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Echo celebrates its first birthday!

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - April 30, 2018, 15:00:00

Do you remember that first Echo day, back on May 2nd 2017? Echo was the pioneer of the server merger initiative and its players have led the way in community spirit ever since…

We have marvelled at how Echo has become a living, breathing, vibrant server, having come together to build a brand-new community of players from around the world.
We have bared witness to members of this community going above and beyond to improve the gaming experience of fellow adventurers, supporting each other’s ideas and strategies.
We have seen players spend their free-time setting up initiatives, events, and activities without expecting anything in return. For that, we can't thank you nor enough.
We are honoured to celebrate your first anniversary, Echo. Your support and commitment to the game is commendable and, to celebrate this event, we’ve prepared some special surprises for you for the next two weeks: competitions, events, and - last but not least - prizes!



Forum Haven Bag competition - April 30th to May 14th (10am CEST)


Twitter short story - May 2nd to May 6th (11.59pm CEST)

It is our server's birthday and of course there has to be cake - that's not a lie! We are looking for the best DOFUS-related story that features the words "CAKE", "RAT" and "SILENCE", but you are restricted to only one tweet! We will select one story from the @DOFUS_EN replies. The winning tweet will receive a Give Cake emote and a Witter Beanie hat! 
  1. One tweet per person
  2. Reply to the @DOFUS_EN tweet announcing this competition.
  3. Have an account on Echo
  4. Unleash your creativity
You have until Sunday, May 6th (11.59pm CEST) to submit your entry.

Facebook Haiku competition -  May 3rd to May 7th (11.59pm CEST)

Twitter quiz - May 10th to May 15th




Hide and Seek party on Echo

At various times on May 2nd. We are talking balloons, followers, maybe a few transformations ... :D  

The return of the Monster Mash

This post will be edited with dates and info as the event details get announced. Make sure to also keep an eye out on our Facebook page and Twitter account. ;)

We hope you enjoy the celebrations and don't forget to share with us your anniversary adventures! 

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Hype Echo! <3 

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When we eventually get merged with the spanish servers because the population drops too low, will we still be called Echo?

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smile so happy !! 
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Rip Rushu

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The race meme made me laugh out loud, Echo with the starting pistol, fired after she has started... brilliant ohmy)

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Wow had no idea it has almost been a year x.x oh well, keep it going ^^

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Following the ethnic cleansing of Zatoishwan, the native population was forced to share land with brutal Neanderthals from rival servers. Few survived the following genocide, perpetrated by the aforementioned brutes. What remains of our people now wander from place to place, never settling long for fear of reprisal. A broken people hoping for home. Save Zatoishwan, resist, and restore the homeland. - Bubble-Bath 2017

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"Zatobalboa training hard in the caves of Pandala to unite his followers"
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Congratulations and a Happy New Year to
Thank you for the celebratory events,

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Hi everyone!

Happy birthday Echo and to many more to come.

Thank you for taking part in the celebration. wub

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Happy Birthday and many thanks for my mini-Echo, so cute <3

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Happy B. Echo! (...Echo ...cho... o)

R.I.P. Nehra

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Happy bday, Echo ! wub

My gift for Echo's 1 year bday is a sponge cake with rum essence and plenty of raisins,  and some cocoa.
I wanted to write "Happy bday, Echo!", but I cut a bit too large the hole to put the cocoa cake mix that I've let for the finishing touch.

The sponge cake is made of 18 eggs, 18 soup spoons of white flour, 1/4 kg raisins, 3 - 4 small bottles of rum essence, and cocoa, of course. And it is low calories, since I have used stevia sweetener (a plant extract that comes in white powder) instead of what I'd usually put in it (1 soup spoon of sugar per egg).
Size of it? Well, you can see from the picture, that the tray is about 40 cm long. 
And yes! It is good! But it is my second try with stevia sweetener, the first time I used some for a sponge cake I put too lil, so the cake wasn't sweet enough, we ate most of it with marmelade.
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