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Wa Pack in the Shop!

By $[Sabi] - ADMIN - January 08, 2018, 15:00:00

During the Thwee Kings Cake season, the Wabbits are kings, quite clearly. But apparently not enough so for the long-toothed leporidae who, just so they're guaranteed to be the center of attention, are burrowing their way into the Shop without warning. Their Trojan horse? The pack with the "wow!" effect: the Wa Pack.

From January 8 through February 8, there are eight good reasons you should go Cawwots for the Wa Pack:

  • 30-day subscription,
  • 6,000 Ogrines,
  • 1 Divine Set (Available on single account server),
  • 1 Mini Wa pet...
  • ... or 1 Ross pet,
  • 1 Wabbit Haven Bag (Available on single account server),
  • 1 Coulive Cape (Available on single account server),
  • and 1 Coney Hat.

Price: €20.00

Why resist these furry little critters and their cute, fluffy tails?

Give in to temptation: Take the Cawwot!


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Great, but when we can see winter Haven Bag theme? In summer?

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Score : 225

Too bad the pet isn't available in mono account's or I'd get it :c I hope soon we will have access to items on shop.

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Score : 125

Again subscription rewards are unavailable on the mono servers, why not just make then indefinitely untraceable for the foreseeable future? Is it too much to want a Ross to Mimi away

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Just stopping by to thank you guys for your feedback, it is very important to us and I will pass it on to the team for you. smile

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When will classes get tweaked? Cra is to op for PVM ,some classes are just plain useless in PVM and noone wants them in their groups.

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Its really sad the Pack is not available in Malaysia even though I'm dying to buy it T_T

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