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Gifts from the Ankama Shop!

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - December 06, 2018, 17:00:00
AnkaTracker News

While you're thinking about who's on your Christmas list, the online Ankama Shop has a few gifts in store for you! Until December 25, the Bow Meow Stuffed Toy and the DOFUS mug will come free with all purchases!

We've got Iop, who prefers to give rather than receive, and Sacrier, who'll take it so he can give it, and Ecaflip who's more than happy with the idea of both giving AND receiving! He's got the right idea – head over and take a look around the Ankama Shop and you'll find the ideal gift for either yourself or someone on that list of yours! And, with purchases of €35 or more*, until 25 December, you'll also receive** the Bow Meow Stuffed Toy and the DOFUS mug!

Winter-themed gifts to help you get ready for that perfect Kwismas.

* Excluding shipping. ** While supplies last.

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In case anyone is buying from their shop for the first time (like I am), when you go to select your country, United States is "États-Unis". The countries aren't translated and at first I thought USA wasn't an option ph34r

I got the Bow Meow cool

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Damn, no mug, Lost-Worldz? :c

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Ummm .... 
I kindof have a few questions:
a) - there is no Nowel Pack this year? or it will be in shop at later time? I was so looking forward to it;
b) - they're only 2 stuffed toys for Dofus? they used to be many many more, any idea what did it happen with them? will they come back? or new ones will come? will the big pink dragoone come back in shop?
c) - for Wakfu series: series 1 and 2 aren't available in shop? or a pack with all 3 series?
d) - are they any plans to translate Wakfu series in English?
e) - can you buy for someone else? as in, pay with a credit card that has an address, and have the items delivered to someone else with a different address?
f) - is it possible yo buy something, and have the shop people hold it, and send it later to someone (that someone giving address to shop people/ someone from Ankama, and not to me) ?
Tyvm in advance for the replies. 

[ EDIT : ] For those interested in mugs, they're a few more (I'd say, even cuter tonguewinkrolleyes) :

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