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Anyone bored on mono-acc? Game design topic.

By hunataloisnopoirod#5906 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 05, 2017, 19:45:23
Ok, it has been a couple weeks, the hype of "YAAAY" is gone on facebook groups so I think we can talk about it.

I've been a multi-acc for years, not the uber kind with tons of mks that buys a ochre every week, just the kind that find walking quests dull and likes more than one class. I came back because I don't think Dofus is worth paying more than one account any more, so the mono-acc seemed worth it especially with my friends pretty pumped up to come back and try it.


I can't rely on friends because time rarely matches, the french community is as impenetrable as a brick wall that doesn't believe in sex before marriage, only getting together by coincidence and necessity on a dungeon or quests already on the spot, and I can't for the life of me see the recruitment chat in English on Nevark.

And then we have the issue of going with the guild that changes its mind too much about what they want to do while taking almost an hour of just waiting around when they actually want to go somewhere and not just treasure hunt or drop jelly, so groups rarely last more than 3 fights and are not worth it at all.

The ironic thing is that most players are doing quests and other things exactly because relying on other human beings is not something you can account for your evolution in the game. Also people are more hot-headed and bossy than on multi-servers due to this investment, seriously, for the first time in 10 years it feels like I'm playing league of legends in here.

As much as multi-acc has faults and consequences that people love to bring the topic as dofus would be fixed if we couldn't do this. The experience of playing around just reminds me of why I decided to have one more account, because if you wanted to do something, you just would walk over there and do it, not go play Krosmaga for half an hour while the group shuffles with members doubtful  if they'll go or not more than a deck in a magic trick because you actually feel like you're playing the game as you're supposed to: Doing progress with something fun besides walking and waiting.

What are your thoughts on the matter and how are you dealing with this? And also, more importantly, now that we actually have a way to experiment mono-acc dofus, what issues in game design should you think that should be addressed?

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this is what an mmo should be, kinda how things are on re-releases and new releases though.... im just here waiting till wakfu get some love then adios....people trying to ask for mono account servers on wakfu but i agree...considering the drop rates and the penalties for mis plays in boss fights (although WAYYY MORE forgiving here on dofus since the dungeon dude just teleports you back to your last room) depending on others is kinda hard but kinda necessary since we cant just multi....everyone so anti social and are envious or stupid things, that it makes it impossible to find people to play "seriously" with, UNLESS of course, youve been friends with these people since 1999 and been server hopping just cause they can.

pretty sure this is ankamas first attempt at a mono server? 

what really grinds my gears is when people boot you from fights, especially those who are like level 100 and are farming the same mobs as you... NOPE no loot or exp for you (not sure what the penalties are for grouping but i thought there werent any penalties to drops) 
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Meh, i love it, i've no time to run 4 accounts nor the patience to Alt tab a billion times to get from one map to the other, the solo servers will provide a steady influx of people that will help me run the bs content they make, because they themselves can't run it alone.

As for the frenchie pride of not learning the language of the internet i couldn't care less, better have them than an empty, dying  server.
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Agreed. Playing with the french and actually being able to atleast do something is better than sitting in frig watching chat where all you see is the occasional lvl 150+ looking for leech.
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Yeah I think you've just had some bad experiences. I'm also on Nevark and I'm really enjoying it. Our guild is pretty active and the group formation isn't too bad. Usually someone will ask for help for dungeon achievs, a bounty, or maybe like wabbit questline. People volunteer to help, get the job done, and then return to whatever they're doing. I honestly think you should wait it out because at the lower levels, you don't always need teammates for certain content. But later on, people will stop relying on just questing and will actually want to run things like frig that require teammates. 

In the end though, you seem to have the "lone wolf personality". Which is totally fine, I'm like that a lot too, I just think Echo is more supportive of that personality type than the mono servers are. Doesn't make either server type better than the other. 
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What guild are you on Nevark?
Add me please, my name is Ryuhana there.
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