...
Bravo, a new class idea I can get behind. :>

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Score : 232

1. PvP bonta/brakmar/...
2. return the war of cities. this will add adrenaline when doing an algidiment of quests. 
3. more costumes. low lvl and qwests: aligiments, event, like the thieves in the cemetery amakna,  diving suits for the submariners, warm clothes for the Frigost!  power armor    maybe even they will give bonuses ... why not? 
4. balance of Drago-Turks and seemyool. Turks and pets have ceased to be necessary.(no?)
5. expansion of the free zone and opportunities.
6. variability of hairstyles separately from the face.  in the game there is a hairdresser, why not change his hair style for the kama?
7. more holidays
8. more opportunities for solo play. play several windows inconveniently.  can this be a client for playing in multiple accounts from a single window?  ergonomics
9. Dofus pets...good game. management of paddok from the smartphone?
10. to raise the game significance of low-level dungeons? more quest puzzles!
it's just ideas

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Score : 744

Read quite a lot of ideas. I think there's a great list with a lot of good ideas! Excited to know more about how it goes next week. 

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Score : 85

If I may add some more:

1. Kollizeum wings based on your rank, they would only be used as a customization (like an ornament) and not something related to brack/bonta wings.

2. Allow us to search for coordinates on the map search bar by typing something like " 30, -20 " and pressing enter (it will then move the map to that coordinate)

3. The hero system seems really cool, didn't know it existed, would like to see it implemented as well but I would understand why it wouldn't be.

4. Ogrine system on 1.29 Dofus.

5. Heaven Bag contests (who has the best heaven bag based on a theme and so on) more often.

6. I haven't seen invasion events since 1.29, would gladly like to see more.

7. Allow us to have more quests shown on the quest tracker.

8. When gathering and so on and we have multiple gatherings in queue, show the order we'll gather, instead of the tool icon, put 1, 2, 3, etc.

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Score : 576

A list with fresh ideas (not mentioned in other posts)

1. auto-pathing
2. more spells on scrolls like leekpie
3. more spells for multimen
4. remove the need to have completed a quest in order to help someone in it ( exceptions if it doesn't make sense story wise)
5. transparant chat


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Score : 1120

1. Bring back the payment method for Philippines.
Since ankama removed the payment method for philippines. I forced myself to reap all frosteez to make a bread to sold it for subscription.

2. Class Set v2
a class set for lv190 to 199 with promising stats. The Material for Class Set 190-199 is the lv150 Class Set. like the other 190+ set, 3 items per set. since the class set has 6items divide it into 2. so we can have 2 kinds of class set (eg. class set 1: hat, cape, amulet. class set 2: shoes, ring, belt).

3. Add new set and weapon for 190+ with primary stats are chance, wisdom and APsteal.
I am Cha-Wis xelor and still looking for new set that suits to me.

4. Make the Inn as new Save Point.
Remove the Save Point from zaap and put it Into Inn. Add regenaration Energy if players stand by inside of Inn.

5. Add a Primary stats on Pets depending on their race.
eg. bow meow and white bow meow consider them as cats race, all cat race pet can give us a 1mp since bowzai have 1mp why not on the other cat pets? the dragoons and crocodyl consider them as reptile race can give us Vitality. Minitaur or bworky pet consider them as tusk race can give us Pods. pets make us more cooler, using pet we can see all animation skills on battle field.

6. Change the current effect of Time Theft.
its looks like the weak version of clock. adding return from previous 1cell on that skill make it better. Like the other spell Frostbite

7. Graves for Wanted Monsters.
graves that show to players where or when it killed. graves can also show to players when it respawn again.

8. bring back the critical failure.
having critcal failure its a part of fun especially if you wanted to survive in fights.

9. Make a xelor floating and Enirepsa flying when it moving.
Eni has wing they should fly, xelor can float. just change their moving animation from running to floating/flying.

10. I wanted to be part on Wakfu Series xD
I wanted my xelor Krono to be part of wakfu characters as ancient boy xelor with his beloved bowmeow xD

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Score : -5829
here are my two cents to this topic :

1) Re-do the osa morphs, please please please, I don't use them cuz they're just plain horrible ; and while you're at it, re-add a direct healing spell for osa like it used to be and make it self healing too if possible

2) Revamp the pets ! Yes ! Revamp the soul eater pets and petsmounts, they give insignificant bonuses compared to dragoturkeys and semywools. They're many many many soul eater pets who need to feed on zillion monsters of medium/ pretty high level, while you can level a dragoturkey  or a semywool even by killing piwis or larvas. And have a look at number of kills needed too, while you're at it, on some cases not only that monster kills are high, but level of those monsters is also pretty high. Even all pets and petsmounts shouldn't all be equal, they are many that give same bonuses, yet the number of mobs and the level of mobs needed to be killed varries dramatically ; those harder to level should give better bonuses.

3) Make PvP and PvM spells. This way revamps won't be centered only around PvP. They have been way too many nerfs done cuz they were asked by pvp-ers who lost their easy ways of easy no-brain wins against some classes at some revamps, and those nerfs have made many classes pretty weak in PvM or not too desired by most groups.

4) Re-do the AvA. Completely. Make it in such a way that pvm-ers life doesn't get affected at all, or at least not in huge degree by pvp, if they don't like it, like you don't force pvp-ers to pvm if they don't like it ; treat pvm-ers and pvp-ers equally. Put enough quantities of resources in conquest villages and outside them, or even better, most resources of a certain type shouldn't be mostly on the maps of a conquest area, it makes it too complicated for those not in the dominating alliance to have access to those resources, so it slows down their progression in leveling professions, for example.

5) Find some equilibrium between mounts and semywools. By now both are relatively easealy obtainable from market and don't cost a fortune. So some bon,us to dragoturkeys, so they can compete with semywools, wouldn't be that bad. Semywools look ugly !:p You might even consider re-doing them a bit !:p

6) More mods on forums and in game, if possible. I am sure many would be thrilled and would gladly volunteer for it. The trade and recruitment messages in /c don't bother me anymore, even if servers merged, sometimes it is hard to find certain resources/ equips/ groups, so one has to try his/ her luck on spamming /c, hoping that Fiora aint onlinewink But what it bothers me are the random insults and offending swearing that is on /c 24/7. There should be at least 1 week ban for the account used to swear/ call names/ insult, regardless if it is done on /c or in pm.

7) Don't re-do all content to make it harder. I don't see the need for it. I used to like a lot Moo dung, I did it countless times for my Bloalacks, and they're still not finished. I don't like it at all tho how Moo dung looks now ; not the monsters, not their looks, not their spells, not their dmg which is not quite for that dung lev. I used to do a run or two of Moo dung whenever I was bored or had time, now I started to procrastinate to continue to level my Bloalacks. Some game content is just fine as it is. Really. No need to re-do it all. For novelty ... there is always new content.

8) Introduce maybe easy/ medium/ hard mode, that could be set in game from prefferences, or at log in, whatever can go better with the way the game is coded. While some complain that new content gets old fast cuz they can do it pretty quick then they get bored, they are many people who maybe haven't even explored 50% of the game = areas and their specific monsters + dungeons, cuz they're too many medium/ hl areas/ dungeons that need specific classes with specific roles and the group could maybe only have one random filler class with no role helping the strategy of that dungeon. Make it less xp + less drops for easier modes, then more xp + more drops for harder modes. And the group wouldn't be able to start fight in a new room/ map if not all from group have the same game difficulty selected. Make less complicated states and less instant kills in easier modes, this would cheer up many players ; or make those states just go away with leek piesmile

9) Remove agro mobs, make it all non-agro. It is far too complicated and takes too much time to go with a large group through an agro area, especially when area where you can walk is small, and especially considering that a char with mount on will go around a char with mount on while a char with no mount can walk on same cell as another char with no mount. How many times your group has splitted cuz someone got agroed a map or two behind by a big group of monsters and they were too few who got it time to join the fight ? Or how many times have you waited 5 mins for a big mob to move on a small map so you can finally join your group on next map ? You don't need lots of brains to avoid agro, you just need lots of patience and lots of free time. Agro mobs should be removed.

10) So many things were said that will never happen in this game, but they happened still. Like the orb to reset stats, now one can buy it in shop, no need to waste an afternoon on a few dungs and quests, who are pretty fun and it is a pity to miss them. So why not sell experience scrolls too in shop ? Lev 1-to-2, lev 2-to-3, lev 3-to-4, ... , lev 199-200. We all know the leeching exists, now it is even being called « leeching service ». Players charge kamas for that, probably one out of 100 does it for free, or not even that. Then many players sell those kamas for irl money, via paypal, or w.e. ; we all have friends who have done that. So why not have Ankama make money from it instead ? Like the laboratory from Dofus Pets where you let a pet and it gets to become the type of pet you wanted with no interaction what so ever for a small fee, why not do the same with the xp on Dofus too ? At least till some level ; or from some level upwards ; w.e. works for you best. Let me explain: whoever enjoys doing game content adequate to their character's level will keep doing that regardless of the official xp service/ laboratory; whoever buys with irl money a huge pack of ogrine, sells it for kamas, then pays those kamas to xp 508 at frigost etc will still be paying irl money and progress through game with the same zero knowledge about the character, no mats and no kamas for end game gear. The only difference will be that Ankama will be cashing the xp leeching service money instead, and maybe they'll hire more people so that bugs get fixed sooner and maintenance time lasts less. :p
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