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Back after 7 years, now with my son. I have a question

By clarkymark - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 18, 2018, 20:04:25

sooo... as the title says. I'm baaaaaack and I have brought my 8 year old son along to play too now he's old enough.

Anyway that's not the point on the topic.

I have noticed A LOT has chanced in 7 years... but the main question I have is to do with the spells...

Whats changed? Do we not have to level them up anymore? Ive obviously noticed there is a lot more now which you get after 100. Are they all a set damage now and only increase with your characteristics?

Oh also... Echo is the new rushu right? I also heard there is a one account only server now, how popular is that? Is is worth going on that for myself (my son and I will go on rushu... or echo)

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First of, the lvl 100- spells.
These are the basic spells. You get them from level 1 to 100 and they level up by themselves as your character levels up. There are 3 levels on every spell and by level 100 you will have them all maxed. There are no longer Spells Points to invest.
Their damage increases with their levels and by your character's characteristics, just like it used to be. 

Now the level 100+ Spells.
These you get from lvl 100 to 200 and are called Spell Variants.

Once you have a Variant you can choose between the classic spell and it's variant. They are located side by side on the spell interface and you can choose which one you want by clicking on them when you are outside a combat. You cannot use both at the same time, of course, but you can always change them before starting a fight.

About the servers, there was a huge server merge last year and many servers got merged according to their speaking language. Rushu and alot of others International servers were merged into this one called Echo. It has the same rules as before, and you can still have multiple accounts on it.

Now the Mono account servers. These servers are rather new. They have the same rules as the other servers but you can only have one account it per IP adress. Even tho it is possible to cheat that, you can assume that every character on this server is actually a player. It's popularity has spiked and now it is starting to decrease, I think it's because once people are done with the late game content they feel an urge to create another account to keep the progress feeling. But it still very popular.


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Spells level up with you as you level. You can see when by unticking the box in your spell tab. The level 100 spells never level up but you can increase the damage with characteristic points, % pow or elemental damage (Air Dam, etc.)

Echo is the combined server of Rushu, Rosal, Solar, Shika, Zatoishwan, Ereziah (Italian), Aermyne (International), Dark Vlad (Dutch), Nehra (German) and Nomarrow (Russian).

Ilyzaelle is a single account server which limits you per IP address and requires a unique phone number to play. You could play it with your son if he has a mobile phone number as well.

Temporis is currently a single account server which is set to close soon, it was launched with a 6 month lifespan. Ankama want to test different gamemodes on Temporis so the server will restart in the future with some quirks. Characters can be transferred off Temporis when it closes and moved to either Ilyzaelle or Echo.


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cheers all. sounds fun. My lad likes it so far. admitting still in incarman but I seem to be getting him into it.

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