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Passing the Torch

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - December 05, 2017, 10:20:50
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This is sad news... 

Thank you for the dedication and passion you brought to your role as our CM and for the countless hours of hard work you put in through out these years. I wish you all the best and I hope that despite not being our CM, you will in some way continue to be a part of the community you very much helped to build up.

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Thanks for all youve done for all of this community. Will be strange with you gone after all this time but i hope you find happiness and success in all that you do. Cya around izmar.

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I don't think I had been playing long when you first appeared on the forums.  I was surprised you were still around when I came back around to check things out after being away from the game for several years.  Gaming communities tend to not be very kind to the messenger...

May your next adventure treat you well!

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Thanks for all the effort you put into the community, I remember when you started (yes I have been here that long despite a several year break) You've done a brilliant job and should be wholeheartedly commended for it by everyone.

Saying that, people move on in life, sometimes it's an easy decision, sometimes not..

Regardless of that all I can say now is have a fantastic life, and no matter what comes in the future...HAVE FUN XX

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Oh my gosh this just makes me so sad, but i totally understand! I remember when you first came to Pangea sad and you sure did change things for the has been an absolute pleasure getting to share this experience (gaming) with you as our CM.
  I don't play nearly as often as i did back then because IRL things happened for me too and the game went on back burner wink but i ALWAYS stayed on twitter following your tweets and updates. And i love all your kitty pics on instagram wink hehehe
 You will be missed greatly! <3 <3

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Sad news indeed sad

Thanks for all the effort you've put in and everything you've done for us over the years Izzy. As Kiba mentioned, the time prior to your arrival were dark days for the community. Sure makes your little Fire Spark avatar appropriate considering the light that you've shined on the community. You will be missed!

And if the new CM has your stamp of approval, I'm confident you're leaving us in capable hands.

All the best for your journey forward, hope you enjoy every second of it!

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oh no

(It's too sad to add more :'( )

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I've only been a Dofus player for eight years, so to me, Izmar has always been our CM. And today is already the 8th
:/ Does anyone remember what day the Izmar meridia is? I want to make sure to celebrate Izmar day from now on.

I'm rubbish at checking social media (I find it exhausting) so I don't know if this has been suggested elsewhere, but I think that even though this change feels sad to many of us, celebration is appropriate.

How about a Remember Izmar party this weekend? Or maybe next weekend if it's too short notice? Izmar, I don't mean that you need to attend, that might be too much like work for you and you shouldn't need to do that, but if you have time and like the idea, you could perhaps join incognito? Otherwise, I'm pretty sure there will be pictures.

Suggested location: Flame of Izmar Lighthouse in Madrestam Harbour (assuming it's still there?)
Suggested time: Sunday, 19:00 to 20:00 Dofus time

What say you, people of Pangea?

Edit/reply to reply: Ah, too bad I'm still at work around that time, but I'll try to hurry home. I'm glad there will be a celebration!

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A couple of folks are getting together today at 16:00 (ish) Dofus time at the Brakmar Zaap on Echo for a little farewell party. I'll be there too! I'm sure there will be some prizes and goodies passed around... biggrin

Oh yeah, my Meridia day is May 28. And don't worry about giving my Meridia Wooly Bow Meow meat. She's actually bringing them back to life and adding them to her kitty collection. wink

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Farewell and good luck to the rest of your adventure! Thank you for being our CM for 8 long years.

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Farewell, Izmar.  I wish you the best of luck with your new opportunity.

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