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Confusion with Ilyzaelle Set

By Leekichu#3585 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 02, 2017, 08:39:32
So I was looking at possibly using the hat and amulet from Ilyzaelle set. However, even though its a chance/agility set it has +60 heals as a set bonus. Outside of maybe eca, I feel like all heals are %based  or intelligence spells. Seeing as +heals doesn't effect lifesteal damage as I'm told. Therefore I'm confused.....whats the purpose of the heal bonus? Is there a class with a specific build that actually benefits from it that I'm missing? 

I figured maybe the set was too strong so they gave it a not so relevant set bonus, but it already gives like -30% crits so surely thats not the deal? 

Someone please alleviate my confusion lol :blink:
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