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Help a Noob out with the Ivory Dofus!!

By porchea - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 18, 2018, 20:25:22


After a very long break, I am back to find the game completed changed with every class basically revamped @[email protected]

The game is completely changed and I need new equips to keep up with these heavy hitters  that one turn me in
kolo !! sad

I was wondering if anyone new a guide or has one for the ivory dofus quests and if they can also list the prequest necessary. 

I am having trouble finding one in English, and since I don't speak French, I have no idea where to begin lol

thanks in advance !

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I don't think there is any guide in English, you're better off following a French guide as they are much more detailed anyways. Just go onto dofuspourlesnoobs for their guide and translate the page into English on Chrome. If you have problems in any quest fights, you could always use recruitment or the community channels to find information/players who are willing to help you.

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