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Cras - Why the relentless assault on this class in PvP

By ThoughtfulOne - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 02, 2018, 17:48:22

This week sees another step in reducing the Cra class to pure PvM. So before any of you start putting the boot in this is NOT about the class in PvM.

I have posted before regarding the ongoing onslaught of Ankama on Cra's in PvP so I will not go into much depth. But to summarise, "Target Necessary" and the need for beacons removed our main damage buff (spells only buff...another long time ago nerf) and the effective removal of gravity from the arsenal.

Removing the Crit capability of Fulminating along with the 25% reduction to tormenting is another kick in the teeth.

Cras need to damage at range due to the minimum range restrictions on the main damage spells, added to this you are drastically reducing the range damage and the ability to hit opponents at range and you have built the perfect storm.

Ankama tell us know what you intend to do with the class, so we can save the constant requirement to rethink our build and gear. We can at least decide whether to class change now or bin the game entirely for a game that is not constantly in flux. I for one am tired of the constant changes you put the player base through. It is making a mockery of us going through the hard, long slog that us players went through to learn the class in depth.

If you continue with the nerfing, then at least remove the minimum range restrictions, give back the ability to damage buff both spells AND weapons and make us a close combat class with the ability to life steal in Close Combat and move 15+ per turn ...oh that is just about every other Close Combat class...

At the moment I dread every update. Please do something to restore my faith in the game and where it is heading. Is this constant changing supposed to increase the player base? Or are the designers deliberately taking careful aim at their own foot and shooting. One thing you actively do in business is keep you current customers happy, gaining new customers costs a lot of time, money and effort so why do you consistently upset your current player base in the delusional pursuit of class balance in both PvM and PvP? Separate them, and soon.

Yours Aye!


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Cras got nerfed because they were over-performing. Even with these changes cras are still exceptionally strong, but a few of the more problematic spells were toned down.

And before you say this was a PvM nerf that hurt PvPers, this was a sheer numbers nerf due to the strength of the spells, none of the changes to cra this patch targeted PvM or PvP specifically.

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I think when a majority of the Echo server gaming population is Cra, we have a balance problem lol.

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class change to literally any other ranged class and you'll see how good you still have it

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I don't think that it's surprising that the class whose entire function is "hit things from far away" is simplistic in PvP, because Cras are simplistic in nature. The only reason they were good before is due to the sheer oppressiveness of incredible ranged damage + Bats Eye and now that one of those is being toned down you're feeling the challenge of playing a class that does Only One Thing against classes that can do many.

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This exactly.

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There's a reason why a majority of the games population is Cra. Because they are too overpowered, and I've played a Cra to understand this point. When you have a class that can solo a boss like Korri, and I've seen it been done, then there's something unbalanced going on there.
Why be any other class, when Cra has all the advantages of being a highly ranged, critical hitting and hard hitting machine? Not only that, but there's a reason why 9/10 times in 1v1 Kolo, i fight a Cra. Why? Because the maps favour the Cra from the get go and that has been abused by players.
When you think about it, the Cra has no real weaknesses that i could point out from a class stand point. They are easily the best beginner class to pick up and play for new players, but also one of the best end game classes. They are great for resource farming also due to their range and damage capabilities. 

If anyone can tell me any weaknesses that the Cra has that I've missed, i would love to know.

Overall, you either want fair  and diverse game play or not. When i see a majority of Cra on my server, that's not really a diverse community. I believe every class should have their strengths and weakness to balance out game play of all aspects.

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