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By -X-Ashley-X- - SUBSCRIBER - December 14, 2018, 00:12:42

I read somewhere that info about a new group search is coming "soon". Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this. Perhaps more info was given on the French side that I'm unaware of. Wondering if this will make it possible to solo on a server like Echo and still be able to complete the content, which is currently more or less impossible unless you know lots of people.

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I would love to hear more info about that, cos im solo accounter too and i have to admite that this play style is painfull sometimes.. 

hey guys! Meyby we sholud make discord for solo accounter or other form to communicate beffore we get that system in game?

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I'd be interested in finding a way for us solo-accounters to get together so we can do stuff together. Although I'd have to learn the harder dungeons better since I haven't had the chance to do them much as a solo-accounter (without mostly being carried by others). But maybe we can get people to learn together, like the game is supposed to be played smile

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