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2019? Now what?

By Gunnerwolfang - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 13, 2019, 10:20:42

After a mediocre 2018, we now have nothing to look forward to.
In previous years, the next year is laid out in a update calendar or discussed as to what we want, in as early as November the previous year. Right now, after the introduction of the ebony into the storyline, there is nothing.

Is the developer still passionate? Are they still dedicated to making a good game experience?

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I guess making things interactive like in wakfu, such as chairs, benches, also making game more lively?

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I miss those road-maps we used to get in 2015-2016, covering the upcoming 3-6 months. Now we only get one or two big updates a year... 

At this point though, I only want 2 things, that Ankama fixes the many bugs that have been in the game for a while now and that they focus on the vulbis questline

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maybe more resources are aloted into waven? they did say 2019 beta release

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I'd stay without updates for half year, if only 30% of bugs were fixed, AND IF GAME WEREN'T THIS LAGGY AFTER PLAYING FOR AN HOUR OR TWO REQUIRING TO CLOSE IT AND OPEN IT AGAIN.
Sorry for caps. tongue

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As much as I would be sad to see Dofus fade into oblivion, I guess I could transition into a free-2-play mobile waven. Mobile is the way to go going forward. Nowadays, I play mobile games way more than online PC game.

Changing of times.... Ankama should go with the flow or sink.

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Perhaps this will be an unpopular opinion but I'm actually ok with a slower pace of new content release. Maybe that's just because I don't get to play as much now so the amount of content I haven't even touched yet just keeps piling up. I'm all for QoL fixes though. Dofus team should focus on resolving the known bug issues and preventing the game from crashing so often.

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i agree with gunner, dofus-touch almost outranks dofus in terms of players, im gonna give dofus-touch another go.
have high hopes for waven

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Hmm maybe some regular patches with class balances based on the meta? like in EVERY other MMO. But ankama thinks its ok to update the game only 1/2 times a year and dont even seem to listen to the community when it comes to it either. Just like those big companies like EA and shit. hope Ankama will fail at some point and realise they should do more about their communication and game updates instead of just releasing more skins for X amount of sub time.

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