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[Achievement 6 of 6] The end ... or the beginning

By SunCampeador - SUBSCRIBER - December 20, 2018, 16:10:21

I'm in the final battle and it is impossible, I have more than 100 attempts to be Steamer and in my best attempt, I kill the 3 nordes, but the dragon with a breath ... goodbye ...

I'm just saying, urgent nerf, please, I understand that it must be very difficult, but neither that is impossible for more than half of the classes.

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It was barely possible when the Shiny Silver Dofus bug existed that allowed it to proc every turn and now that it's been removed (or made temporarily unavailable) the fight is next to impossible and only capable of being done by a few classes under very specific conditions.

Honestly one of the most overtuned fights I've ever seen in my time playing dofus. Kinda wish that it was playtested a bit more cause it's pretty obvious that it needs a nerf.

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The nerf is useless...I can't with steamer...

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