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The disgusting nature of this update

By Killer-Clown - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 23, 2018, 14:27:26

I, as a player was hoping to see the update be delayed a week for balancing reasons. However this was not the case.

 I would real off all the reasons why I am so disgusted by this update, but seriously, what is the point? The main reasons I walk away from this game at this point are....

1. The Iop favoritism
2. The Cra favoritism
3. The hate nerfing of the sacriers spell kit again and again (how many times Ankamma, how many?), thus making it a non-competitive character... AGAIN!
4. The massive imbalance of Class V Class and the reasons why!

 I hate the lies,  the Ankamma smoke and mirrors when they make the statement "we want you as the community to help us. We are listening." When in reality they are so out of touch with their player base that I am not suprised at this disgusting  update and the spell changes.

 Does Ankamma as a company expect us as players of a certain class to buy character change potions ( Sales boosting ploy) because of deliberately underpowering of certain classes in  development?
 Do they expect me and others to support and pay into the dofus world series? Because here is a little development and buisness advise for you Ankamma. Perhaps huge nerfs on players that force them to reroll / regear / quit, and then Overbuff certain classes (the favorites, Iop and cra  Ect), isn't the best way to get support for your E-Sport event.

 I will protest the only way I know how, I won't pay into their shop for cosmetics or the DWS promo items .I will quit until they fix what they have broken.
 If only there was a refund option for subcription time... (it would be a great way to protest their actions)

 So, I walk away from this game in disgust  at Ankamma's treatment of the international community. STILL, we  have not recived a translated version of the changelogs and now it is after the fact.
 Ankamma's ignorance at what the players want. They say they are listening, but the product handed to us says otherwise.

To me, each update  just seams like a money grab rather than what is good for the game. Nerf X class to redundant and get X percentage of players class changing ect.

 Not me, I will not support this EA'esque money grubbing from Ankamma. I advise you as a community to do the same and protest in the only way that can make an inpact.



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First Ankama intervention

Hi guys,

We understand the frustration and feelings that come with not having an English version of the changelog.

Our team is working hard on providing you with one and in the meantime, I am more than happy to help confirm any information you would like. 

I would like to also do a friendly reminder to try your best into keeping this thread constructive so that we can pass on your feedback to the devs in a productive manner.

Thank you, everyone.

See message in context
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I have long since solved the problem of the cycle of class change... I have made 14 different class in just one account. So now, no matter what class they nerf, I can easily switch to 13 other class without the need for a class change potion. With 4x exp multiplier and idols, it is so easy to level a new class. 

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That involves me agreeing to support how they opperate, I have not the time or inclination to reinforce their practices when it comes to these updates. I choose to remove myself as a player and my classes from their statistics until a fix, by not playing.

Your sugestion Gunner' rienforces their actions. I chose the classes I did for their style of play, I have no interest in leveling other ones, doing the achievments, or gearing them for that matter, again! As I wish to progress with the character I chose to begin with, I grew with in the game.

I choose to oppose the problem, rather than being a part of it.

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How did me not buying class change support their operation? I supported my desire in getting all class.
Your way of opposing the problem is as effective as spitting on a blazing housefire.

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First of all.. sacriers can do INSANE damage.. Obvously they will nerf the damage. Second of all, everyone complains sacs are nerved a lot.. Let's be fair, the only people who complain are the sacriers.. and that is because their OUTRAGEOUS damage is not enough for them.. i Agree, remove half of the damage and give some more mobility but... your damage is way too high to give you a buff.. Second of all.. yea ankama are not that great of a company.. Here i agree completely BUT you quitting don't make ankama even flinch.. and that is because you are 1 of thousands and thousands who still enjoy the game. I can tell you pvp is not balanced, especially 1vs1 but it CANNOT be balanced, there will always be 1 character that will win against certain classes. What is more there are a lot of classes who are underestimated and people think they are useless while in fact they are very useful and do their job perfectly.

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1. I disagree on the sacrier front, all other Tanks/damage dealers do it better than they do. More so after this update.
2. Yes, if just I leave, then yes no problem for them. But look at Dofus history, server merges because of the huge drops in populations, ever wondered why? Especially considering Ankamma have the monopoly on this currant genre of MMORPG (turn based) game type. A monopoly is gerally a good thing if you keep your customers happy. But It is not just I leaving, check the french forums, look at the backlash this update, 1k+ of downvotes for this update on the french anouncement post alone.

I am disgusted at 90% of this update, let us make that clear right now.

Sacrier is not the only problem, just one that affects me as a player of one, and I say to you that the damage is only good if a player hits them while Berserk, but not so much since today.

But buffing Iop's and Cra's, was that acceptable? Rougues? Classes that outdamage a Sac in every way with less time investment (suffering being slower to build and less effective than Iop, cra and ougi skills). and the greater range, mobility and support utility of the stated classes above. This also stands for the comparrison of the Tank sac v tank class. The other tank classes have way better tanking utility spells. I am sick to my stomache of paying constantly in nerfs for having the spell Transposition in the Sac's spell kit.

1v1 is a pointless adition to the game, and I don't even engage in debate or conversation about it. It is an irrelevant, unbalanced money making feature for the simple classes.

Akamma called the Sacrier a berserker. To this I say, my hairy buttocks!

2018 and Ankamma is still hating on Sac' People!


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''2. The Cra favoritism'
Cra got nerfed, just so you know.....

About the iops, nothing much changed, just some tweaks in cha builds which wasnt very strong anyways. Pls do your research before complaining

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how do you do research efficiently when there are no english patch notes

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You're right. I feel like they just don't care about international community. Not translating the patch BEFORE IT GOES LIVE is UGLY.

1 vs 1 PvP can't be balanced, as you said. But you're right about that too, the difference between Cra's and Xelors is not like the same type of difference between Panda and Rogue. Lets be fair; Cra's are over powered. Xelors are useless (just ask them, they can win PvP cause enemies doesn't know what the hell is going on), lets not speak about their PvM. But Panda and Rogue are a clear example of a RPG game. Panda can be a counter because of synergy. Cra is a counter for EVERYTHING. When that happens, then something is wrong. I mean, sacriers have lost their tanky way (oh boy, that cha sacri in 1.29), but they don't have enough damage to deal with things like iop, eca or cra.
Xelor is useless, alright, but they got tons of positioning. What about masq? They really need a nerf? CMON ANKAMA. Masq = more shields, less damage. Xelor = More positioning, less damage. Iop = more damage, less everything. Cras = more range, more positioning, more damage.

That being said, I'm a panda. They buffed me. But there are so many things wrong and not just about this patch.

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Cra got nerfed.... just saying. Happy gaming

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dgjna|2018-01-23 09:19:21
''2. The Cra favoritism'
Cra got nerfed, just so you know.....

About the iops, nothing much changed, just some tweaks in cha builds which wasnt very strong anyways. Pls do your research before complaining

What nerf? You mean the removal of gravity from Atonement arrow? Another spell of theirs has gravity now, so they still have two spells that can cause gravity smile

Almost nothing else has been nerfed to where it would matter for a cra.
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you might wanna read the changelog. ''Explosive Arrow dmg decreased'' and more..... go read yourself

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Hi guys,

We understand the frustration and feelings that come with not having an English version of the changelog.

Our team is working hard on providing you with one and in the meantime, I am more than happy to help confirm any information you would like. 

I would like to also do a friendly reminder to try your best into keeping this thread constructive so that we can pass on your feedback to the devs in a productive manner.

Thank you, everyone.

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"Our team is working hard on providing you with one", wait what?? It would literally take 15 minutes if the person knows English and French... 

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@Sabi I really could not care less about the Log (I can translate what I need to know), but it should be provided before the fact, not after it has gone live.

My concern is the Disgust at the changes and Ankammas ignorance towards our oppinions on the matter.

Especially when it comes to the wild imbalance in the spell changes, the knock on effect this has on all classes, and the wild imbalance and favoritism of certain classes!

Then as a company they expect us to want to invest in the items on offer to support DWS. When in fact most don't care after such nerfs. Because of the damage certain classes have to recoil from, and then regear. OR just quit if you play a redundant class after this update.

Ankamma shooting themselves in the foot here I think. Don't you?

I am disgusted at the "Class change" and "Stat'Change" Ankammma money grab through deliberate underpowering of a class, during the class balance cycle. It becomes more transparent each update, and the math supports this notion when looking at, and testing classes and their imbalalances between each other. It is getting BEYOND a joke and harming the community and Ankammas reputation in the process.

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The balance of the game is so skewed right now, that 1 enu + any number of cras is an ideal combination for clearing most dungeons in the game right now. Yes, explosive arrow just received a damage reduction, but it also is more castable now.

But that's not the only issue. Look at spells on the Iop such as Zenith and tumult, then compare them to other classes.

Look at spells such as synacure (spelling?) on the elio , then compare it to similar spells on other classes, while remembering elios have portal damage amplification of the spell

Hell, look at ambush now after the unnecessary buff they just gave it. It is 4 damage lines on a class highly incentivized to build crit, omni, and crit damage, while averaging 12 damage per AP on the non crit, and having a sizeable crit bonus. (Look, I'm a fog main, I like the damage, but I don't like the direction balance is going in, including here)

But then you look at what they did to the sacrier, and as much as I have friends who play sacrier I'd love to see stick around, I can't blame any of them who have said they are quitting over this. Their damage has been absolutely gutted, and their ability to tank is subpar. I think sacriers to this day still have been balanced too much around PvP and the amount of their power budget being able to swap someone in is worth. The class as a whole would probably be in a healthier spot without that ability because Ankama has historically penalized everything else sacriers do well as a result of having that.

But pandas just got a huge buff to their tanking ability (as if they needed that) with an extra 50 lock from their kit now.

Ecaflip changes this patch are also baffling. Oh yes, let's make this power buff spell damage only, but not do the same to other self castable power buffs in the game, while also retaining -20% weapon damage on a different buff of theirs. They also sport some of the lowest damage per AP spells in the game, and have been gifted more of them due to (overly) harsh nerfs.

I've also heard people willing to explain this away as balance changes in preparation for the DWS. Well, if that is truly the case, I think it is high time PvM and PvP had different balancing. The two game modes don't equally reward certain types of spells.

I'm still enjoying PvM enough to not quit outright myself for now, but I doubt this will be the case for long should balance continue to be treated this way with Ankama having clear favorites, or worse, a lack of understanding of the balance of their game.

There's also the matter of the translations, which would take a professional translator around 40 minutes per language this patch. Instead, not only do we not get that, we don't even get the untranslated versions of things in the client, we just have the previous spell descriptions.

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As to the above points, I could not agree more with what Nerd-Tease has stated!

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dgjna|2018-01-23 17:56:11
Every class has something another class doesnt have that makes them special, saying sram is worse than a cra even tho they can do the same dmg just because sram has less range is compairing apples with pears ( like we say in Dutch ).

If I would talk like you it would sound like this;
Cra and sram do same dmg but sram is too OP because he can go invisible. This is just a false comparisson. 

As for my panda and masq, They can do 3k dmg a turn if needed. Just like a cra. Cra might have longer range, but masq has shields and panda has his own thing.

As for the dmg/danger relation, ofcourse its not the same for each class. Some classes do certain things better than others. I aggree with people that xelors and sacriers are litterly useless shits right now ( at least in pvm idk about pvp ).

Cra does high dmg from range, but in cc he is vulnerable. 
Iop does high dmg in cc but from range he is vulnerable.
Sram does a bit less dmg ( still good ) and has more survivability.
Masq has less dmg ( can still be quite nice depending on build ) but he has shields.

I can go on, as a player who is playing dofus for over 11 years I know what im talking about.

Yet, any pvm content with that team is warped way to easily with just one cast of Distance Shooting / bats eye, and with all that pushback and possitioning in your team (cra included) = a cake walk for "keep away" 508 grinding.

Or BUff the other problem char (Iop) with cra damage buffs and WAHEY, blitz mode. You are saying nothing new here and just reinforcing my point about the redundancy gap between the other classes. Especially when sharing buff synergy.

You play 4 out of the 6 top classes in the game, so I ask you...

How do you have the perspective from the other Classes point of view?
Do you not think easy mode skews your perspective on what is powerful or not?

FYI I have been playing 11 years also. It is an irrelevant point used to distract.

Time does not equate to intelligence nor skill.
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I actually have 8 accounts, I only named a few. My main team is Iop, elio, panda eni, I use mp rape cra ( changed from enu to cra after the enu nerf ) Besides that I have a dmg cra, masq and feca.

On the same account as masq I got an sram, eca and another cra which all share gear so I can swap to which I need.

Now to come back to ''How do you have the perspective from the other Classes point of view?'':
I aggree with you and all people some classes are crap like sacrier. But on the other side, some are better in pvp and some better in pvm;
Osa, kinda bad but A MUST for Count Razof dungeon. Yet useless for every other dungeon.
Xelor, useless in any pvm fight or dungeon, yet if played well good for pvp.
Sadi, useless in dungeons, good in pvm and kolo.
Ouginak & hupper, quite new characters, im not that experienced to give my opinion but I feel they are quite good in pvp. In pvm they might be less good than others dmg wise but its just what you like to play.
Fogger: Its like choosing a main, people tend to pick what is common: eca/iop, yet foggers can be perfectly placed amongs the top tier characters.
*in this part with useless I mean other classes do the job better.

I aggree some classes are less worthy than others, but its just what you prefer to play. I know some people who main a sadi, xelor, masq, fogger etc. Just because they like to play those classes. They are good with those classes and far from useless.

All I am trying to make clear is; cra's are not OP. If I were to be a new player and make a cra, manage to level it to 190ish, Get him some cheap int/agi gear ( cuz I hear int/agi cras are OP ), I can tell you right now, I would be disappointed. seeing tormenting Arrow dealing 500 dmg. Its not about the class, its about gear and skill. 


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Let's be fair... Everyone hates every new update that changes the things and gets us out of our comfort zone... The new dofus looks update.. UGH dofus is ruined. Sac got nerf.. ugh dofus is ruined, cra got slight buff and slight nerf.. ugh dofus is ruined... Ugh ivory dofus questline is too hard.. dofus is ruined.. I see this negativity in every update.. and this is normal. We are used to out characters, we got to love them and we feel like every change Ankama makes is bad simply because out so loved characters will change. Few weeks/months later people usually get used to the update and start enjoying it to the maximum. I HATED how dofus looked after that update.. yet now after i explored the possibilities i feel like this is one of the best updates because it made the game a lot more 2016th and overall made few changes that make the game easier to cope with. It is the same with this update... Everyone hates it because they nerf everything.. and "buff" strong classes. It is only said, the test was not nearly as long as needed to prove that some classes are outrageous (like the old sacriers since i've seen sacriers in pvp 1 turn other people). Masq needs buff?? Well.. my friend is masq he had 22/26 won kolos the other day.. And his gear is not that insane even.. I've played with him in many dungeons and his damage is great, his shields are great. This is an example where people assume something is weak just because it is not popular or requires different strategy to play. Sure masq is not solo character but you can't expect xelor for example to do perfect in solo since he is stronger in 3vs3 or so where map manipulation becomes a lot easier. There are a lot of things that we hate just because they are new and we don't allow ourselves to truly test it. Of course people will hate the update at first.. their classes got nerfed... but tell me.. before 2.46.. how often did you see a huppermage do 2500damage first turn?? Because that was every hupper in 2.45. And that was true for every character.. not only huppermages, every character had the potential to do INSANE damage. Take eliotrope for example.. still one of the most OP classes ever... Rogue.. OP as hell.. Cra.. OP as hell.. even if i have a cra and i enjoy it... i admit it that it is super OP and close to abusing.. Oh, also i read somewhere that if a cra buffs an iop and he jumps he can blitz.. well.. obviously.. if my fogernout gives ap, cra all bufs, enu more buffs, panda vuln the enemy.. well no sh*t the iop will blitz everything but the rest of your team will be in a weak spot. There are 2 ways to play-make your team strong, or focus your team around 1-2 characters. Beating these teams require different strategies but this is why dofus is strategy. 

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100% aggree with this guy.
Its not about classes doing OP, its about gear, skill and strategy.
After I finalized my whole teams gear, I did some testing for fun.

Go full 8 man team against poutch, focus buffing 1 char and see how much dmg it can do. Results were insane. It doesnt matter which class, They all did around 10k dmg a turn. Some a bit more than others because some classes are supposed to hit less and some more. Thats how the game works.

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Someone pointed out that cras are weak in cc?

They have release, dispersing arrow, and several other pushbacks. Theres several other classes like enu and sadi that have a much harder time escaping (while still having about as much mp rape) so that argument seems pretty invalid. 

The main thing for me is how easy cras are. Why should a 1* class be doing more damage than rogues/xelors when all they have to do is just point and click? Shouldn't the more difficult classes be rewarded?  Why would I choose to play either of them when I can play a cra, be more reliable, and do more damage all at the same time, all while sitting across the entire map out of harms way?

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Lets come back to WHEN cra's are called ''OP'' , its when they are crit build, which is nomarrow set included. = low HP and shit res. So yes, in cc they stand no chance against classes like hupper, ougi, iop, sram, eca etc. Cra's that are pvp build with high res can be good in cc but then they are not OP anymore cuz they deal ''normal'' dmg 

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There is a major flaw in the balance of Dofus right now, and it is Cras. They are everywhere, they can do everything and their damage is insanely high. Plus they are braindead easy to play.

Cras now represent over 15% of all active characters level 20 and above.

Up 2.44% in the last 3 months.

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I am tired of people calling cra OP.
Cra's are dmg classes in case you forget. They are mostly used for xping cuz of fast gameplay strats. Yet in alot of end level dungeons they are just as usefull as any other class and sometimes even useless. They are balanced.

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Thank you for keeping this thread constructive everyone (minus a couple of moderated posts tsk tsk).

I made sure to share this thread with the devs and will come back with more information once I receive their own feedback for the community.

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Thank you, really. Hope they finally change their minds and start taking care of their non-french community.

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I would like to hear the reasons behind giving no incentives for a Sacrier going into + Suffering.


Why they gave no real gain in swinging between both stances? Considering the time / ap it costs to switch. Whitch also gives too much incentive to go Negative Suffering. for a Suffering rince to zero by casting Convalescence to gain moderate damage. Then back into casting Negative Suffering spells for defence.
Then we have Coagulation with bonus's applied furthing the redundancy to go berzerk.

Again, where is the incentive and abillity to use Possitive Suffering effectively? Why are there no bonus's on Mutilation other than Possitive Suffering? Why take away the final damage gained from Possitive Suffering that made this spell balanced for the investmet into this Suffering path?

The damage is bad for the investment and commitment to the possitive Suffering choice after the  patch changes...

It plays and feels like a Geriatric, toothless barbarian past its prime, slow and weak...

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First, i'll agree that ankama really do not balance the classes well, they cant even create a good balance between the elements of one class. (and it will last until they decide that each element should get skills at the same level.)

But now, i seriously think you never played with iop, only read the patch notes and think thats enough. The variants were so bad that even using a leek pie would be more efficient than them.

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Considering the changes are clearly based around the DWS, I know your statement not to be true. The math and test play tells a differant story in my experiance. Also what I have witnessed in all of the build compositions solidifies my oppinion on the class.

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Almost everyone in this post seems to agree that the general feeling of this last patch is that it's not great. But I don't see anyone giving Ankama something that they can actually work with... So you're unhappy; they know that now. @Sabi is here for us! You gotta give some suggestions on what they can do to improve, so that Sabi can pass it on to the Devs! Even if it's just spit balling, it's better than sitting here doing naught but complaining.    
I'll start (IMO warning!): I think that a lot of cra spells need a global cooldown, or something to limit a bunch of cras in 1 group spamming 508. Groups of cras spamming 508 isn't fun, and it's not very helpful for the state of the game. Make each class strong and unique in there own way, not one that is so strong in a multiplicative way that everyone has no choice but to choose it. Fulminating arrow did not need a damage boost for the next turn either. I think that was a mistake. Enutrof's Greed spell should also have a global cooldown, because at the moment you can bring along multiple enus for a huge boost in damage even if they don't do anything else. 

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I understand you are wanting to be constructive with your posts. I do think there does need to be some venting of emotion because right now the community is hitting a boiling point and if Ankama isn't careful it will blow up in their face. Which it already is. I browse the french forums as well to see what people say and they are just as upset as we are. There is very little communication and feedback coming from the devs and we are continually making comments in an attempt to have that communication. Many of the comments have also been stating some constructive feedback, people view cra as too powerful for the minimal amount of work needed to use it. Sacrier's are not fitting their class role in the slightest being a beserker, tank, or damage dealer. Many patches are focused around PvP when more consideration needs to be had for PvM.

I play a sac, and I am upset not just because of the nerf but because being a close combat character in dofus is not encouraged at all. Anything past frig 2 does too much damage in close combat that you have to stay away if you want to live longer than one turn. This is a fundamental issue of this game as a whole, close combat in any shape way and form is punished heavily. Look at the reasons why cra, enu, panda, elio are so successful. Don't get touched and you win easily. It is also the reason why 508 idols is super easy with that team comp, having 200 health at the end of your turn doesn't matter if you can't get hit.

I personally feel Ankama needs to lower the damage of all ranged spells, monsters included, and increase the damage for close combat because of all the negatives that come with being that close to a monster. We almost need to go through another 2.0 revamp where spell damage and vit across the board gets wiped so that numbers aren't ridiculous.

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