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Information on different DOFUS issues

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - January 10, 2019, 17:30:00
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Here are some answers to the latest questions from the community.

Hello everyone, 

Many of you have raised various concerns about DOFUS, and we would like to thank the players who have provided us with constructive feedback. Not only were we able to have in-depth discussions to better identify the issues, but their engagement has also saved us a tremendous amount of time.
We want to take this opportunity to explain, in an official capacity, where we are at so that our players can be made aware of what’s going on.
Our community is our top priority, and our teams focus all of their attention on satisfying and surprising you.

Client Performance

We are all aware that for some of our players, the DOFUS client performance has deteriorated for the past several weeks. We take this problem very seriously, and the first patches to improve the situation have been deployed.
We are facing a technical challenge with these sporadic crashes, which makes the reproduction and the detection of the cause extremely difficult. Difficult but not impossible, and the DOFUS client developers are giving their all to ensure that the game experience returns to normal as soon as possible.
For the moment, we can only ask you to be patient even though we are aware that the situation is not optimal.
For those you might not have yet read our last communication on a temporary solution to this problem, we kindly ask you to do so.

Transcendence and Corruption runes

Similarly, we are not ignoring the issues affecting the Transcendence and Corruption runes. These were deactivated from the official servers at the beginning of December so that we could give time for players to provide us with BETA feedback.
The production team is sorely lacking feedback on this topic. Therefore, we are inviting those interested to log on the BETA server and subsequently give us feedback.
More information and feedback mean we will be in a better position to adequately address the problems brought forward by these runes on the official servers.

Sparkling Silver Dofus

Thanks to your feedback, we have deployed a partial patch to the Sparkling Silver Dofus that is not yet 100% functional. The second patch will be implemented in the coming days to address once and for all the issues linked to this Dofus. Amazing projects have been planned for Dofus (some of which will arrive and the end of January!), and 2019 has many surprises in store for you. Although we are aware that these problems spoil your gaming experience, we appreciate your already well-tested patience.
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