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By Mitisukai#4410 - SUBSCRIBER - January 18, 2018, 04:03:23
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Eni's and Enu's invisibility spells and also the Invisible dagger Srams.

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Sacs having a wisdom punishment and dancing sword :d

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Score : 680

I remember when incarnation skeleton place was a chill spot 

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Score : 45

Strenghtstorm 3 times per target

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Score : 80

Iops all small 1-2 ap dmg buffs ^^

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Score : 301

Xelors' ap reduction spells had no min range

You didn't get extra vitality after every level up (level 60 full wis prespic xelor with 42 hp)

Lastly, every 4 wisdom gave 1 ap/mp reduction/dodge

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Score : 353

Carpal Tunnel from the original crafting system

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Score : 2622

When dungeons did not even exist and the bosses were roaming somewhere.

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Score : 1959

When we are all spamming and breaking our mouses to get a fight at crackrocks above astrub. So populated Dofus used to be sad

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Score : 691

Strokens, oh gosh. Int sacrier & air cra masters of PvP at level 60/70. I still got "Strokens" on my main character, and they appear as "undefined". Sad.

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Score : 666

Back when Rushu wasthe (sole and only) international server, people used to congregate at 4,11 to try to drop gob set pieces. Someone would start a fight as soon as a warchief appeared, and anyone who could would jump in. This was before you could lock people out of fights, and anyway no one wanted to, cause the prospecting lock was kind of high and, you know, the more the merrier. As someone said already, back when the Gob Set was pro...

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Score : 490

I remember when sac's were viable and eni's could go invisable

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Score : 1959

I know another one, this one might not be that old but , ; ''when p2p was less than 100kk a week''

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Score : 11

Be P2P to play Panda, Sacri was not a thing, A chance to fail your craft that one was fun cough 

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Score : 1790

Invisibility, barrelflouge, rockflouge potions to turn you invisible, into a barrel or a rock. 

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Score : 3440

Ankama listening to the English community 

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Score : 346

Boune, miniclip, incarnam! :3

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Episode system on Nehra. Such an amazing time. When the crackler mountains opend and you could get a bwak as pet.
Or the few draco turkeys in the scara plains, how people couldnt fight them properly but still farmed them to get the turkey set smile
When lvl 80-100 was amzing high lvl and we would fight them 4 vs at astrub zaap but still get rekt.
When I sold a decent gobbal head gear on my first day playing  for 8kk while it was 80kk worth that time.
When having Dora and Rags was like having atcham set xD
level 60 int iops.
1/2 crit rate.
Doing incarnam dungeon in a full goup and having fun as hell.

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Score : 1959

''When having Dora and Rags was like having atcham set xD''

yea ur so right

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Score : 681

Back when classes had bonuses and penalties with different weapons, sac even had -30% damage with every weapon.

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Score : 2320

Slow-down, frostbite and sand-glass had a minimum range of 1.

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