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Scaling Mobs in Infinite Dreams

By Merked - SUBSCRIBER - December 13, 2018, 16:40:05

The scaling up of bosses/mobs to level 200 seems completely off when you see normal level 200 monsters - for instance a level 200 CC monster will do maybe 800 damage to you but a level 200 chafer will hit like 1300 damage. It is almost always better to fight monsters that were already close to level 200 in Infinite Dreams which needs addressing in my opinion.

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I agree, there was one fight where my Sacrier was taking over 2.5k Omni Damage from a Demonic Rose which was unrelated to the modifier.

In addition, my Sac was also buffed with damage reduction from minus Suffering; Including good Resistance and over 5k Vitality from turn 1.
I believe Peki Peki was the cause for buffing the damage though the other monsters were not hitting as high.

You would expect some of the monsters encountered much earlier in the game, to still be hitting a lot less even when they are boosted to level 200.

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Some monsters are probably unfairly scaled - I count myself lucky for not having encountered level 200 Demonic Roses. But there are more factors than monsters' damage. Actual high level monsters tend to have higher resistances and MP and AP resistances, and both range and close combat attacks, and many have movement or map manipulation spells. A chafer scaled to level 200 may hit high, but all it has is a close combat attack. The point of scaling up their level is so that these monsters are roughly as difficult as actual high level monsters, so I think it's fair that some of the low level monsters deal much more damage when scaled.

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