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Prisms, and their problems

By superbestofwar - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 27, 2018, 22:57:10

Prisms have become a fun new way for not only players of dofus to enjoy a strategy filled pvp battle but also a new way for casual players to get around easily with the new teleport system. but with this new advancement comes several problems, one which has been visited multiple times, is the modules system. This system allows for anyone to put in a new module, and only allows people with the rights to access modules, the ability to alter what was placed. This seems good in theory, but in practicality it has major flaws. one being the fact that whoever placed the module can only retrieve their items if they have the right to alter modules, another being alliances have numerous individual guilds, and each leader automatically has the right to access modules and also the right to give access to modules. This presents a problem, items in a prism can cost up to one million kamas and with the easy access of removing the modules an absent guild leader can end up giving access to anyone. meaning, any player with access can end up cleaning out the teleport systems and the collectors. This causes the already struggling nugget system to be impossible to use. making an individual character's gain the detriment of an entire alliance. I would suggest removing the rights to remove modules from the guild leaders and make it so only the leader of an alliance can remove modules.

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