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2.46: Beta release!

By $[Sabi] - ADMIN - March 08, 2018, 18:15:00
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The update is nice but how can we level our chars fast as 508 is patched? Will there come a new 508 variant or any high idol combo?

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Hello, here is one of many French players opinions (Google translated post from there French Dofus forum) that I think speaks volumes of truth on the subject "The loss of 3000 players a day over a one year period."

Former player, 10 years of play 2007 - 2017. I had times when I played a lot. Sometimes 10 hours a day. I loved the game, when I played a single account, and then when I created a team. The game has deteriorated in my opinion from the moment the first abuses were left by Ankama.

- At the exit of Frigost, the excessive xp that allowed lvl up too fast, a growing gap between the single account and the team of 8 glours which was 25M per item.

It was the first social fracture in my opinion. People far too rich because the equipment and body F2 were immensely powerful and coveted by all.

- Frigost 3, access to the most powerful equipment (unquestionably). the gold rush or the galley for others. In any case to be part of the winners had to have in general his iop panda zobal eni enu.

Then the decline of the game really began when all these abuses became widespread and the game became completely individualistic: I have a team OP, I rush the maj I am rich. I am a single account I have to spend 5 hours a day raising chickens, catching cancer during forgemagie and trading all day.

Added to this were updates of shit, namely the successes that completely destroyed the game's economy, allowing farmer account / abyss etc to create hugely duplicate mules iop enu panda élio, for then full success on vortex queen, proto, chaloeil, koutoulou dantinea count etc ....

Look a little, you have a team of 4 cras: you mount 4 other characters at the same time lvl 200, it takes you 10 days. 4 persos then xp x2 it will take 5 days, 4 people in x3 it will take 2-3 days, we arrive on the x4 in one day. In total, with 5 characters per account we arrive at 20 lvl 200 on 20 days maximum.
4 simple monoelements outfits. parchotages in the element.
We send Vortex Focus: 80 wings for 4 characters, 400 wings for 20 characters.
We learn a little better to play, we will do some trios: with 20 characters we can do 6 trio is 180 more wings, with the drop it is made to 600 wings in total.

We repeat on all bosses. And that's how the game became completely stupid.

Then the variants of fate, assault with the con, the recipes of bogus craftsman or the dropable resource is more expensive than all that you will reap, it is valid for the bread the fish the boards the potions etc ... .

I'm much better since I stopped this game 2 months ago. I do not plan to resubscribe, 20 euros per month I even prefer to double to buy 2 or 3 good books and grow .

I had a lot of fun but I struggled to stay thinking that the game was going to get better someday and reduce those abuses on time. Well, I lost too much time waiting. I say that for those who still hope that they will have fun again on Dofus, do not waste your time, the lost time we catch it, it's time we waste to cultivate, play sports , discover places etc ... it seems like what I say but when we stopped we realize it.

Have a good day

I can not ague, debate or dispute this opinion. As it fits with the truth of events that happened in Dofus history and the community complaint that was ignored at those times. Is our opinion one sided or invalid? We will see...
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This guys experiences aren't indicative of the player base at large. Anyone would get burned out playing like that. I'm not trying to invalidate his experiences or anything just put them in context. The average player doesn't run 8 accounts of 20 characters that they leveled in half a month, they simply don't have the time. While its true people payed stupid amounts of money for high level materials y'all seem to forget the reason for the huge demand and thats casual players unable to obtain them. From what I gather you and this guy are only talking about the top 10% of players, not the 90% creating the demand. While I don't deny some of what he says is true, it's not what the average player experiences or struggles with making it all sound like a rich person complaining about a dealership not having a car in his color when the majority can't even afford one.

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Make shake 40 dmg static. 34 is too low. 38 isn't high enough. when looking at Earthquake from the Int build, there should never be a case where 1 Earthquake tree can do more damage than a Shake tree. Shake should always do more damage than Earthquake.

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I question why there is next to no one posting in the Beta test section of the forum this update? Even though we have been asked to bug report ect. Maybe it is because there is no translation of the change logs, and we have been told that we won't get them until after the fact, like last update.

I coulld draw an educated conclusion as to why here, but why bother? Has the International community really given up? Because currently, it looks like the community is choosing silence and walking away, rather than airing their concerns after the dofus year we have had. I wonder why that is, why they are not posting at all? Their text falling on blind eyes perhaps?

There have been no meta changes in regards to classes (no updates on the french forum since Friday). I guess the community warning and protest, again, has gone unheeded. Much like the consistant top concern for players over the last three years, "AvA" and the "multilogger abusers" that pollute the AvA part of the game and break in game rules as set by the ToS.

Prediction: The update goes live with the current planned class changes next Tuesday.

Outcome: We will see a drop in population on the servers again over the next few months.

Regardless of what happens after the fact in regards to the above prediction, those leaving won't be coming back for the next gimmick after those circumstances, and those that happened over the last dofus year.

Someone should explain to Ankama the principle of causation. Perhaps try positive causation for once, Mmmm? And give the players what they actually want... we have told Ankama what that is, many times!

Like, translated patch notes before the patch going live, as an example...

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How are you going to solve the issue of Chromebook users, who have no alternative but to use the browser to play Dofus. Currently, i can't log into the browser version due to the new 2.46 Beta release. Which means i can no longer play the game at present time.


[Sabi]|2018-03-09 17:34:28
You can find the information on how to install it: heresmile

What about for Chromebook users who play the game through the browser? 
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I posted the questions and observations in my post, two posts above this one, translated, and put on the French forum hoping for a response. The French community manager had this to say on our predicament. 

Q ~ Raven ~ Hello,
The announcement of the beta was made in all languages.
The changelog is finalized only in the last hours before the opening of the beta, it is not possible to make an immediate translation, especially as it is likely to be changed.
A version of the final changelog will be available in all languages at the end of the beta test period.
But all this has normally been explained to you on the EN forum, which I invite you to consult.

There is no real way to respond to that, is there? Something is not adding up here...

We used to get the translated and updated change log each patch... Why do we not get the translated change log updates "During Beta" anymore? What changed? 

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Raven and Sabi are correct in their explanations.

Historically, the beta changelogs have rarely been translated during the beta period because of the reasons Raven mentions in your quote. There may have been a couple of updates over the years where a beta changelog translation was provided, but many of those instances were made possible by the Zenith's translators.

With the notable exception of the last major update, the final changelog for the live version has always been completed and posted on the Tuesday morning following said update.
Weekly updates to the live version are also posted on the given Tuesday in the changelog thread for that version.

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Oh well. I hope close combat idols become a thing again. 345 was nice until 508 became the standard.

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It will be a little step towards helping those melee class's that are not Iop.


They get the synergies right.

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Please also rework the special Pathogerm of alignment quest n°93 as done with the simple one... too difficult to kill sad

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Tip: Find or pay two Cra's.

I had trouble with this quest too, until I luckily found two Cra's on the same quest. What had been a chore for MANY fights became super easy. We downed it first time with the pair of Cra's. 

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Will this game survive after idol nerf?

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It survived before the idol update so probably, yeah.

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Just a quick question. Do the astrub quests get reset for older player after this update? Because it feels that I would I kind of miss out on the whole experience of new astrub if I wouldn't be able to follow the same pathway of quests as new players woukd.

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Why is sadidas shake spell having its damage reduced? I dont get it, really. Cras are way too overpower, ecas are overpower, rogues are overpower and they will get even better , elio same. Sadidas depend on pure strategy, cant hit that hard. Even so, you re reducing a spell damage instead of making other spells better. Why?

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It survived? Really? Because it seems to me the glory days of the international servers are OVER. We already got Merged once and if ANKAMA keeps up with these updates it's only a matter of time if they already haven't before they start talking about another stupid merge!!!! Honestly please for what it counts RECONSIDER nerfing the idols please.

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does anyone know if version 2.46 goes live this tuesday 20th? or is it the next one?

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Since reading about the update and 508 Idol nerf. I've already noticed dofus doesn't really interest me as much as before .Truth be told I've lost any motivation to even play even though it hasn't even taken effect!!!! Who knows why maybe I'm just tired of ANKAMAS horrible decisions this could be the last straw not just for myself but for many of your veteran players.

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I am sorry to hear that, however I completely disagree with you about idols. This game has been so range class biased for so long,  it just isn't funny anymore.

The idol change has to be one of the only redeeming features of  this update, especially for those players that chose to play a close combat class.

However, there are plenty of last straws to pick from to break the camel's back. Most players will pick one, then leave.

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That's not a fact killer clown . The game has many cc classes that dominate any range class. Do You seriously think I only play cras? I have almost every class to 200 . Including x4 cras that I had to lv to 200 to LV my guild because ANKAMAS stupid omega update now no one gives xp to guild so having a lv 200 guild is a huge grind for guild leaders like me .

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The idol change has nothing to do with class v class, or pvp for that matter. It is about pvm. Your statement above is the reason why the Idol change has been made. 

The 4 x Cra teams (Or More) abusing them in pvm is the reason. Also the fact that the synergies of the Melee based Idols did not work prior to this update.

I disagree with you, and see it as a positive balance this update, for what were the redundant classes in regards to Idol farming in pvm.

Cra  Xp lowered, but for other classes it increased.

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You're not speaking facts . If it was easy to lv a bunch of cras and "abuse " 508 like you say everyone would be doing it. I worked hard leveling these cras so I wouldnt call it " abuse " I call it something you work hard to attain .

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They have been, and that is why this change has come about. Leveling 4 + Cra is exceptionally easy, in fact 4 x Cra +, currently is the easiest way to level and farm drop resorces before this coming update.

It is also a contributing factor to the broken state of the sellrooms and currently wonky server economy. 

They are the "facts".

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Hi everyone,

This is a general notice to the thread to please keep conversations, debates, and commentary civil. It's normal for players to have differing opinions between themselves and Ankama, but conversations on the forum need to remain civil and respectful.

If you have any questions, my Ankabox is always open.

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Fiora for president . keeps hiding my comments because they speak truth

Funny how a formber subscriber is on here trying to hype this lame update.  

Ankama gives us gifts only to take them away. You don't do that . I for one am tired it's been too many times and I won't even try to reason with you only to have Fiora mvp hide my comment . That's what forums are for fiora you call it antagonistic because they are for the update  while I strongly disagree with it. You are a joke .

The international server is dying slowly this update will only make it worse  and I'm looking forward to saying I told you so

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Do you know what I think is funny, after testing?

The fact that the Sacrier spell Convalescence hasn't been given a rubber band effect yet.

1. When the spell is cast in + Suffering, you can only gain - Suffering for the turn.
2. When the spell is cast in - Suffering, you can only gain + Suffering for the turn.

This would be a great quality of play improvement. 

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How could Dofus nerf the 508 score.... sad 

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