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Breeding Mounts

By [lichen] - ANKAMA - June 04, 2018, 16:00:00
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If we fight against a Rhineetle but don’t capture it, does the monster reappear instantly?
Yes, if you start a fight against a Rhineetle but you do not have the necessary item to capture it or if you lose the fight, it will be possible to fight it again straight away.   

Is the 24h respawn time shared between all the Rhineetles of the world of the Twelve?
No, the respawn time depends on the colour of the available wild mount. There will be an orchid, an indigo, an ebony, and a crimson Rhineetle, each with their own 24h respawn cooldown time.

Can we ask the fortune teller if Rhineetles have respawned?
This is not something we plan on implementing. Firstly, to avoid multi-account players gaining an unfair advantage by leaving an alt near the NPC to monitor the mount respawn. And secondly, because we wish for the capture of Rhineetles to remains unexpected.

Will breeding items already in play benefit from a retroactive modification of their effects (efficiency and durability that are modified)?
Retroactive modifications on the breeding items will impact their efficient, but not their durability.
Ex. A Tengu Snowfoux patter with 150 efficiency and 1000/1000 durability in 2.46 will have 150 efficiency and 1000/1800 durability in 2.47.

 What about receipts? Are you planning to review the system?
The receipt system will not be reviewed for the 2.47 update.

Will the conditions to purchase a paddock be reviewed (currently it is necessary to be the leader of a guild)?
It will still be necessary to be a guild leader to purchase a private paddock in 2.47.

What about paddocks? Will they, too, be pooled at the account level?
Public paddocks will also be pooled at the account level, in the same way as private paddocks were before 2.47. 

What will happen to my mounts in paddocks once the update is deployed?
Mounts in public paddocks that are destined to disappear will automatically be transferred to your shed. Your other mounts will remain in paddocks. If you had several mounts in the same paddock but from different characters (of the same account), it will be necessary to connect your other characters to transfer your mounts to your shed. If you do not do that, your mounts will remain in the paddock and your main character won’t be able to have access to them.

What will be the minimum level for a solo character to capture a Rhinettle?
There is no minimum level for a Rhinettle capture. Whilst saying that, keep in ming that this is a 200 level monster so survivability is key for those wishing to capture it.

What are the different techniques for capturing wild Rhineetles?
We already revealed during the live stream the technique to capture the indigo Rhineetles. We want you to discover the other techniques by yourself.

Will there be craftable harnesses for Rhineetles?
There will be no craftable harnesses in-game for the 2.47 update but offers will be available in-store.

Will the Petsmount bonuses be reviewed?
The Kwyness is the only petsmount whose bonuses will be changed in 2.47.

New mount and Scaraleaves? Are they siblings, rivals, are the mounts the only enslaved ones and the Golden Scaraleaf hates us for enslaving them? Will we be instakilled by the Golden Scaraleaf when we run its dungeon while riding a Rhineetles?
Rhineetles and Scaraleaves are two very different species. The Nimbos will teach you more about these mysterious creatures.
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Hey Mania, I have two activities to propose for the game designers to experiment and maybe understand.
First, take whoever decided that 24 hours is a good respawn time, and make him walk all over Frigost, Otomai, Panda and the divine dimensions in a single sitting. He can't miss a single map. Tell him he might have to do this several times a day.
Second, take whoever made the net recipe, lock him in a room with a computer and don't let him leave until he treasure hunted 5000 roses of the sands. Then tell him that's a single net.
I"m assuming that they just don't understand because they haven't tried it.

11 -1
Score : 63

I was a long time player of dofus, and breeding was my favorite activity in the game. But with the change in recipe for breeding items forced me to quit. Since I was spending about 80% of my time on breeding and collection resourses for items, forcing me to fight bosses too was a deal breaker for me. Now reading newer changes to breeding is making my dofus soul cry. This is completly decimating the breeding profession.

Not every player wants to do and play everything, some people enjoy doing professions, some enjoy breeding, some enjoy pve and some enjoy pvp only. But with changes over the years to making people have to do everything to progress through the game.

You have lost me bit back, but I was looking to come back to the game. But now u've lost me completly. At least there might be increase in 1.29 community with progress of decimating.

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(translation of an exchange between a player and Briss that we thought you might be interested in)


In terms of fights, is it normal that not all classes can pull it off? If I take the example of the Indigo Rhineetle seen during the live stream (underwater, while it is a flying mount. It is normal that?) You must be able to push / place the drops every turn ... And not everyone is fortunate enough to have an effective push or placement spell every turn (and given the rarity of the mount, doing group fights seems like a source of unnecessary tension ... anyway it's feasible solo normally).It terms of reproduction ... Since a Rhineetle has only 2 reproductions, and we can’t breed with wilds, and that they are ultra-hard to get ... is it really necessary to push the envelope with genetic collisions?Anyway ... acquiring Rhineetles. It's funny had you said one every 6 hours, I would have found it abusive. 1 per day is outrageous:
  •  A 24h respawn cooldown, it removes any chance. Only the one who killed and captured it knows when it will respawn, so he has the monopoly of information. We need randomness.
  • Wouldn’t you be confusing difficulty and inaccessibility, by any chance? It is not a matter of being a veteran breeder, it is about acquiring twenty wilds (since one cannot mate them with the tamed mounts), with a daily respawn per server. It's just ridiculous. Where is the fun in all this? It's just showing a feature that is completely inaccessible to anyone trying to afford it (even worse than the rare drop). Because falling on a Rhineetle, besides being almost impossible, it's not enough. One needs to capture plenty in order to have enough couples, plenty to avoid collisions, plenty to breed beyond two generations.

You went too far. Sincerely, a Rhineetle per hour, with all your constraints (and let’s not forget the huge area), is in itself already restrictive enough that breeding will progress at the rate of a larva slowed down by a full wis enutrof.You are killing the feature in its infancy, and for what purpose? To make something elitist is good (sometimes). But to make something so haphazardly rare that even the motivated elite cannot even fathom to try, for lack of time, it is quite simply bad.Finally, I heard that recycling Rhineetless is necessary to craft objects. In view of what I just said, it is also abusive.Ah also, proposing a Rhineetle harness as a subscription gift is a joke, since ... still no one will have managed to mate a Rhineetle by the. Do not flood the markets with unusable cosmetics that will become a reminder of the existence of a feature that we cannot do even if we wanted to.


Take 4 wild Rhineetles:Once they are bred, each pair will produce 2 other Rhineetles (at max energy, each breeding gives 2 new mounts; each with 1 breeding possible since they are wild).
If we exclude genetic collisions, we can reproduce them again to get 4 new Rhineetles this time (with 2 reproductions each).
If we consider that it would take 20 days (it is less than that normally) to mate a pair of Rhineetles 2 times, in 1 year we can repeat this step 18 times.We thus have 4 Rhineetles to start with, which become 8 Rhineetles, which subsequently become 16 Rhineetles, then 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131072, 262144, 524288, and finally:1,048,576

I know that I put myself in optimal conditions (no genetic collision, the Rhineetles being all systematically reused), but I did not take into account the fact that every day, 4 new wild Rhineetles appear in this calculation, while overestimating the time needed to reproduce a Rhineetle.So yes, it may seem very little to have only 4 per day, but we must not forget that their numbers grow exponentially over the course of breeding, and for this reason, genetic collisions are important to us: they limit the exponential characteristic of mount breeding for breeders who operate in closed circuit.

An important point that needs to be brought up and differs from Dragoturkeys and Seemyool: all the colors of Rhineetles have the same "weight". It means that when you cross 2 Rhineetles, you have the same chance to get the color of the Father Rhineetle, or to get the color of the Mother Rhineetle, or to get a cross between the two. Which means to move forward into the next generations is much simpler than for the Dragodindes and Muldos (requires less attempts).Example: I have a Pure Orchid Rhineetle and a Pure Ebony Rhineetle.If I breed them together, I have:
  • 1 chance out of 3 to get an Orchid Rhineetle
  • 1 chance out of 3 to get an Ebony Rhineetle
  • 1 chance out of 3 to get an Ebony and Orchid Rhineetle

For Dragoturkeys and Seemyool, it is 1 chance out of 10 to get the crossed offspring.This peculiarity should reduce the number of "useless" Rhineetles and make the process of strengthening the generations much less random.To conclude this post, it is not a question of making it more difficult for the sake of it, it is a matter of finding an optimum situation that allows breeders to produce value through their breeding while ensuring that there are enough mounts available on the game servers.We are aware that this will make the Rhineetles less accessible initially but knowing that there are already 2 other types of mounts that already have each their own particularities in terms of breeding and yet still quite accessible; it seems important for us to propose something different that does not bring up the same worries as the other types of mounts (or at worst, less quickly).
Score : 1858

I'm still saying they should try the player experience of trying to search the world and treasure hunt, to see if it agrees with their math. Because it's easy to see numbers, but those are players' time.
Edit: They should even stream it, see how hyped the viewers are.

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Regarding the migration of Dragoturkeys; will it still be possible to migrate them to another server since the sheds will become linked to the account? 

In the case of migration/server transfer, the shed will not be transferred with the character. It will therefore no longer be possible to technically migrate your Dragoturkeys to another server. Please be aware that this applies to all mounts and not only the Dragoturkeys.

Is there a risk that my mounts still in the paddocks of my other characters become invalid if I have not connected those characters for a while?

Only certificates have an expiration date, Dragoturkeys in sheds or paddocks can stay there as long as you want. The best is still to connect to your other characters to get them out of the paddocks after the deployment of the new game update.

About the Rhineetle mount, how does the respawn work? Is it strictly 24h?

To be clearer, when we talk about a respawn time of 24 hours, it is actually between 12h and 36h after the monster has been defeated, so on average 24 hours of respawn.

In what areas exactly can the wild Ebony Rhineetle be captured?

The wild Ebony Rhineetle can be captured in all the dimensions: Srambad as indicated by the bestiary, but also Enurado, Xelorium and Ecaflipus.
Score : 25656


calibula-95|2018-06-08 16:38:47
You know how much luck you need to find a single mount in frigost or divine dimmensions (with the portal sear for every single one changing everytime)?
Your math looks good and all but you're just ignoring the important thing: time.
Us players don't want to waste SO much time just because devs thought it would be good to restrict mounts respawn 1 each 24 hours, that lame game design and artificially extend game content.

This is an answer to all those complaining how hard it is to earn kamas in the game.
Now, anyone who will exert effort in this monumental endeavor will be guaranteed rewards of a very valuable commodity that can be sold for decent kamas. Not for lazy players demanding high reward with minimal effort. If they want kamas, they have to work really hard for it.

To those who always ask for ways to earn decent kamas, be careful what you ask for.
To those posting how to earn kamas (myself included, lesson learned too late).... Don't.... Just don't.... Don't give Ankama any ideas on what to nerf next. sleep
Exercise your right to remain silent because anything you say can be and will be use against you. 

Seriously speaking. This could have a positive effect on hardcore player who would exert effort on breeding. I still see it as a good update (nerf) for the overall greater good. Ankama is simply nuking thousands to save millions (something I don't generally agree, but hey, it's their game). 
1 -6
Score : -7278

9) What will happen with Armored and Feather Dts? Will their bonus be changed too? If yes, what will that be?

10) Could we get a list of bonuses offered by all dts before the changes to their bonus is being put in place on the live game? So we can express our opinions/ suggestions on those bonuses? I doubt that anyone has that amount of time and dedication to level to 100 all kinds of dts to see their new bonuses in Beta ... And without such critical information, it is hard to voice an opinion on these changes ...

11) No MP anymore for Dts? Is that definitive? Cuz probably a very great % of dts used presently give 1 MP + something else at the same time (something else = range, vit, int, str, something like that). Taking the MP off the table of available bonuses for Dts will be a huge blow to breeders and to Dts themselves. I doubt that there'll be anyone using one Dt after the update ... except, maybe, as a cheap mount for a newbie who can't afford yet something else.

12) Did anyone took into account the blow to the scrolls market with this update? Since they'll be just 5 breedings possible as max, and no more public padocks with preset "free" breeding items, and also the number of public padocks will be drastically reduced, anyone can guess easily, without even needing a magic crystal ball, that the prices for scrolls will present very soon a dramatic escalation to much higher prices. That, combined with the fact that the Dts will have their bonuses changed (into something we quite don't know yet, but will definitely not offer the extra MP still represents a good alternative to an Seemy), will make that even fewer breeders will bother to breed Dts, which will increase the scrolls price even more, making them from relatively affordable items into de luxe items.

13) There is no chance that Ankama changes its mind about the Camo trait, and let it as it is now? I mean, something that was in Shop and people paid for it, now it becomes soemthing very rare and random, and breeders who have worked hard to preserve this trait will see that their mounts won't pass this trait to future generations anymore but with an extremely slim chance.

14) There should be found a solution for the GPS potions used already, if Ankama plans to make such dramatic and drastic changes to the whole breeding system. Dts will become almost obsolete, and many many players have used GPS potions on their Dts, and these potions don't come cheap, but don't come cheap at all in Shop, there must be some compensation or some possibility to dissociate the GPS from the Dts. And not only for Dts, for the Seeemys too, maybe some players put a GPS potion on their Seemys considering the resists offered currently by them, but if said resists will be reduced, then maybe it is not that interesting for them anymore to use that Seemy.

2 -4
Score : 3567

DofusPlanner has all the updated Dragoturkey stats for you to check out.

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Score : 1392

RIP my ingame income. For real. The scroll prices are rediculously low already. If you reduce the amount of mounts we can produce we will barely make any money. The only reason I am still playing this game after nearly 12 YEARS is due to the fact I was Always able to make a stable income with breeding to sub my 8 accounts. After this nerf, I wont be able to afford it anymore so I guess after all these years its finally time for me to quit Dofus for good.

I will see how these changes are going to work out. Hopefully the market price of scrolls will go up enough to compensate for the loss in production. Otherwise there is no reason for me to keep playing.
( there are not many ways to make money ingame anymore after they nerfed the way you gained resources through achievements by making it account based. Game will be Pay to Play soon like back in the days before the ogrine market. )

2 -4
Score : 428

Really a shame that you can't play your 8 accounts for free anymore...

The game was never anything else than pay to play.

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Score : 1707

With the shed pooling,

a. Is that 250 the max across the whole account or will it be 250 x the original number of free chara slots on an account (eg: 250x5)? If it isnt then each account is losing the ability to hold an extra 1000 mounts per (unexpanded chara) account.

b. What happens to all the 251+ mounts an account has, do they disappear?

c. If Breeding items are to include less common resourses to craft, will the xp earned for Handyman be increased if the recipe's have become more difficult?

d. What will happen to previously crafted Breeding items, will they stay and just get used up as they were originally intended (durability etc)?

e. If Ankama is trying to reduce the mass production of DT's specifically and try to balance the market, are they ready for the huge influx of possible cheap sales due to all the stupid plans theyre implementing and people just have a ton of 'homeless' DT's?

(personally I feel like its a ploy to force people into paying for multiple accounts just so they can keep their DT's)

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Score : 498
Q- (personally I feel like its a ploy to force people into paying for multiple accounts just so they can keep their DT's)

This is exactly what it is!

As these changes worsen the in game economy and do not improve it. It is anti-fun at its worst and a monetary grab at the breeding players choice of play.

In other words, A money grab, while flipping the players the bird, as all the imput from the player communities is once again ignored on the subject.

It is like Ankama is targeting all styles of play in their game and then punishing people and removing the fun from those systems....

I don't know about you lot, but I play games for fun. I bet you can guess what I do when I don't find a game fun. Yup, you guessed it, I just don't play that game.

Ankama some advice: Fun = Monetary reward

This is how games make money and keep loyal customers.  Something Ankama knows little to nothing about. A common trait within pay to win companies.
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Score : 1392


ultimo-power|2018-06-11 16:09:28
Really dude? With 8 acc you dont have income to pay for sub? I have 6 accs only and not all 200 lvl and I can afford that easy...

Uh yes, I have been playing for nearly 12 years. Ive dont most of the endgame dungeons. And since they made those rewards account based, I cant make money with achievement resources anymore.
I could heavily invest in grinding for mats but whats the point of that? I would be playing to pay for p2p. No thanks.

0 -1
Score : 2187

Will there be any changes to the seemyool swap for pearls - e.g., more things to swap for? The pearls have nearly completely lost their value, now that the exploration equips are commonplace.

Also, is it possible that the location of the swap can be moved?  It's really inconvenient to dispose of seemyools currently.



0 0
|2018-05-10 15:06:43"]
(May 8th, 11 p.m. - Lichen)

It would be great to find a way to destroy Seemyools. The pearls of the depth are really useless.

It is a rather complex problem, the same as that of all resources and alternative currencies (kolossokens, etc). that are not being destroyed enough at the moment.There is no miracle solution available for this, and it is also for this reason that it is important to regulate the generation of mounts in a significant and effective manner.

While it has been brought up numerous times, the seemyools -> pearls exchange will remain as it is for the 2.47 update. 

With regards to your second question, there are no current plans to change Sasha Byssal's location. 

Hi everyone,

Just adding an important point that was implemented for the Beta server today:

A second wild Rhineetle for each wild color will now appear every 12-36 hours.

Score : 128

Wait, so there will be 2 wild Rhineetles but the respawn will be "individual" (if one is captured, the timer will start immediatly if there's another one still alive in the maps) or will we have to wait for one to spawn for the other to start it's timer and then spawn?

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Calibula-95, their respawn times are not linked nor do they depend on each other. 
In fact, a little bird told me that once their cooldown is up, the rhineetle automatically pops  onto the map. If no space is available, it replaces an already existing mob. 

Score : 730

Thanks Manaia, despite all the negativity I really appreciate you posting translations and asking questions for us! 

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Score : 1126

This is total BS, I've been playing since before they introduced Dragoturkeys as mounts so I have a lot of mounts. Though I haven't played much in a few years I do log on daily to feed pets and train Dragoturkeys which I breed 1-2x a year. So now you merge all my stables but won't increase the capacity of said stables? I log on and have 494 mounts in a 250 mount stable. I go to public paddock to see if those were moved over and now have 2 pregnant DTs (I didn't want pregnant). This makes me want to sell off my DTs to have just enough to put them in the stable and paddocks and that's it...Unless they increase the capacity of the stables I'm done breeding.

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Score : 351

It is the worst update in 9 years. 

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Score : 1

Is there any way to change dragoturkeys using ensembles? I can change petsmount and pets, but can not change build with other dragoturkeys.

0 0
Score : 12702

Nope. We've asked for better ways to handle this for a while, and especially again when ensembles were added without any developer response.

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Score : 120

I not unhappy with the changes, though I don't breed in large volume. The revised handyman recipes give me decent equipment from a lv78 handy on my new accounts and my lv100 gatherers can drop nearly all the mats. Fewer breeders will eventually mean higher scroll prices for what I don't use. All in all, no reason to quit the game or breeding.

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Score : 3100

Extremely disappointed! sad Apart from what others have already pointed out, it looks like you're making breeding impossible for pacifists. How are we supposed to use our own breeding items if they all require boss ingredients that can only be gained through fighting? I was hoping that at least the lowest level recipes would only require harvestable ingredients, that would have made these changes somewhat acceptable. There are already plenty of activities that should be available for pacifists but aren't, such as treasure hunting (unless that has by any chance been changed?). It's a shame you're taking away one more option for players who are not that into fighting. That is NOT how to offer more varied activities! *gestures angrily*

5 0
Score : 5

Nice update reading it back now. But the pebble market is a headache for me, I want to make my own soul stones, hunt for souls and get my ochre dofus. Would like it if the only thing in the game I don't do, pvp isn't the only method to obtaining pebbles for said soul stones. I don't enjoy kolo especially at a Lower level and I would have gladly quested at a lower level for my ochre to level 200 so I could be close to completing it now, but I can't. Because I don't enjoy kolo. I love pvm one I love questing. I love treasure hunting, stories but pvp is not for me. Now I cannot get the funds for my soul stones, overpriced as they are, it will cost me probably only half of the money it would to buy it as to get all the soul stones myself with buying pebbles.

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