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i wonder

By Poseidonm - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 10, 2018, 19:40:53

what are the most dangerous dungeons and the most difficult fights (against monsters)?

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I can barely pass dimensions dungeons, but people keep soloing them, so I guess I am the n00bie smile
I think "dangerous" and "difficult" are subjective topics, but I would say Cat's Eye for a dungeon, and some of the dofus quest line fights (i.e. cloudy defuses Temporal Rifts and some solo missions)

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There's no real danger...  go with a few hundred consumables for energy and heals and the consequences for losing are pretty much nullified.

As for the most difficult ones...  out of the dimensions I'd say talkasha, count hareburg, and protozorror are the most difficult ones for their own reasons. in dimensions queen of thieves fight is hardest because you can kill your whole team with one mistake or if the wrong mob reaches you and vortex is hard because of the complex mechanics. nidas is a joke and all you need to do for cat's eye is bring a tank or a good enu to keep him in the corner.

Specifically talking about fights as achievements some things change. I just completed barbaric in protozorror and i can tell you without a doubt in my mind that it's one of the hardest fights i've done. There is no room for mistakes, if you make one you may not reach the damage needed and all the team dies. if you are distracted for a moment and forget to use your weapon you have to repeat it.  fantastic 5 achievement also comes to mind. Even after the nerf of dungeon difficulty the Syl+count fight is still one of the hardest thing you could do in the game. This is also the case with some hardcore duos, specially count duo. When it comes to dimensions achievements i have not tried vortex impertinence but it's supposed to be the hardest achievement in the game. The trio in this dungeon was kinda hard but didn't take as many tries as some queen achievements. cat's eye trio can be challenging.

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