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Miss and Mister World of Twelve 649

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - November 01, 2018, 16:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

We just hope you've already made an appointment at Snippy Attitudez, that your absolute best set is in safe hands with your dressmaker and that at this very moment you're working on your poses in front of your mirror. That's right! The Miss and Mister World of Twelve Pageant is back!

And this year, beauty in every shade, shape and form is going to be celebrated at the Miss and Mister World of Twelve Pageant! So it's now or never for showing off the very best of yourself and proving to all other Twelvians that it's YOU who's the hot guy or the super girl of the moment!

The pageant will take place in three rounds. We'll start with our first challenge, which will allow us to select a male and a female of each class from each server. In the second round, we'll work out who's the most handsome male and the most beautiful female of each class out of all the servers. And finally, during the ultimate challenge, we'll find out who the two winners of the whole competition are out of all the classes.


In the first challenge, "Love the Skin You're In", you have to design the skin that you think best suits a given title. We know! They're going to be lining up for this first challenge! This is why we've had to split the servers into six groups. Each group will be given a specific title as well as different challenge starting dates.

Quite obviously, the pageant is open to everyone (including all classes and servers). Each person may only enter once. It couldn't be simpler to give it a go: All you need to do is send us a screenshot of your character in the game (shift+f2), looking their best, of course! Caution! Don't go touching it up or cutting it to size or anything.

The jury, made up of Ankama team members, will evaluate them using the following criteria:

  • Compliance with instructions (format and absence of image editing, etc.)
  • Compliance with theme
  • Chosen scenery
  • The originality of the outfit (Coulives being the easiest to mix and match).
  • And overall harmony

As with last year's event, in the final challenge, you'll be asked to vote… and your decision will make up half of the final points!

Let's move on now to the reason we're all actually here: the rewards!

  • First challenge: a Makeover Pack: a Face/Color Change Potion (576 prizes).
  • Second challenge: your choice of Haven Bag (36 prizes) + 1 exclusive "Incarnated Class 649" title.
  • Third challenge: a Kwismas Pack + 1 exclusive "Miss or Mister World of Twelve 649" title (2 prizes) + 1 brand-new item of ceremonial headgear.

The instructions for the first group will be sent to you starting from tomorrow. So stay on guard and keep an eye out for any upcoming news! Challenge 1 will end on November 21 for the final servers.


Good luck, everyone!

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Think I still have the sex change potion from last year, lets go.

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Sounds like fun!

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Am I maybe missing something? I can't find the instructions

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"As with last year's event, in the final challenge, you'll be asked to vote… and your decision will make up half of the final points!"

HAHAHA Okay sarcastic "Good Luck" to Echo.

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Yep, sad.

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How do I submit my entry ? i dont know where to send it

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u had link 2 comments
up, but first round is already over

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