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The level difference between 2 characters in kolo

By TeamIluha#9537 - SUBSCRIBER - November 15, 2017, 15:55:50
Lately I did a kolo on my eca lv 124.
But i was surprised when i came against a lv 176 eliotrope.
I thought the rule is that the max level difference in a kolo is 50lvls?
How can it be that the eliotrope 52levels higher is then me?

Also I did a 1v1 kolo and my spells did already have an 3turn delay on it, i am wondering what is happening here :S
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I never went kolo 1x1 and it has been quite a while since I read anything related to it, so I may be just talking out of my ass here, but as far as I remember the 50 levels rule was for members on a team. Still unfair for 1x1.
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i suppose your rating is way to high for your lvl which i would believe seeing you beated that lvl 176 eliotrope 
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How are you going to complain about the enemy being too high level, and yet you still beat them xD obviously them being higher level wasn't an issue

Matchmaking is based on rating, not level
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