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Will Waven's reception be like Diablo Immortal?

By Gunnerwolfang - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 25, 2018, 05:41:03

For those who do not know about the Diablo Immortal controversy. Diablo fan's have been waiting for 6 years+ for the next Diablo game or update. Earlier this month in BlizzCon, Blizzard hinted that there will a major announcement for the Diablo IP, so fans are eagerly anticipating announcement for either Diablo 4 or Diablo 3 DLC or Remake of Diablo 2. The Diablo IP fanbase is, as to be expected, primarily PC based. Most of them spent thousands on their PC set-up to fully enjoy their diablo experience.

Now the controversy is that the new Diablo IP, "Diablo Immortal". is an exclusive mobile game (Android, IOS). This greatly infuriated the, mostly western, audiences. Other factor that made that game less appealing is that it was made by a third party, a chinese mobile game developer "NetEast", which makes the game seems like a copy paste (reskin) of their other mobile diablo clone games like "Crusaders of Light" and "Endless of God". This makes diablo immortal a game that try to look like a game that is trying to look like a diablo game.

Blizzard is hoping to cash in on the asian mobile market with the new Diablo Immortal. In the following days after the announcement, it is becoming apparent that Blizzard made that announcement to please their investor and not their playerbase. A diablo mobile game is bound to make billions of revenue in the chinese market thru cosmetic and maybe even pay2win microtransaction.

Would something like this be good for the Ankama game franchise?
Discuss how you feel about this in relation to the upcoming Waven game?
Would it be good or bad for Ankama? Would it be good for the playerbase?

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