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How would you make professions NOT BORING?

By hunataloisnopoirod#5906 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 22, 2017, 15:39:25
So... I came back to test the mono-acc servers because I know many guild-mates will, and one paid my p2p so I could help them settle in Nervark.

One of the reasons I'm I'm definitely not staying is because I'm not up to leveling up any profession like I did years ago, it is simply not worth the fantastic combat + premiumship, especially when whenever I consider it they usually require miner and there is always someone talking about 4 our 5 players staring at a wall seeing if they can get the respawn item.

The only one that I can tolerate is breeding mounts, but I don't think I can go through Koolich once I have my Royal gobball set done (btw str osa build tips are welcomed), so yeah, this brings me the question... how would you make the grinding of profession actually fun and not like a second job where all you want is vacation?

On nervark: Ryuhana
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Agree, starting all over again is seriously time consuming. Though maybe giving more places to harvest resources would cut the time working towards a certain level. The worst thing about mining, for example, is waiting for ores to respawn or dealing with competition.
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Hahaha you aproached the topic just right XD 'how would you make the grinding of profession actually fun and not like a second job where all you want is vacation?' Haha perfect biggrin
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Yeah, grinding iron is terrible. They respown so slow.
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Comes time, comes more iron.
I wonder if many of the 24/7 miners are Bots.
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they are using scripts to mine iron and  cut ash :/
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give it a month or 2 and the interest in the mono accounts will die down and there will be plenty of ores to mine.
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Under what basis is that assumption correct? Where is your source that says mono account server will die off?

On topic: the respawn rates of the ores are not adjusted for the amount of people trying to mine them. This likely could create a scenario where one would compete with a scripter or just a regular player for the iron.
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The best thing they could do is if they make the ores, tree etcs spawn much faster.. 
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My source is history.

It has been a while since new servers opened up but in the past whenever a new server did start the intrest was high. But that intrest does die down.

I can't see ankama changing the respawn times as it will only have a negative effect later on. Look at echo and the low prices on most of the ores.
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At the current moment in mono servers, most of the players are congested into a single area. (Astrub)
Try going to a more out of the way mining location. However, this will change as the server gets older.
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no matter what mine you go. they are all filled. all ores and gone. and you are stuck waiting 20 minutes for a respawn, that you most likely won't get. since everyone is apparently scripting.
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