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2.49 update on Ankama Live - Summary (a WIP)

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - November 22, 2018, 10:00:00

Hey guys!
As exciting as live streams can be, they are not as much fun when we don't understand a word of what is being said. So, I decided to write up a summary of what was mentioned and provide some screenshots of what was shown during the stream. ^^
This is still a rough translation that I will be amending and editing throughout the day but it should be enough to give you a general idea of what is coming with the 2.49 update.

Please keep in mind that some terms I used might vary from the official translation in-game. 

Happy reading! <3


Infinite Dreams

There is a new UI button that allows players to access the Infinite Dreams interface, making it accessible from everywhere.
By clicking the interface button, players will automatically find themselves in the Well of the Infinite Dreams, along with Draconiros. By talking with the NPC, you have the option to start a new adventure.

The Well of Infinite Dreams is an infinite dungeon system, inspired by the rogue-like subgenre.

Players have the choice to re-start the Infinite Dreams at any time they want, knowing that in doing so they will lose all progress and the system won’t necessarily present them with the same monsters they might have previously faced. Players will be presented with new rooms, new boss group combinations, and new rewards.

Players can at any given time pause their Infinite Dream adventure to do other things on Dofus, log off, or even go and help a friend with their own Infinite Dreams.

The system provides multiple combinations of monsters for players to choose from. By clicking on the orb In the Exploration Room of the infinite Dreams, an interface will appear, presenting different path options.
  • By hovering over the boss monster in each option, players will be able to see the composition of the monster group.
  • Monsters’ level can be increased to match the dungeon level, but not the other way around. If a players’ dungeon is level 120, for example, the player will not be given the option to fight monsters that are of a higher level than level 120 in the World of Twelve. In other words, there won’t be any level 120 Count Harebourgs popping up in characters’ dreams.
  • Only the dungeon owner can start a fight.
  • The monster composition and map are both random. Regarding maps, they will always be Dungeon Keeper maps.

Once you defeat a group of monsters, characters will find themselves in a different room in the Infinite Dreams, as the number of portals is randomised and changes between each progression step. The maximum number of portals is 5.

Miscellaneous/additional info:

  • Erosion is preserved throughout the Infinite Dreams. If a new character joins midway, said character would automatically be subjected to the already determined erosion that resulted from the progress itself (since the erosion is linked to the character whose Infinite Dreams a group is fighting in).
  • Not all monsters are present in Infinite Dreams.
  • A mob group will always consist of just four monsters, which will include at least one Dungeon Keeper.
  • It is possible to have up to 2 number of dungeon keepers in the same suggested group.
  • It is possible to be given the option to buy (via the shop) an additional dungeon keeper, always capping the number of monsters to a total of 4.
  • Oto-Mustam and Shadow players:
    • Shadow - no changes. Death on a classic combat
    • Oto-Mustam - extra restriction. We want to avoid providing a safe zone for players. While you are in your Infinite Dreams map with the different portals, you are safe. However, on the map with Draconiros, you can be attacked.


Instead of gaining resources from monsters, players are rewarded with Dream Points and Dream Fragments.

Dream Points - gained after each fight. Can be used to purchase specific bonuses or services, which facilitate players’ progression. The purchase options are instance-based and will vary. Should you progress through dungeons without purchasing a specific reward, you won’t have access to it at the following stage.
In the event of suffering a defeat, some of these points are lost. Should a player not have enough Dream Points, there will be no possibility to progress further and the dungeon will have to be reset, resulting in the remaining Dream Points being lost.

Players have the opportunity to buy a savepoint, allowing them to indefinitely retry a particularly difficult battle until victory, without the risk of losing Dream points with each defeat.
Dream fragments- also gained after each fight, it is a resource that can be exchanged between characters. You can trade the rewards from the Call of Dragoniros event by these, in your Infinite Dreams. Allows you to purchase the new runes.


The rewards received after the fight might be higher than the ones displayed in the Infinite Dreams interface, depending on:

  • idol score,
  • the combat modifier, and
  • in-fight challenges

New runes:

  1. Transcendence runes - grant a bonus
  2. Corruption runes - grant a strong bonus accompanied by a malus.

Specific details about the new runes:

  • 100% success.
  • Once this rune is maged onto an item, that item can no longer be re-maged. The mage is permanent. Smithmagic Orbs will not work on items which have been maged with these new runes.
  • It is not possible to mage these runes on items with exomages or overmages. These new runes need “space” in order to be maged onto items.
  • AP and MP bonuses won’t be present on these runes.

Legendary items

  • Items with lesser variety in different stats/bonuses but higher values than usual.
  • All legendary items have an effect.
  • Once crafted in-game, so long as they meet the level requirement, legendary items can be equipped by any player (there are no other prerequisites other than level).
  • During the BETA, these items will be purchasable by talking to the usual NPCs available in-game (for example, the NPC at the Amakna zaap).
  • Examples shown during the live stream:

Translation of effects:

  • Hat: During odd turns, the player gains 2AP, and loses 1AP on even turns.
  • Boots: During odd turns, the player gains 2MP, and loses 1MP on even turns.
  • Cloak: At the beginning of its turn, the player gains 200% of its level in shields for each enemy at more than 10 range away, for one turn

Friends’ list


After the last changes made to the Friends’ interface, we took into consideration a lot of the feedback players shared on the forums. Some supported the change and others wanted the interface to go back to what it once was, changes were made to accommodate both sides of the argument.

While before the Social interface had three tabs (Friends, Enemies, and Ignored) a fourth tab has been added: Contacts.

What is the difference between Friends and Contacts? Reciprocal friends will be displayed under “Friends”. Names who players have added but didn’t add back (non-reciprocal) will be displayed under “Contacts”.


An option is available to players to mask their status from others who might have added them as contacts.

One exception to this masking option is for crafters. Once a crafter makes itself available via the in-game List of Crafters, even if they have ticked the box to mask their connection status, players who have added their name to their contacts’ list will be able to see if they are online or not.

Kwismas Island

  • Shields previously obtained by defeating the Minotoball will become ceremonial items.
  • There will be new quests and achievements.

By completing these achievements, players will be able to:

  • Craft ceremonial items
  • New ornament

Preview system


Many bugs were reported on relating to damage preview. A while back, we announced that we were going to completely rework the preview system, with includes (but is not limited to) damage preview. Since then, we have been working on improving it. Aside from damage, the previsualization system will manage several effects, such as movement/teleportation that relate to spells, triggered effects (monsters or sidekicks for example), stacked effects, etc. Visually, players will see a small amount of change in comparison with what was in place before, but the system was completely redone behind the scenes: it will now take into account a lot more data parameters than before.

The version that will be released with the 2.49 update is well established, but be aware that this preview system will ongoingly be improved on. Certain effects such as portals, glyphs, traps, bomb walls, have not yet been taken into account for this first version of the new preview system.


Ebony Dofus

  • Questline-based
  • Globally more accessible than Ivory Dofus, since we want the Ivory Dofus to be the most difficult primordial Dofus to be obtained.
  • To begin the Ebony Dofus questline players, will not need to have obtained any other Dofus. In fact, so long as the level requirement is met, a player can first obtain the Ebony Dofus before starting any other Dofus questline.
  • Linked to the Infinite Dreams’ functionality.

Reunification of the Primordial Dofus

In the Dofus lore, others besides Ogrest have gathered the six primordial Dofus before, including a famous alchemist (which is how we ended up with the sidekicks).
(Manaia note: In fact, those who know which alchemist was being referenced, reply to the thread with his name. From amongst the correct answers, I will randomly draw a lucky winner. The prize? Ohhh just a little something-something...)

Ebony Dofus stats:

+1 Range

At the start of each turn, the caster will automatically gain a charge. A second charge can be gained by inflicting melee damage, once per turn, as well as a third charge by inflicting ranged damage, also once per turn.
Once five charges have been accumulated, the caster's next attack will apply a beginning-of-turn poison on the target, in the element of the attack, for 3 turns. All charges will disappear.
Each charge grants a 2% final damage bonus to the caster.

Ebony Dofus


  • New charge system; for each active charge, a character will deal an extra 2% final damage.
  • At the start of each turn, a character automatically gains a charge.
  • The speed at which 5 charges are accumulated ranges from 2 turns to 5 turns: 3 charges per turn (so 5 charges in two turns), or 1 per turn if the players passes (voluntarily or by being forced due to in-game spells of some monsters, for example).
  • The order for a second and third charge is irrelevant; a second charge can be obtained via ranged damage, and the third can be obtained via melee damage. All that matters is that it alternates.
  • In order to charge, the target can be an enemy, an ally, or a summon.
  • Grants players a potential control over when the 5 charges will become active and in what element.
  • Once the 5 charges are stacked, the source of the damage (weapon or spell) is not relevant.
  • For multi dmg weapons or spells, the poison will be based on the very first attack in terms of element and damage.
  • Poison is stackable (5 charges every two turns, poison lasts for 3 turns)
  • The poisons cannot be unbewitched.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Leekichu

My pleasure! wub

See message in context
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That Alchemists name? Ereziah.

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Ereziah Melkewel is the alchemist.

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I have a question about these kwismas shields becomming ceremonial items. What if you have completed the achievement but you dont have the shield anymore. Will it be possible to obtain it again?
The reason I dont have the kwismas shields anymore is because I mimiced them onto a shield but later removed it and therefore destroyed the kwismas shield. Would be nice if I could obtain them again as ceremonial items.

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I would recommend that you contact Support.

Explain the situation to them (with account nickname, screenshots showing the achievement, etc) and include the below link to the ticket. It clarifies that when you “feed” an item’s sprite to change how another item looks, that item is destroyed forever.  It is an old link, but the information is relevant to your case.

Once you created your ticket, please share it with me and I'll see what I can do. wink

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This is much appreciated, thank you!

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My pleasure! wub

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Ereziah Melkewel is the Alchemist

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Ereziah melkewel 

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Thank you for info in english! Was waiting for that smile

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Happy to help! <3

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Ereziah Melkewel biggrin

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Ereziah Melkewel

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Where is it possible to exchange coins which are obtainable from souls?

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Ereziah Melkewel

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Ereziah Melkewel

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Ereziah Melkewel is the Alchemist

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Ereziah Melkewel

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I would just like to state 'Exposez Moi'.tongue.
Continue with the great work,Team

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Where is it possible to exchange coins which are obtainable from souls?

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I think it will be possible to exchange the coins with the next update

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