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is there any way to reach late game in shadow without any help?

By Poseidonm - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 29, 2018, 19:17:44

although I spent most of my time in dofus alone, right now I cant find any English speaking fellas in shadow (I did get invited to a French guild for some reason).  I know its difficult to gather resources for equipment in spite of having the necessary profession levels which is why I'm curious to see if there is a better way to reach late game in shadow without levelling your professions to get equipment (or getting help from players).

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You can always try to find a high lvl crafter even if it might be hard - try using a french name of a profession with the word "Cherche" (search) - you will probably need to pay unless they are not maxed.  If you have multiple accounts then it is possible to make a crafter character yourself - speaking from experience however I've managed to raise my crafting lvls to a high point (most above 120 - not too bad for 1 account grinding) but it is costly and thus requires a lot of kamas (mainly shoemaker and tailor). If, however I had raised a team to say 150 or higher then I'd be drowning in resources and already have all my professions maxed + my bank would be full of kamas.

Resources are quite easy to get especially for the first 100 levels in most professions -> you can craft a lot of 40/60/sometimes 70+ gear that has a lot of lumberjack/miner etc. resources in them to keep the dropping/buying minimal.  Resources are easy to get in a team - drops are multiplied by 3 and with 300 prospecting you will drop a 10-14% resource 100% of the time with no idols.
But if you are a solo player then that might be difficult unless you are playing a good farming class: cra, maybe sadi (although this one is very op when stacked or at least was)

So all in all reaching the end game in Shadow is possible as it was done by some players, you will have to grind a lot, and after you get the items you need you should probably farm them again in case you die so you don't have to start farming them over again. But keep in mind that all of them are using teams - you might want to consider doing that. (playing solo is still viable but very grindy and painful if you can't find friends)

And never ever die on your crafter, make him an alt that you only use to go from and to the bank to the crafting station. Level him up first to a point where you feel safe and well geared to go to a workshop (piwis kill i'm not joking) and it will be fine. Levels are for +pods gear mostly. 

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