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The Miss and Mister World of Twelve: Time to Vote!

By $[Sabi] - ADMIN - January 03, 2018, 17:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

Who will win the ultimate title of Miss and Mister World of Twelve? It's up to you to tell us who your favorites are.

They are adorned with their finest assets in order to seduce you and represent the most beautiful male and female specimens of each class for all the servers combined.
Blood - Anta (Ecaflip M)
Adriendedijon (Ecaflip F)
Blarmal (Eniripsa M)
-Scher- (Eniripsa F)
Ze-Dark-Angel (Iop M)
Jojtecoupe (Iop F)
Blad-of-nexore (Cra M)
LeCarapate (Cra F)
Hytoriii (Feca M)
Roublar-rel (Feca F)
Muerte-Castigadora (Sacrieur M)
Marc-aronie (Sacrieur F)
Le-Roi-Sadida (Sadida M)
Nirastrae (Sadida F)
Mirukage (Osamodas M)
Momo-Attack (Osamodas F)
UnelettreUnChiffre (Enutrof M)
lolo93 (Enutrof F)


Zbouleboss (Sram M)
ueicmoi (Pandawa F)


dauarrae (Xélor M)
Zabuza-Dream (Xélor F)
Lepego (Roublard M)
Zara-Larsson (Roublard F)
irmoniac (Zobal M)
Hitsugi-chan (Zobal F)
Zokyh (Steamer M)
Karofis (Steamer F)


yanndeparentis (Eliotrope M)
louloudelafalaise3 (Eliotrope F)


nushii (Huppermage M)
ElecAquaFire (Huppermage F)
Malloandjaja (Ouginak M)
THIRIOUZ (Ouginak F)
But there can only be one Miss and one Mister in the World of Twelve, therefore it's up to you to vote for your favorite male and female characters before January 5th at 9 am (CET).


*The votes will count for half of the jury’s final score.
First Ankama intervention

Replying to End-My-Suffering

Not at this time but maybe opening the image in a new tab might help by right clicking it. smile

See message in context
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LMAO that male Enutrof had me cracking up. Very funny, unique and daring all in one. The female Enutrof has a very nice combination as well.

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Is there a way to see the photos in full-screen? Can't see anything

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Not at this time but maybe opening the image in a new tab might help by right clicking it. smile

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Echo Server Representative :C vote for me pl0x (Huppermage F)

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Male Osa is so in's awesome. Anyone know how to get to the map the Female Osa is on?

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Mono account entry's? I don't see them.

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The participants of the single-account servers will be evaluated by the jury separately. We had specified at the launch of the event, that the players from the single-account servers were the subject of an alternative competition to guarantee them access to the rewards, due to the seniority of the servers and the shop restrictions.

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my male pandawa from Razard isnt here...

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The time has come to finally announce the results after several weeks of fierce competition!

Honor to the ladies first:

Our Miss World of Twelve 648 is... Jojtecoupe (Anastasiya - Iop F from the Brumen server)!

Here is the final ranking of the female participants (in parenthesis you will find the jury's ranking, followed by the public’s ranking):
  • 1st: IOP F: Jojtecoupe (4th / 4th) – choice of the Jury
  • 2nd: OSAMODAS F: Momo-Attack (6th/2nd)
  • 3rd: PANDAWA F: ueicmoi (7th/3rd)
  • 4th: HUPPERMAGE F: ElecAquaFire (1st/12th)
  • 5th: CRA F: LeCarapate (5th/8th)
  • 6th: OUGINAK F: THIRIOUZ (2nd/13th)
  • 7th: ENIRIPSA F: -Scher- (14th/1st)
  • 8th: SADIDA F: Nirastrae (10th/7th)
  • 9th: MASQUERAIDER F: Hitsugi-chan (9th/9th)
  • 10th: FECA F: Roubla-rel (8th/11th)
  • 11th SACRIER F: mac-aronie (13th/6th)
  • 12th: ROGUE F: Zara-Larsson (3rd/17th)
  • 13th: FOGGERNAUT F: Karofis (15th/5th)
  • 14th: ELIOTROPE F: louloudelafalaise3 (12th/10th)
  • 15th: ENUTROF F: lolo93 (11th/15th)
  • 16th: ECAFLIP F: adriendedijon (16th/14th)
  • 17th: XELOR F: Zabuza-Dream (17th/16th)

Now time for the gentlemen: Our Mister World of Twelve 648 is ... Zokyh (Kloudy - Foggernaut M from the Ush server)!

Here is the final ranking of the male participants (in parenthesis you will find the jury's ranking, followed by the public’s ranking):
  • 1st: FOGGERNAUT M: Zokyh (1st/2nd)
  • 2nd: FECA M: Hytoriii (4th/4th)
  • 3rd  OSAMODAS M: mirukage (3rd/6th)
  • 4th: HUPPERMAGE M: nushii (8th/3rd)
  • 5th: XELOR M: dauarrae (2nd/11th)
  • 6th: SACRIER M: muerte-castigadora (12th/1st)
  • 7th: SADIDA M: Le-Roi-Sadida (6th/10th)
  • 8th: ENIRIPSA M: blarmal (10th/7th)
  • 9th: MASQUERAIDER M: irmoniac (5th/15th)
  • 10th: CRA M: blad-of-nexore (7th/13th)
  • 11th: ELIOTROPE M: yanndeparentis (11th/9th)
  • 12th: SRAM M: Zbouleboss (9th/12th)
  • 13th: IOP M: Ze-Dark-Angel (13th/8th)
  • 14th: ROGUE M: lepego (16th/5th)
  • 15th: ECAFLIP M: Blood-Anta (14th/14th)
  • 16th: OUGINAK M: Malloandjaja (15th/17th)
  • 17th: ENUTROF M: UneLettreUnChiffre (17th/16th)

They both will have their illustration published in the next Gamakna, a Julith Set, an Ogrine Seeker Pet and, of course, the prestigious title of Miss and Mister World of Twelve!

Please note that for the single-account servers, we received fewer participants:

And here is the final ranking of the female characters after evaluation of the jury:
  • 1st: SACRIER F: MeianNaiem
  • 2nd: FECA F: PixelOwl
  • 3rd: CRA F: sophie04
  • 4th: OSAMODAS F: vuice10
  • 5th: ENIRIPSA F: Sezario
  • 6th: OUGINAK F: Ilovebelgium
  • 7th: SRAM F: Leretourdumousquetaire
  • 8th: HUPPERMAGE F: Noiram-
  • 9th: IOP F: Ursula51
  • 10th: SADIDA F: milinhah

And the final ranking of the male characters after evaluation of the jury:
  • 1st: ECAFLIP M: drykoopa
  • 2nd: SRAM M: Kreaxing
  • 3rd: ENUTROF M: Spaciale
  • 4th: SADIDA M: dydy-lol
  • 5th: IOP M: Junk-Dunk
  • 6th: PANDAWA M: scottischh

Therefore it is MeianNaiem (Meian, Sacrier from the server Fraktale) and drykoopa (Raxorus, Ecaflip Server Fraktale) who win the 3 months of subscription and associated gifts!

PS: In-game rewards will be distributed early next week.

We would like to thank all of the contest participants, and the members of the jury: Edroc, Bryn and Trézor, who gave their time for the evaluation of all of the entries for each of the 3 rounds. Feel free to share with us your feedback on this new edition of this contest to help us improve any future ones.
Score : 3709

RIP public votes, ain't gonna bother joining these contests again , 50% from public votes is too big and easily rigged . Competition went from looks to whom had more friends and connections real quick hhh.

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Just gotta do phase 1 for free color change pot next time.

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Score : 3459

These votes though LUL 

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