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All the professional maguses out there,where are you people?

By Bloomfree#2671 - SUBSCRIBER - November 27, 2018, 08:16:41
Dear Dofusians,
Where are all the professional maguses in game.
We need you all in game.
Best Regards,

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I have a pretty good idea where the are but I'd rather not get ban or invisibled by touchy mods so I'll just keep quiet. Rest assure, they have happily moved on and are happier where they are now.

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The Maging is often quite time consuming and annoying. Therefore, I could imagine that some Magusses have been looking for a sideline, such as in leveling or doing quests...

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All of my proffs are on a character that I don't use anymore, so I can't sign up for the books. Thanks Ankama

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Been maxed on almost every magus since 2015, but I have never maged for anyone else, it's not worth the little kamas you get considering how long it takes, plus people always complain about the finished product it seems like 

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