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Where should I be lvling at from 70-100 on my Int Iop

By Montyplays - SUBSCRIBER - September 12, 2018, 03:43:19

I just got back into this game not even a week ago and so much has changed. It's been roughly 4 years since I last payed Dofus and getting back into it I feel a loss of knowledge on how to play. Way back when I use to "leech" to get to my high levels but since its been so long since I last played and everything is new to me I figured I would start fresh and go down the path less traveled by not leeching. 

I'm currently at lvl 73 on my Int Iop but my problem is I can't find a spot to farm/grind levels at, also I'm playing solo because it seems that everyone now a days is 150+ and have alt accounts so I cannot find anyone to grind with to make the time go by quicker.

Anyways any and all info will be helpful and thank you for responding. biggrin

ps. It feels as if I hit a lvling wall, every mob I find is either to high of a level and yields the xp that I do need or to low of a lvl and not enough xp. The mobs that I am finding are around 20-30 thousand xp per and I need a couple million per lvl.

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  • Int is pretty good for treechs. Amakna forest for now. Boars in those mobs are fairly good targets too since the snouts sell very well. Look for two star and better mobs. Use the snout proceeds to scroll more wis.
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Alright Thank you!

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You should invest into getting some solo idols (idols that don't require a team of 4) that work for you.

Since you're a Iop, maybe you wouldn't mind the mobs having more MP from the Dynamo idols, for example.

You could also do Treasure Hunts, which can be good solo exp/kamas once you learn how they work and can do them quickly. The "Rose of Sands" you earn from them is always in demand.

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