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The Brotherhood of the Forgotten quests are a great improvement on Dofus

By InkSix - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 18, 2017, 01:59:23

I don't know if you guys have completed that, but to me, it was a very enjoyable experience. 
The quests are much different from the others. You don't have to go to a dungeon you can't beat by yourself or find a whole squad to step on tiles. You can do them on your own from the beginning to the end.
The fights are events, not just regular fight with monsters. Sometimes you have to beat 3 enemies by yourself and it is surprisingly very balanced. You may die a couple times but you definitely can do it and it is a lot of fun.
Also, the ally system. Bringing actual allies to the fight, not just some useless NPC you have to protect due it's broken AI. These are strong, smart and fight to win. 
Having the Queen of the Thieves fighting side by side with you?! That was a sick fight.

There wouldn't be a need for single account servers if the questlines were always like it. Definitely a great experience for solo players.

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Yes, the Forgotten's introduction quests were amazing.

Your opinion is going to change when you start the Lv.200 Brotherhood of the Forgotten quest line (Magma Tiles, Silent Wreck) though :p

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or you know, you could just play a single player games which is this and more without any MMO bullshit like delay and such ............ ; )

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You don't play MMOs just to play with others, You do it also for the environment you can't have in an offline game (the market for example). You can enjoy other people's presence from time to time but it's not mandatory.

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Bah, that sounds disturbingly unfunny to me. I really prefer to gather an insanely stupid amount of resources from every profession and mob of the area to craft several hidden recipes and/or just bring the items to the NPC (Ice Hotel, The Humanitarian Convoy...). Also, I do enjoy spamming the whole day out of the /r and /c chat to find 3 other people who are at the same step of the quest I am doing in order to complete it (He Wants to Be Buried at Sea, Light on Shadow...). Moreover, having to farm large amounts of mobs in order to gather quest-items which only have a 10% drop-rate or having to enter specific dungeons just because the mob you need is only found inside there is so fun and challenging, I'd to it all day long! (If Only I Could Turn Off Time...). And don't let me started about quests which require a certain time of the day for the NPCs to talk to you... Oh, I love them! (Supply Depot, Time is the Time achievement...) What about having to craft/buy a giant bunch of idols just to run them in all-different dungeons? (Turquoise Dofus) Or having to wreck your back off doing a ton of Treasure Hunts in order to gather an insanely high amount of roses - or buy them - just for one step of the quest? (Crimson Dofus) Or WOW, having to spam in chat looking for lvl 200 craftsmen or specific classes at your same level of alignment to make them stand on tiles, DAMN! That's so enjoyable that only thinking about it is making me shiver (Alignment quests). But hell, what I like most is having to buy a whole resistances set specifically thought for the last, exceptionally engaging and action-filled fight of the last quest I need in order to complete the last achievement of a huge collection of achievements which already made me face some of the hardest dungeons in the game to finally lay my hands on a Dofus (The Bird of Time). You clearly don't understand the entertainment brought by insane grinding, time-consuming and repetitive actions, paying strangers with specific characteristics to make them stand on tiles or help you out in fights you can't do alone. Oh and, of course, you should try to do all of this without ever opening any wiki. That way you get the most fun out of it, trust me!

/sarcasm off

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The third season of wakfu is very interesting to watch with this questline in mind wink

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DofuLloyd Very amusing and this is why mono servers are a joke 
Ankama do not make it viable to do these quests with randoms who will quit after one try.

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I don't know if you've tried the solo servers, but this has not been my experience at all. A lot of the solo server players are quite determined and very willing to help.

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