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December 14, 2018, 18:00:00
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@profusonice @gunnerwolfang
Both of you need to calm it down, just agree to disagree and leave it at that.
Profusonice your language is inappropriate! No need to get so heated.
Gunnerwolfang accusing someone or pointing out an issue are two very different things.
Accusation without causation is slander and is against ToS. ( And no just because someone bought 15 mystery boxes doesnt = causation.)
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I'm not saying that he is a gambling addict. I even stated that he "might not be an addict yet". All I am saying is that his behavior is very similar to the case study in the lootbox controversy. How game company manipulate players who previously do not spend money to buy 10+ lootbox to suddenly compulsively buy 10+ lootbox. Those manipulated players felt the "high" feeling of euphoria, which @profusonice have demonstrated in this thread. I am not calling him an addict, I am merely informing him that he demonstrated what was studied by expert and psychologist. I even posted multiple links pertaining to those studies which prompted countries like Belgium to stop and prosecute games with gambling lootbox. 

So stop accusing me of accusing someone without causation because I did provide plenty of supporting links for reference.

But yeah, I guess it is pointless to argue endlessly on lootbox gambling so I guess I will just agree to disagree. He don't think that he was a victim of the lootbox gambling controversy, I think differently. I will leave it at that.
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ProfuSoNicE|2018-12-24 05:50:38

Yeah, you was definitely manipulated by the lootbox gambling into buying 15 lootbox? So where did I say that you is a gambling addict?

Do you want proof that you were manipulated into buying 15 lootbox? Well you posted that you did and you didn't buy 15 lootbox prior to this promo.
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How do you define that as proof for anything? biggrin
- If there has been any Mysteryboxes for sale this year, prior to this promo - i guess i missed out. 
Whether this is the first time or not, doesn't really matter.

I wasn't manipulated in any way - i got exactly what i wanted to buy - 15 Mysteryboxes.

I didn't buy 15, just to get 1 colourable Prez.
If i had gotten "nothing" but potions, and candies, it would've been all fine by me.
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