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Help on "Real Triton Strategy" Quest

By Black-YoshiX - SUBSCRIBER - April 01, 2018, 08:56:45


I'm currently trying to beat the "Real Triton Strategy" Quest, and I'm currently at the Step where I have to defeat 4 Dantinea Mobas (Silyrus, Tryde, Octodoll and Crabtun) with the Help of a NPC. However 50+ tries and I don't see a way for me to beat it. Has anyone some Ideas or Tips for me, how do defeat them. Im currently playing Sadi with a Mono Strength Set (And yes I do know, what the mobs do) 


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The best strategy imo is to Blitz the Tryde first then focus on Octodoll as it can severely cripple your ability to heal/run if you're in line of sight. Unless you know exactly where the Tryde is, it can rack up some serious %power for every turn it's invisible and can put you in that annoying blue glyph box which doesn't allow you to escape.

As for a strategy, i'd suggest reducing the mob's MP by putting everything in the infected state. From then on, you can just focus on Tryde/Octodoll whilst distracting the Silyrus/Crabtun with Trees. Maybe you would want to equip some MP reduction trophies/items to try and reduce SOME (1 to 2?) MP. 

But good news, after this fight, the rest of the Abyssal questline is practically a walk in the park, so hang in there! I definitely think luck plays a part as well as the starting positions of the mobs/map.

Good luck!

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The NPC in that fight can be a little dumb, but isn't effected by certain things real players are (octodoll end turn effects as an example). The NPC can also contribute damage. It's worth protecting the NPC in this fight as long as you can still attend to the things below:

Keep the tryde infected. You need to be hitting or immobilizing it near every round. You don't need to kill it immediately, but don't let it rack up power buffs. This needs to die, but I wouldn't prioritize it past keeping it tracked or damage gained through infection based damage. It doesn't pose a threat if it can't jump to you or the NPC.

Use the map or things such as trees to keep yourself out of sight. Especially linear, but while the silyrus is alive, step back from the tree at least 2 cells to avoid the AoE.  Considering your build, kill the silyrus first. It will take the least investment towards making the fight easier more quickly.

Of the octodoll and crabtun, both are a threat if outright ignored, but the crabtun is only a threat if linear. Take the octodoll out before the crabtun unless there's a convenience reason otherwise.

Oh, and the crabtun's reflect only occurs if you are unhealable, so if you avoid the octodoll effects, the crabtun gets nullified completely by lack of linear Line of Sight.

Play this fight at range, play to your strengths, take things out when the opportunity arises, and be prepared to drop any or all of the above advice if a better opportunity than this partially generalized strategy comes up due to the flow of combat.


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