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is it worth choosing an alignment the moment you create your character?

By Poseidonm - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 15, 2018, 07:38:50

I've heard that you can choose either the bontarian alignment or the brakhman (or whatever its called alignment) but I don't know when it is worth to choose.

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It doesn't 'really' matter when you choose an alignment because its main purpose is the (long) quest line, its ornaments and titles. The only reason why I'd suggest waiting a bit is because many of the quests require other's help, perhaps it's best to choose the alignment that's most popular between your guildies so it's easier to find people to do the quests with when you do need help.

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I would recommend perhaps not starting them until you've completed both incarnam and astrub but go for it when you feel like you want to explore the quest lines. They do get difficult as you get higher up and a few of them will require help from other players but there's no reason you can't work on them at your own pace.

The story lines themselves are pretty interesting though so if you're some one that enjoys learning more about the lore aspect definitely go for it, you get to interact with some pretty cool characters from dofus lore and help you in exploring different parts of the dofus world.

You do get alitons as a reward for every 10 quests completed in addition to the titles and ornaments and achievement points.

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