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Make a wish for 2018!

By #[Nerodos] - ADMIN - October 03, 2017, 11:30:00
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there is few things which i would like to see in Dofus.

1- more suport for other countries than France (for example: more community channels, more advertising about game,partnership with national streamers)

2- Dofus on Europe steam.

3- more f2p content

4- day/night system

5- weather conditions (wind, rain, sun, blizzard, storm)

6- dungeon matching system

7- more animations out of battle! (like: leaves in the wind, breathing character)

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1. Unban my account please sad

2. New dungeon mechanics

3. Delete this Ava/Koth system and Bring back bonta/brakma pvp/tracking system and prisms.

4. Less annoying/repetitive breeding system, overhaul of the whole breeding system

5. More character customisation

6. Breeding from telephone

7. More than 200 lvls

8. Revamp spell points

9. Set bonus for dofuses

10. Hero system as WAKFU
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1. Ebony Dofus

2. Revamp Koalak area

3. More accessible the Gift page (now on Web)
- divide from Code page
- accessible from game client

4. Giving 1 month subscription token for all new players
- or invited new players by friend referral

5. hardcore dungeon mode
- unlock by done all achievements of the dungeon
- the boss and all monsters become lvl 200 with new status, new spells, and new mechanics
- the lvl 200 dungeons become old system (before 2.41)

6. Rare costume
- dropped by all dungeon bosses with very low rate (like 0.01%)
- or only dropped by hardcore bosses with low rate (like 1%)

7. Daily / weekly / monthly event quests by game system
- randomly set on a regular basis like "beat the boss XX" "bring the item XX *10"
- not by moderators or Ankama staff like Dungeon Rusher event

8. bounty player system
- like old Head hunter system, not concerned with alignments
- with some conditions ("evil points" stuck by several behavior), player can attack an particular player (bounty)
- defeat more evil bounty, more reward

9. Official tactical mode theme editor
- editing assets_tacticmod.swf
- can specify colors, alpha, and in-game tiles / blocks

10. Language mod
- texts with [!] icon can edit by players
- players can select option "use official text with [!]" or "use players' translation"

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7) Guild chat accessible from the smartphone

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1) Player recruitment/advertising

2) Revamping/removal of alliances/AvA

3) Adjustment to classes to have niche roles that distinguish them from others

4) Increase in the amount of visual arts/cinematic

5) Incorporation of role playing aspects, Dofus is a MMORPG after all biggrin

6) A localized place to find lore, a lot gets missed in quests and there is no way to reference back to it other than memory

7) Increase of communication from devs/staff to the community- bring back the Dev talks that happened monthly those made the community feel like they mattered!

8) Improved distribution of resources, drop rates for certain resources are ridiculous compared to what the crafted item requires

9) Removing the requirement to PVP, some endgame sets should not require PvP to obtain via sparkling pebbles.

10) Increased distribution of stats/set combos, rewarding us more for having full sets and not using trophies, or maybe even more than just three set pieces for a set.

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Hello ! I'm also a French guy (but I'm not an Ambassador).
I saw a question about what do the French players wish ?
Indeed, our wishes are quite different. They are also numerous: there are about 1500 answers on the French topic.
Most people from the French community are aking for PvP Kolossium leagues, with ranks and cosmethic rewards; we also wish an AvA (you know, the guild war. I'm not sûre of the name here) rework, a New dimension, a Zobal rework and a big Astrub rework, with all the stuffs, their crafts, the quests, etc.. reworked so we can welcome better the new players.
Oh, and we also desire a quest to get the Vulbis. However we also want very rare drop on bosses (costumes for example).

I hope I've fed enough your curiosity ! (And sorry for my bad English level).
Have fun !
----Viverne---- :]

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Information : Zobal is the french "translation" for Masqueraider

And oh no ! Frenchies are invading the English forums ! "Préparez les baguettes !"

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My wishes weren't too professional, so if you allow me I would like to type some in a more professional way. If I cannot, please tell me so and I'll delete the comment. I won't be sending any more wishes than those.

1. Classes to be unique again. As an example, ecaflip on 1.29 dofus was a lucky based character, and that was what made it fun. Now as far as I know, he is a.. damage character, no more luck involved besides his roulette, which makes it kinda boring.

2. Remake the F2P areas and what can they do. I feel they have nothing to feel compared to people with subscriptions. Possibly remake Astrub and make it a bit bigger, would help out on future classes statue spaces as well.

3. Alignment PvP to be relevant again. I used to see zaaps and astrub areas full of PvP, but now it feels so empty and everyone is on kolliseum, no one cares about alignment anymore.

4. Remake Bonta and Brack and make it such a way invasions will be more common. It has been years since I've seen people invade one of those cities.

5. Better ways to make money. Ways that you do not need a high level character or a group with multiple characters of your own. As someone that enjoys gold farming, sadly to say, dofus feels short on it. A possibility would also be adding low drop chances cosmetic items around the world in different places, make use of the older dungeons, doing it might bring the whole world to be more alive. Like jellies when they dropped the gelano.

6. The possibility to check in what padocks your mounts are, close or far away from them. Sometimes I want to find amount but I forgot in which padock it is, so I have to check inside all padocks until I find it.

7. A bigger number of quests we can track. Sometimes you really want and need more than 5.

8. The possibility to remember your position inside an Inn just like it was a zaap (The only way to teleport to it would be a potion). Staying there or logging out there should up your energy (I don't know if it does this anymore).

9. Idle animations (when you stay a long while without moving) to each character. As an example: A xelor floating with his arms crossed and leaned back as he was superior, and an aura surrounding him with some rocks and such floating around to show he's using some kinda of magic for it.

10. PvP Wars, where you can only die once. Like it was an AvA, but 1 on 1 PvP. For example:

- An announcement says a PvP War is going to happen at X area (with a coordinate as well) in 10 minutes.
- Whoever wants to go to the war, turns on his PvP War mode and goes to the announced area.
- After a small countdown to those in the area (like the 3 last seconds), everyone that has his PvP War mode activated can aggro anyone in the map for a 1 v 1 fight.
- If a character dies on a fight, he cannot go back to the same war.
- The war takes around 20 minutes or until everyone but the survivor is dead, whichever comes first (You cannot multi account on it).
- After the war or dying, you get coins depending on your achievements in battle, for example:

Survived until the end = 50 Coins. (depending on the level)
Killed someone = 30 Coins. (depending on the level)
Had PvP War mode activated when the war started = 5 Coins.

Killed 3 people and survived until the end = 140 Coins. (depending on the level)
Killed 3 people and died = 90 Coins. (depending on the level)

11. If you allow me: Simply typing "30, -23" on the map search bar should move the map to such coordinate.

EDIT: A "Equip set" button would be appreciated.

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1More events like kwismas,vulcania
2 Restore equipment and dofus to drop
3 New dimensions (osa dimension should be great)
4 New dungeons
5 Buff pets
6 Add more exclusive rewards for kolo
7 More rare drops like 00000000,1%

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000000000,1% is still 0,1% :]

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1. New mini-game that has value in battle but you not involve fighting when playing the game (alike maging and breeding).
2. More options for the pet/mount slot (possibly pet buff; versatility is good but not worth it in PvM). Right now it only makes sense to use a seemyool or khamehost.
3. Make dungeons worth the time (monetarily). As much fun a dungeon may be, it is discouraging when you get no rewards from it. Today I did korriander with 508 and got a sum of 20kk worth of items in 4 characters. I like that the game is not too greedy, but part of the fun is making kamas. Right now most dungeons are rewarding as long as you have an achievement to complete. After 2-4 times, you lose interest in repeating them.
4. Make it possible to log into many accounts using the same window (e.g. incorporate tabs with programmable shortcuts). If done right, it should save us a lot of RAM and will be much easier to switch between accounts, without having to install third-part software.
5. I second the wish about better marketing outside France. You have a good product and you seem to care about the players; more people need to hear of your product if it is to survive for more years.
6. Make it possible to easily report scammers in game. I want to protect less aware people but it is soooooo time-consuming to report. It also feels meaningless as the harm is already done by the time someone examines the report. Maybe give us a way to immediately alert everyone (e.g. by generating a pop-up such as "you are invited to group"), of course after establishing abuse countermeasures (e.g. we are only allowed/required to add scammer's name and a screenshot proof, so people can judge for themselves if we are lying).
7. I second dydzio's increasing drop rate idea. Wouldn't mind seeing that in exo-maging too. Probabilities are fair when you repeat something many times, but when the probability is 1%, "many" can be an enormous (for humans) number.
8. More fun breeding. Right now it is all about waiting until your character walks between paddocks. In the case of seemyool, it is also about keeping books, carefully naming, spending hours to eliminate cross-breeding. I enjoy the birth excitement, but it is so frustrating and boring until you reach that moment.
9. Just remove prospecting and give us a different way to increase our drop rate (in addition to idols).
10. Reconsider AvA. It is so important (people constantly ask you to contribute), but requires so much time; I don't see how anyone who only plays a few hours can afford doing that, unless it's the only thing they enjoy doing.


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I was going to write "200+ Level progression" as first, because as far as i knew it was put on a backburner since the beginning of this year, but omg you are releasing it this month December and IM SO HAPPY RIGH NOW THIS DECEMBER ty Nerodos for bringing that up biggrin Thats what i get for missing a gamakna episode. (gonna work on it right now :p)
Anyway the first idea has to do with 200+ spell variants:

1. Multiclass synergy mechanics. To be clear multiclass synergy is there, and for most classes there are at least 3 more other classes they are highly compatible with. What im suggesting is a synergy mechanics for poorly compatable classes to make them play along with each other better, while not making existing synergys overpowered

2. Non tradable endgame goals. Something other then titles and so on, something very hard to reach but which won't necessarily offer a direct advantage over other players. Titles and ornaments are great, but they are not for everyone. Maybe something along the lines of Infinite magical orb/ mimi/ teleport potions, new passive effect auras, haven bag bank access

3. More UI functions. Personally i think group search had a fantastic idea behind it but it wasn't thought thru enough (and i did entire thread on it before), in short it just had to be more customizable. Quite a few MMOs have player market UI (meaning tailor, shoemaker, ecs.) accessible from anywhere in the world in one click. But Dofus seems to have some struggle with how the engine handles them, so asking for unifying and making markets more accessible may be silly, but hey, this is a wish list ^^

4. Flxable subscription options. I know Dofus highly relies on its subscription base, and you guys are working on subscription free Dofus 3. But if not canceling subscription all together at least add a reasonably priced 1 day subscription option (weekend tokens where a limited event, not well balanced time/ogrine ratio, plus not everybody has 3 weekendes in a row). Personally i now have 1 day a week when i could play Dofus, bud i dont, because im not willing to pay for something 85% of which i wont be able to use. And i know for a fact im not alone

5. Time specific community events. Meaning something like Kralov opening or Dungeon rush, but more streamlined, more often and reacher in variety

6. Some sort of raid content. It would have to have some clever mechanics behind it in order not to make fights more massive and yet not insanely long. Rather then adding a number of players to each fighting group make multiple groups cooperating with each other across the fights

7. A more repeatable dungeon content. Achievements fixed the state in which dungeons were before, but now achievement based dungeon system is a problem of its own: once you are done with dungeon achievements you really have no business repeating it on this character ever again. Which is sad because dungeons in Dofus, as they are now, are very entertaining

8. More reliable ways to report bots. Ingame UI with automated PrtScn and short map log, or at least give some internet points to reporters. This comes up very often and bots are a big drag on Dofus economy, i couldn't not bring it up

9. Bounties. That's a mechanics widely used in other MMOs, something like treasure hunt but with less running around and much harder 1-4 player fights with complicated mechanics

10. Kolossium reward adjustments. Kolo fights clearly become less and less profitable over time and since this is a very popular, dare i say the most popular endgame content, it is very a important aspect to keep an eye on, especially considering the total kolossoken devastation to come that is spellpoint review

Edit: words, man

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if you ask me i think alliance system is  currently trash,  I think raids should happen. Make it  kinda like how wakfu is where theres Sufokia you can align with  brakmar bonta amakna.    Have areas be alignment again but have Nation raids.    theres a bunch of other things but yeah

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Only one request, revert dungeons to the old difficulty, after that update that nerfed every 180+ dungeon I lost all my enthusiasm for this game, literally nothing is challenging anymore

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1. Hero system as WAKFU.(I am waiting for a long time.)
2. Access to the class dimension from each class from the temple.
3. Reduce Giant Kralove dungeon switch to 4.
4. Simplified ot Otomai Quest for status reset.
5. Confluence system within a party.(as Incarnam)
6. Since the world is wide, Increase traveling methods,(Anyone can use)
7. Faster reappearance of resources.(
8. Make it possible to log into many accounts using the same window.
9. Character tracking function,(Movement of multiple characters will be easier)
10. Direct access to the boss room.
    (Benefits of characters that have reached the boss room more than once)

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Just one thing: More marketing and advertising on the game outside France, the game is literally dead outside french servers smile

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There is on thing that is incredibly annoying in Dofus, the fact that I always end up with MILIONS of resources i can't get rid of. So there are 2 things that can be done regarding to this problem : remove the limit of items you can put up for sale in the markets or, this is where it gets groundbreaking... make some sort of instant sell mechanism. Put FIXED prices on literally everything depending to how hard it is to get the required item (for instance chafer bones can be like 20 kamas and i don't know vortex wings 3mk). You just have to go to the market and put that thing for sale and you instantly get the money from it. It would be a really nice thing to do. Make the items themselves like 5% more expensive than the resources you need to craft them so proffessions are worth it. The item markets should stay the way they are so people don't abuse the resource market and buy everything then craft items and sell them. Also if the item you crafted has 20~60 int, for each point of int after 20 it gets 0.5% more expensive or something like this, therefore people wouldn't get scammed when it come to perfect stats or exomages and some sets wouldn't be ridiculously expensive/cheap just because everyone wants them or because nobody does (I once sold a 1Ap 1Mp Gelano for 15mk and that is nowhere close to being fair). So all in all : make resources "insta-sellable" and fix the prices (there are times when im buying resources 5X more expensive than they should be just because there are none on the market at the moment even though they're not rare). Tell me what you think about this, I'd say it's a nice way to let people have a better start in the game and a great way to keep the economy going and encourage people in venturing for rare resources and going on fights. *or remove the limit from the resource market if this ideea sounds bad*

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Hey !
Today, we are presenting your wishes to the devs.
I don't know if you got the news, but you can follow our journey on Snapchat (I don't really like this app, but it's better than nothing)

Have a nice day / night

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what's their snapchat?

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# Here Szybkobierzek

1) More clases - thats magis in this game and gives many posibles. Ankama can do event to ppl to create their classes and choise some to bring live to world of dofus. That will be fantastic.

2) more dungeons and areas, new monsters

3) more domensions

4) the ability to distribute the finished items, for exaple soft oak ring gives 30% raw resorutes. Thats give more possibilitis than to sell for lowest price or crush to runs.

5) possibly to sell to npc high lvl items for the % sellroms price. Many ppl have a lot of res or items which they cant sell for other ppl, thats willby posibly to get frozen cash.

6) new dungeons on which we will be able create group larger group than 8ppl, np 10 or 12 ppl

7) Polish language!!!! On this game play many my mates and ppl from Polish country so remember them.

8) lvl 200+ and now im not talking abaut 206 ir 207 but np. 250 and some profits for them. Ankama can also create dungeons and items to that lvl. That will be dificult to create but fofus have infinity potencial.

9) more pets - thats funny aspect on this game but very interesting.

10) more pofesions np. New throwing weapos for example spears or new acpect armors np pads.

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Now that this is over, I wish that those who posted gets what they wished for.
I did not post since my wishes can't be done in a year and would probably take more than 3 years to develop (more like no chance of getting developed at all, but hey, I could wish even if it will never be implemented).

So here are my wishes for the Dofus 2020.
1. Dofus Multi-Character System.
     a. Hero System with cross account mechanics (using one client to log multiple accounts)
     b. Anti-hero System (a more tactical hero system)
     c. Eidelon and WEAPON System (getting a pact with special summons "Naruto Summon" and using powerful mechs "Final Fantasy 7 WEAPONS").
     d. Fighting Pet/Mount System

2. Age of Tech
     a. New area: Steamatlantis
     b. New Weapon: Guns (pistols, rifles, launchers)
     c. New Profession: Tinkerer/Inventor (creates new tech/gadget like guns, vehicles, apparatus and functional devices/furnitures)
     d. New Mounts: Vehicles (bikes, wobot mechs, boats)

3. New Tactical Mechanics
     a. Hexagonal tiles
     b. Positioning (back attack, side attack)
     c. Formation (Pincer, Blitz, Defensive)
     d. Z-plane (elevations) higher topography have advantages
     e. Terrain (various effect while standing on tiles like grass, soil, water, rocks affecting combat)
     f. Accuracy/Evade (addition of Lightning element adding new stats parameter)
     g. Sights/Fog of War. not just range, but visual tactics could include actual sight perspectives.

4. Dual/Tri/Multi Decked Character Build
     Having the ability to switch between 2-3 types of build so that we can freely switch between different playstyle depending on what we will be doing (PvM build, PvP build, Leveling build). Our character tab will have 2-3 sub-tab where we can build their stats differently. We can still use stat reset in case we make a mistake.

5. Super and Final Desperation Spells
     Powerful spells that requires building up special energy to cast (and will also use up our energy meter).
     Supers can be casted when your energy bar is full. The bar gets filled as you received damaged.
     Final Desperation is an even stronger spell but can only be cast when you are low on health (less than 25% HP)

6. Relationship System
     Picture "Fire Emblem's" relationship system.
     With this system, we can no longer marry complete "strangers" (lorewise) and must first develop a relationship between each characters. In order to increase intimacy, our characters must engage in various character building activities, before they can gain the status of "close friends", "dating", "in-a-relationship", "engaged", and "married". Then they can go for the ultimate relationship goal of having children. Relationship goals could be doing XX numbers of dungeon together, doing various special relationship quest similar to the flower quest during ballotwine season etc etc...

7. Armour of the Gods
     A second class set that can be used alongside the first class set.
     Level 20 Class Dofus Click here 
     Level 60 Class Pet/Mount Click here
     Level 180 Class Amulet 
     Level 190 Class Shield 
     Level 200 Class Weapon Click here

8. Solo-Account with Multiple Character "Optimization System".
     Ankama sells character slots but having multiple accounts is still better than having multiple characters in one account. With these 2 suggested system, solo-accounters can have more value for creating many characters in just one account since characters that we are not actively using can be passively sent on activities while we play on another (active) character.
     a. Proposition Quest System
     b. Training System

9. Schools and Masters
    Yes, Dofus have religion determining what spells and role our class take. But it would be cool if our characters can learn various side skills from non-religion means. There could be various schools that can teach our characters specialized sets  of spells or there could be wandering masters that can grant our characters 1-2 unique spells. Class temples have already done this albeit only giving one class spell for each class. What if there are various non-religion base skills.
     a. Militia Barracks: Teaches close combat (attack) spells like shield slam, parry-counter, weapon throw and disarm.
     b. Voyager Headquarter: Teaches mystic arts spells (support) like use medium healing potion, layline, swap turn and haste cooldown.
     c. Wiccan Society: Teaches nature skills (generalist) spells like bear summon, fissure, deluge and healing breeze.
      These spells can be taught by one master or by various legendary NPC of the game.
NOTE: You can only choose one school so choose wisely.... You can change school but you will forget the spells you've learn from your former school.

10. Mobile Base Building/Battle System
     A way for guild or alliance to create a base that can be a staging ground for group battles. Imagine combining wakfu's haven world with Clash of Clams. 
     Guild can build an airship or a galleon or a wheeled fortress (heck even a giant mecha). They can upgrade various element of this mobile base like HP, offensive, defensive and support structures, number of rooms, special functions (like teleporter, crafting tables, storage rooms etc etc). The level of the guild determines how much you can upgrade this base. You can then use this base to attack other base and engage in a guild vs guild battle.  

That's all folks, for my 2020 wishes. Goodluck to all who posted their wishes for 2018.

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I wanted to know which of our wishes are apporoved by devs?

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Check this thread, you'll need to wait for next week to know the exact list.

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Ok I have a real list:
1.Real Support, I keep using support to report multi loggers but they give me same robotic response and no changes occue.
2. Actually stop people from breaking the ToS, stop the multi loggers or allow it please.
3. Start moderating the game better and punish those who need to be punished.
4. Number 1-3 Again.
5. Read number 4.
6. 1-5 
7. all the above
8. read numbers 1-3
9. yes
10. senks

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