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Year 648: We're Almost There!

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - November 16, 2018, 14:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

About a year ago, we asked you to complete a survey so we could find out more about what you wanted to see in DOFUS. One revolution around the sun later, it's time to take stock!

Leading into this assessment, along with this year's new features, we added new content we really wanted to see, and with which we also wanted to surprise you: the Stubbyobs, integrating unlimited orbs into the game, in tandem with new equipment sets. Besides, for the end of this year as well, on the eve of the 15th birthday of DOFUS, we felt like delighting you: a quest for the Ebony Dofus, another one for those of you who collected the six Primordial Dofus, and the Infinite Dreams. Upon seeing the comments on the subject, it looks like we succeeded.

But let's not anticipate this future success. Now, let's talk about 2018's content. As a reminder, we asked you to select five proposals – from among the 17 provided by the community – that you thought were essential. Below, you'll find the 10 most-frequent requests, next to the updates that responded to each of them.

Top 10

  • 1 – Reintroducing rare loot drops: 2.48
  • 2 – Modernizing certain older areas of the game (Pandala, Astrub, Bonta, Brakmar, etc.): 2.46*
  • 3 – Integrating the Ebony Dofus: 2.49
  • 4 – Vulbis Dofus: Complete our survey!
  • 5 – Structuring the Kolossium (leagues, seasons, etc.): 2.48
  • 6 – New event-based (Kwismas Island–style) content: 2.48, 2.49
  • 7 – Improving professions: 2.46
  • 8 – Bringing back a group-search system: upcoming ;)
  • 9 – Improving Marketplaces: 2.46
  • 10 – Balancing pets and mounts: 2.47, 2.48

*Astrub for now; other improvements are planned for 2019.

Why is there such hesitation around the Vulbis?

It's a very divisive subject within the community, with those who are for or against each solution: leaving it as a rare drop or integrating it into a quest. Taking things into consideration is complex, and we also wanted the quietest players to express themselves without feeling exposed.

That's why we're launching this survey to decide the matter once and for all.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the game!

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Score : -7

Maybe have a special dev team for Dofus 1.29? smile

2 -2
Score : 148

What for? Any major improvements is just a copy of 2.x, in which case just play the 2.x version

1 -1
Score : 190

I was out of the game for a few years, came back only a couple of weeks ago.
Can anyone tell me how they re-introduced rare loot drops? (And why the heck is it the #1 thing people voted for lol)

0 0
Score : 470

Maybe they are talking about the "Minowang" that can be droppen by any boss with a very small chance.

0 0
Score : 59

We need wakfu's sidekick system.

4 0
Score : 3170
  • 8 – Bringing back a group-search system: upcoming wink

Jesus... Finally! 
1 0
Score : 161

Please don't touch brakmar city. Thanks.
(Astrub update made the game very laggy for Astub maps. This even effected other areas. As an example Gobball Corner Zaap very laggy. Hire a sofware engineer please.)

1 -3
Score : 148

Please DO touch brakmar, better yet, just wipe it and give it the Astrub treatment. Current brak is an eyesore, while Astrub is amazing, really good job devs/artists! Most of us are excited for bonta/brak updates

4 0
Score : -218


DavionDragonKnight|2018-11-16 17:48:45
Hire a sofware engineer please.

The software engineer who made the laggy areas are the same engineer who also made the areas that are not laggy, so it is safe to say that it has nothing to do with the software engineer. Hiring a software engineer will not change anything because that is not the problem.

Astrub just happens to be the most frequented areas in the game and the lag started to get worse when more traffic in that area was exacerbated by the server merge. You merge population on a game that can only handle a few hundred character in an area/map, then you are bound to increase congestion which can lead to traffic lag.

Ankama should just ditch this "Play together under one server" ideals and create a minor, low population server to decongest the merge server or program an "Instanced" system wherein character will be sent on different instances to avoid map/area congestion (similar to old incarnam instanced system).

"Taking things into consideration is complex, and we also wanted the quietest players to express themselves without feeling exposed."

How do we know that there are actually a silent group of players who just don't want to expose themselves? Seriously, how can we be sure that Ankama will not just create the illusion that they are listening to their player by creating sockpuppet survey that players will not be able to quantify? Are we just to take your word for it? Where is the transparency? 

Vocal Player A: Make Vulvis be quest acquired.
Vocal Player B: Make Vulvis be quest acquired.
Vocal Player C: Make Vulvis be quest acquired.
​​​​​​​Vocal Player D: Make Vulvis be quest acquired.
​​​​​​​Vocal Player E: Make Vulvis be quest acquired.
​​​​​​​Vocal Player F: Make Vulvis be quest acquired.
​​​​​​​Vocal Player G: Make Vulvis be quest acquired.
​​​​​​​1 million Imaginary Silent Player: Make Vulvis remain rare monster drop.
Ankama: We listen to our playerbase and will keep vulbis as rare monster drop.
2 -7
Score : 470

I don't think the survey is just a facade.

But I'm afraid that there might be some people like 
"I already got every class on Omega 400 and all Achievements. So i have nothing else to do than do than 400 croca-runs per week." But with Infinite Dreams, there should be something more interesting coming to run trough.
Or people like 
"I remember the good old times when you used to group up for Gelano-Drops. I want rare drops"
But Gelano was 100 times easier to drop. Even Turq was easier to drop.

Right now, it is like Vulbis doesn't exist in the game. Or do you know anyone who is like "I will build a Set with a Vulbis in it, even if I don't have one. I'll just go and drop it."
It's like once every 2 years that someone is lucky enough to drop one.
And I don't know anyone who likes to buy one, because its not really worth its price. 
At the end of the day, it is only 1 MP and if you want the 10% more damage, there are other options.
The only reason why it is so expensive, is its rarity.

Just imagine how much more possibilities you would have building Sets with a Vulbis available to you.
Or the other way around. Think about, how hard it would be to create a Set, when you can't get your hands on an Ochre-Dofus.

2 0
Score : -2687
1) How do I find Astrub now? Uh-oh-ah-uh-uh-uh !!!

a) Astrub is laggy now.

b) Astrub (or latest major updates, who can tell anymore which/ when ... ????!!! ) makes Gobball Corner super ultra hyper L-A-G-G-Y !!!

Please, for the sake of whatever is sacred to you, please, do fix these 2 laggy areas.
Why them though?
Many players have as saved zap the Astrub zap.
Gobball Corner is closest zap to a lumberjack workshop; either make that area less laggy, or introduce lj ws in cities too, pretty please; or, of course, you're more than welcome to do both.

c) Astrub looks very much alike, lie an almost identical twin, with preview images of Dofus Cube.
This time, I am begging you, please do keep Dofus 2.xx and Dofus Cube as separate entities. Do not try to lure The player base for Dofus 2.xx to switch "easier" to Dofus Cube by introducing much alike graphic style of Cube into 2.xx.
If you want to "revamp" areas that are dear to so many of us, then I am begging you to do it in the Dofus 2.xx style, not Cube, not Krosmaster, not anything else Ankama-made.
Please, let Dofus 2.xx remain Dofus 2.xx.

2) Vulbis : quest vs drop ?!

For me, it has been quite enjoyable to gather around 100 Croco souls and do them (no Vulbis yet, hehehe), especially when soul eater pets still existed.
And I am ready to do it once again.
For me, it has been more fun than questing.
I take it as a personal quest, as a personal challenge that I have raised for myself.
So, please, do keep Vulbis as a super rare drop. Many of us like the adrenaline before the fight results screen; and, of course, the adrenaline during last room of Crocabulia, or during a soul.

3) Pets revamp

I am still morning the disappearance of the soul eating raising method to feed pets.
Feeding on souls made players fight mobs and run dungeons (to level pet, but also to try to drop hormones) that they would normally do. I foresee many areas and dungeons that will only be visited once or twice by a large number of players, and only for achievements, random quests, or random treasure hunts, and eventually by random koth.
I hope the soul eating method will come back:
- either for at least some of the pets;
- or as an alternative to stuffing pets with croquettes and/ or resources.

PS ) Noel Pack?

Since the end of the year is coming closer and closer, any idea when the Noel Pack will be released? and a price estimation too, pretty please?
And any idea if we could have a pack only with items Dofus 2.xx - related? I only play Dofus 2.xx and Dofus Pets. This makes most of the content of the pack of lil or no use at all.
It can't be that hard to make Noel Packs for the main Ankama games, those that have the bigger player base.

1 -4
Score : 4598

Make Vulbis a quest, kthanks

1 0
Score : 656

Do something about rhineetles, the price is dropping super fast, and the stats are not even that great.

0 -3
Score : 537

I could agree to a quest line but only if it was possible to complete it with only one or two characters. Some quests I started have turned out to be a real pain or close to impossible solo.

0 0
Score : -218

How many vulbis has been dropped with only one or two characters?

0 0
Score : 3170


Gunnerwolfang|2018-11-18 15:50:15
How many vulbis has been dropped with only one or two characters?

That makes no sense, not many people solo dropped "emerald, crimson or turq" but still soloed/duoed the quest line, why should vulbis be any different? + the reason it's becoming a quest (if it does) is so it becomes a little less rare
0 0
Score : -218

My point exactly. So why are you quoting me and not the one who does not want the questline unless it is solo/duo friendly?

0 0
Score : -7


fodjroofus|2018-11-16 19:15:42
What for? Any major improvements is just a copy of 2.x, in which case just play the 2.x version

Well for me and lots of other old school members (Am talking like way back, 8+ years ago) the quality and such is way different than the '2.x' version. 

Just telling it's an option that I/lots of others would appreciate.
I think the amount of people that will play the game again will rise enormous (Thus resulting in Dofus getting more money), imagine having a dev team specifically for 1.29 with the occasional updates etc. 1 Possible way of suggesting updates is having the dev team come up with them and asking the community via  a poll if they should imply it or not. 
0 0
Score : -218

8 years ago, mobile games are not that mainstream so there are more Dofus players which makes the 1.29 seems better than 2.x. That is no longer true today. Even if the game revert to 1.29, that number of players who will not come back.

0 0
Score : 745

I would be so disappointed to see Vulbis become a quest item. It already sucks we lost the three primordial drops. Please leave this last rare item. I still dream of creating a bunch of super high prop. sets. I love making vulbis runs. It would be no fun to just do a quest for it.

0 -2
Score : -218

The fun in grinding for vulbis is rooted in the mentality of striking rich, which could be associated with gambling or greed behavior, neither of which has a positive effect on one's psyche. If you play cards for fun, you don't care if you win or lose, but if you play cards to in the hope of getting rich, then that is not for fun nor is it good in the long run due to its mental repercussion. 

0 0
Score : 175

Vulbis quest thanks

0 0
Score : 1

We just want the game more fluent, migrate to Unity or whatever. 
A GTX1080 can't run it because of bad optimization 

0 0
Score : 745


Gunnerwolfang|2018-11-19 02:55:54
The fun in grinding for vulbis is rooted in the mentality of striking rich, which could be associated with gambling or greed behavior, neither of which has a positive effect on one's psyche. If you play cards for fun, you don't care if you win or lose, but if you play cards to in the hope of getting rich, then that is not for fun nor is it good in the long run due to its mental repercussion. 

I dont know what this mumbo jumbo. Boy, you are saying we cant have rare drops because it is a form of gambling and will effect your psyche. If you get this invested you have some other problems. I'm just saying I like the idea of rare items and hunting for them. Lots of games do it. They better all quit I guess. We all gonna go crazy. 
0 0
Score : 3170

I kinda agree with you, but vulbis out of all things shouldn't be that rare, specially since the other dofuses aren't.. Maybe more rare drops? pets? those kind of things smile 

0 0
Score : 1899

1. I am all for rare drops, as they are what makes running the same dungeon multiple times worth the effort.
2. Make Pandala Village, Sofokia, Frigost Village, Koalak Village and Coastal Village into full cities and offer the same alignment opportunities (see my idea here:
3. Cool
4. Keep it as a rare drop (see above)
5. Cool
6. Keep the special events coming. Try to link content better than the new rogue-like game though.
7. The maging system needs to be improved, or replaced with a max on each item that can be subsidized through maging, but not used to create overmaged items, as reaching the level to do this is almost impossible now, thus creating a special class with the ability, leaving others out or to pay unreasonable prices.
8. Cool
9. They are fine now. I would suggest adding a 1000 unit category though.
10. Pushing the string - something gets better and something gets worse.

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