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Passing the Torch

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - December 05, 2017, 10:20:50

Gosh, it's really been eight years. Eight years since I crossed an ocean to come and work here with the International Community. It was a dream come true for me. I wanted nothing more in life than to work with this game, work for this community, and amazingly, incredibly, that dream became reality! Being your CM has been a wonderful experience, easily the top three moments in my life. And I have all of you to thank for that.

But, sometimes, as wonderful as a dream is, you find yourself looking for a change. Right now, there's another dream calling to me, and new roads I need to travel. So, as of December the 8th, I will no longer be your Community Manager.

Now, don't worry. Change is scary and this might seem like some sign of doom and gloom for our community, particularly here on update day. I promise you, it's not. This is not some edict from Ankama. This is where my life is taking me, and even though I'm going, Ankama still strongly believes in the future of the international community as the future of DOFUS. Pangea will endure.

I can say that with confidence because I know the person who will be stepping up to take my place. She won't start immediately after my departure, but she will be with you early in the new year. She already loves this game and this community, just like I do, and I know that she'll go the extra mile for this community, just as I tried to. Please welcome her as warmly as you welcomed me. It's going to be an exciting new era for DOFUS and the international community, I know it!

I want to thank the moderators, my secret team, the invisible warriors who have given selflessly of their time and effort to help destroy the endless hordes of bots. The bot war can often feel like a sisyphean effort, and the tide of randomly colored Cras and Sadidas never seems to ebb, but you have stayed true in the face of impossible odds. I salute your passion and endurance!

I also want to thank Nerodos, for his stalwart help. He deserves a round of applause for showing up with his giant muscles every day, rain or shine, often far later than the end of his shift, to make sure that our community had information and support. He has always done so much behind the scenes to keep things published on time not only for us, but for all the non-French communities!

Finally, I want to thank you. You who are always here on the forums, telling us your dreams and hopes for the game, you who are out there capturing your adventures and sharing them with us on Twitch or Youtube, you who write guides, share information, clear the path for others coming up behind you, you who spend your free time reporting bots or scammers or cheaters, you who tutor new players: you are what make this game and this community great. I encourage you, no matter what happens with the game, no matter who gets nerfed or who gets buffed, stay optimistic and connected. Be curious, be creative, be kind to one another. That effort is never wasted.

There's so much more to say - thanks to my co-workers, the test players, the artists, and more and more, but this post is getting long. Please know that I loved every minute of working with you, and even though I won't be your CM after Friday, I'm a DOFUS player until I die. PANGEA FOREVER!

Love always,


P.S. If any of you would like to follow my future adventures in the land of Lyon, I'm @izmarvelous on Twitter. And if you want to see pictures of the cats I find while traveling those new roads, I'm also @izmarvelous on Instagram. Love you forever! -Iz

First Ankama intervention

Replying to InuzukaKiba

Thank you so much, Kiba, and I would like to pour one out for our dearly departed Kaoly, who taught me a lot about the job and helped me behind the scenes when I was first starting out. She was an amazing CM, and I'm honored to have walked in her footsteps.

I am sure that the next year is going to be a good one for Pangea.

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Farewell Izmar, thank you for your dedicated and passionated work! We will miss you! sad

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I am not good at writing long texts so I am gonna keep it short. This news really hurts (FeelsBadMan)...  But good luck with whatever and wherever your life takes you, you've been such a helpful CM all these years and you're a wonderful human! Gonna miss you Izmar! <3 

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love you long time. ~Asdis. <3 

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You have been the CM for as long as I can remember and it was very obvious from the beginning how much you loved and cared for the community and this game. Thank you so much for the time you put in and all of your hard work. You will be missed greatly, but I hope wherever your new path leads you is even more rewarding. Thank you so much, Izmar!

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Nooooooooo! I was not expecting that sad It has been great having you as our CM and you will be dearly missed! Many blessings from Sacrier, for your next adventure ^^

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I want to thank you for being the best community manage this game has ever seen, and congratulations on eight years of service!

From the endless twitter banter, to the crazy nights of karaoke on the Dofus Teamspeak server, it was clear you put your heart and soul into making sure everyone in the English Community had as much fun out of game, as they did in-game. And the in-game events you'd bring to the community are something that very few games can ever match.

I also got to see the dedication you had for this community first hand during my time with the Zenith. I'm not sure there are many people within Ankama who are willing to stay late in the office, or check in with us on days off to see if we ever needed any help.

I'm personally going to miss seeing that Firespark avatar around here. =(

Best of luck on all of your future adventures! 



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Izmar I love you for who you are and what you did. You will always be the English front of Dofus for me <3 Stay strong and have fun with where you will now go ! <3

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Goodbye Izmar. Will miss the Reddit contest!

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Good bye and good luck

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Hi there,

Whilst this is no surprise to me as it has been in contention for a while now; I wish you well.

Our community has needed change for a while and I'm sure this change could be the much needed catalyst to move our community in the right direction. Dofus has changed considerably in the last year in terms of its movement into establishing itself within Esports and needs to have the right person to help 'steer the ship'. I don't think anybody can argue with the decline our dear EN community has seen in recent times and I look at this news with optimism. It brings both new opportunities for yourself in whatever endeavours you may endure and hopefully it will bring a more energetic and youthful CM to lead Echo; reversing the decline in population and approaching our community with an increased CM/Player engagement. 

On a personal note, the two of us have often clashed on what has been best for EN players, and I hope you have never taken our disagreements to heart. Tempers rise when one is passionate over a matter, but it has never been meant in a malevolent manner.

So Izmar, I bid you adieu.

Kind Regards,

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Izmar, Pangea will miss you!
I wish you all the best for your future adventures.
May your life be full of beautiful surprises and kitties!

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Thank you so much for all you've done for this community, Izmar.

People who started playing this game early on, talking 2005-2009, will never forget the miracles you performed shortly after taking over the community. After the unexpected departure of our first community manager, Kaoly, we felt totally neglected. I'm sure everyone who was around during the gap between Kaoly and Izmar agrees that most of 2008 and 2009 should never be revisited again. Very dark times.

You wasted no time in fixing things as soon as you got here. I think the community is in a great place these days. Player-run events are a regular thing again, there are English-language streamers and Youtubers now... On top of that, we've had an assistant community manager for a few years, something that every other community had for years before us, which has definitely been a huge boost. I'm glad we still have Nerodos to actively provide communication, news, changelogs, etc, as opposed to being an unsupported community again.

Wishing you all the best, Izmar!!!

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Thank you so much, Kiba, and I would like to pour one out for our dearly departed Kaoly, who taught me a lot about the job and helped me behind the scenes when I was first starting out. She was an amazing CM, and I'm honored to have walked in her footsteps.

I am sure that the next year is going to be a good one for Pangea.

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Sorry to see you go Izmar!
You will be missed by many Shika players, thank you for all your time, effort and devotion you put into this game and it's community. And like you said, this isn't a sign of doom or gloom it's just a new chapter in the story.
Every end is a beginning and so we wish you all the best in your next adventures!

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Izzy we hardly new ye. Fair sailing.

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Izmar! ❤ It saddens me that you will leave but I wish you all the best when you explore your next dream! Thank you for being here for us all these years!

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Mahatma Izmar!

I would like to thank you very much for the many years that you have always cared so much for us players. For me "Izmar" has always been a synonym for quick and competent help.
I wish you all the best and good luck with your new tasks and goals.

hugs an kisses
Medizini, Princess of Brâkmar

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Dang, I didn't see this coming.

Thanks for your hard work and fantastic sense of humour over the years, you always remained approachable and really nice which I'm sure was no easy task given the community backlash at times.

All the best in any future endeavours.

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