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how to get a mount

By Poseidonm - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 29, 2018, 12:07:49

i'm well aware that you need to be at least level 60 to get a mount but that's about the only thing I know as to how to acquire a mount.  is someone willing to explain the whole procedure to me?

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...or you buy one in the store.
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So you can do a few things.

1. You can buy one from the market. If you want to equip it immediately,  make sure the maturity is max. If it's not at max, then you will have to do some additional steps, but that is now a bit of a process after this update, so I don't suggest it if you're just starting out, unless you're really adamant about it. proceed to #3

2. You can capture your own mounts, breed them, then get the maturity up on the the baby. I also don't suggest this if you are new, unless you're really adamant to do it. then, proceed to #3.

3. If the mount has max maturity, then (in Bonta) go one left of the creature (pets) market and click on the shed. you will then transfer the pet paper to your shed, then transfer it to the top right option which is your character. (you may be able to transfer it straight to your character, not sure). from there, get out of the shed, make sure your mount has energy (if it does not, just feed it fish), then open your mount UI (hotkey d will open it [this is also where you can feed your mount]) and press the button that looks like an arrow going onto the mount. you will then mount. 

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Don't forget to set a percent xp contribution or your mount will gain levels very slowly. You might even set it to 90 to get through low levels fast. As the mount nears your character level it will crank more xp as well.

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go creature market, buy certificate (when a mount reaches max maturity it changes to ridable - yes, level 1 with no stats is still just as good). Go to public paddock, click on the gate, equip certificate, feed fish if energy is 0, shift+d to mount.

You now have a lvl 1 mount with no stats. You can set xp to 90% until its within 20 of you or at least lvl 15 like oldmate said, which is probably a good idea,

or just set it to 0% and let it use its own xp, it will still reach full power at some point (around your lvl 125).

If you are new, I recommend a turquoise mount, or turq crossed with your element, it will help you make more kamas.

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